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How to Install Android Market on Ematic 10" eGlide Pro II XL Tablet - Page 3

Wednesday 07th of November 2012 /
Did you shutdown and restart once it was loaded?Before you do... go to MANAGE APPS, and DELETE DATA on google market... then do above.Should get you in nice & easy...

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How can I make my Rooted Android tablet go to sleep and wake

Wednesday 16th of November 2011 /
How can I make my Rooted Android tablet go to sleep and wake up at certain times? (Not shutdown)Optional Information: Computer OS: OtherBrowser: ChromeAlready Tried: I think I saw a way to do this online but didn't bookmark it and can't find it now..

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Auto-shutdown of web browser on Tablet

Monday 12th of September 2011 /
I have this super annoying issue going on with my Iconia that makes me want to keeps dying for no reason!I have tried every browser out there...the stock browser (google whatever it is), Dolphin HD (currently the primary one I use), Mirin, Opera, blah blah...They all keep auto shutting down for no reason I can find. I stopped background syncing, maybe that was doing it? Cleared cache on exiting, made it default...nothing works to prevent this app kill on my tablet.I am thinking it has something to do with the Honeycomb OS 3.1. Because all standalone apps dont just die in process, just the web browsers.Any ideas how to fix this on an Acer Iconia A500 tablet running Honeycomb 3.1 and Dolphin HD web browser? If i have to jailbreak this tab and delete crapware from the root, I will, if that would fix this issue.Unhappy with tablet,Pyra GorgonSent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum

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How to reset Zync Z-999 Plus Android 4.0

Wednesday 26th of September 2012 /
Hi to all...Few days before I purchased a brand new Zync Z-999 Plus calling tablet with the following specification.Processor : ARM Cortex-A8Speed : 1.5 GHzOS : Android Ver 4.0.3Base band Version : 1.2Kernel Version : 3.0.82 days before when I found no internet connection through 3G sim, shutdown the tablet and few seconds later tried to turn on again. Shutting down was quite normal. Then it starts freezing after showing the Android text logo. I could not find a solution to reset the tablet. There is no reset button or hole on the tablet to do the resetting.I tried calling the service personnel but they are asking this tablet to take to their service center which is at present is impossible.Can anyone suggest how to resolve the problem?

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reboot - Why does my Iconia A500 occasionally stop responding?

Thursday 19th of April 2012 /
I have an stock-standard Acer Iconia A500 32G WiFi-only tablet. The screen usually turns on immediately when I press the power button.However, it sometimes refuses to respond and I have to hold done the power button for a few seconds, then release it and hold it down for a few seconds again.At that point, there'll be a vibration and the tablet will boot through the Acer and android screens.My thoughts are that the first sustained button actually powers it down forcefully and the second brings it back up (but I can't be certain of this).Does anyone know why this would happen? Are there any things I can look at on the file system to see what's going wrong.To elaborate on the non-responsiveness issue, while in most circumstances a quick push of the power button will bring up the PIN entry screen, it doesn't do so in the problematic cases.In those cases, the screen just remains black no matter how many times I push the power button. That's why I then have to do the long-press twice to (presumably) force shutdown and restart.

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Frequently Ask Questions & Answers

Friday 02nd of March 2012 /
Frequently Ask Questions & Answers for Teclast P76tiWhy is my touchscreen not working after firmware upgrade?There are currently two revisions of P76ti. Rev 1 & 2 have the same hardware specification except that they use different touch controller. Revision 1(earlier release) has the Goodix controller while Revision 2 use FocalTech controller. Rev 1 ROM are not compatible with Rev 2 ROM while Rev 2 ROM can be use for Rev 1 as the ROM contain both touchscreen drivers.My Tablet has hung and is not repondingHold the power button for more than 8 seconds to force shutdown.How do I install ClockworkMod for P76Ti?You can get it by installing KKRomkit(Gingerbread) or KKRomkit9(ICS). Its an apk which can install CWM in a few clicks.Tablet cannot boot into android. How can I get into ClockworkMod RecoveryHold the BACK key(for at least 4 sec after turning on) and power on the tablet.How to I flash an official firmware image?1. Run the livesuite program that come with the firmware2. Select the firmware image3. Connect USB table to p76ti and PC4. Hold the power button for more than 10s(th

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bricked it already

Saturday 19th of February 2011 /
just got this tablet from : Android OS : uPad Aluminum Shell Android 2.1 MID 1080P HDMI 4GB 360 Degree G-Sensor Remote Control Camera Silver : I was uninstalling some of the applications on it and there was one written in chinese that I uninstalled which i believe may have been the launcher appas soon as it was uninstalled the tablet shutdown and restarted. now it just stops at the screen with the android lettering and won't boot any furtherany suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciatedcheers

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Newbie really needs help

Saturday 28th of February 2015 /
I am a life-long Windows and Windows phone user. Although I do have an iPad. Last week, I upgraded my Windows Phone at AT&T. They offered me a LG G Pad 7.0 tablet for $0.99. I got it. After learning to use it and installing almost all the basic apps I have on my other devices, it seems to be very practical. It's size is perfect for accompanying my phone everywhere I go. It runs quite well. I've seen and read relatively good reviews about it. But I have a few rookie questions:1- Where can I permanently save documents on the Tablet? I emailed myself a few ones I like to have. They go to my Downloads folders and show in my File Manager and ES File Explorer apps, too. But then, if I clear the Download folder (Settings/Smart Cleaning), it erases all the documents from the File Managers. 2- Is there some way that I can monitor processes? I'd like to be able to shut down anything I don't need.3- How do I completely close an app?4- Do I need an antivirus for this tablet?5- I never turn off mi iPad. Is it necessary to shutdown the android tablet, or can I leave it on for quick access?6-

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Some Apps keep shutting down my device, how do I stop this?

Wednesday 04th of March 2015 /
Hello Fellow Citizens,/ Today I decided to ask a question due to well not having enough experience on the android field as i would've liked to so, lets get started ( P.S. : Sorry for the wall of text ) ./ Question :Why do some Apps Completely Shutdown my Tablet??/ Details :The Apps that keep doing this are CSR Racing, Raid Hunter, and HelpmeJack.Before you start yes they are all up to date, they worked before/ I Tried the aLogcat App and it didn't log anything since the device did a shutdown/ Before i thought it was a RAM issue but after running the app with 800MBs the tablet still shutdown. and i tried running with 300-500MBs and sometimes the apps ran an other times they didn't/ Anyone have an Idea why it keeps doing it?? and does rooting my device improve performance? Device Details : Running a Vanilla Acer B1-750 ( Not Rooted ) Device. Product SKU : Wi-FiDevice Info Version : 1.0Touch FW Version : ID:38 VER:A1Manufacturer : AcerModel ID : B1-730Android Version : 4.4.2IAFW Version : F9.EEKernel Version : 3.10.20Image Version : Acer_AV0K0_B1-730_RC01RC01_WW_GEN1Build Number : Acer

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