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Top 5 Free Apps for Android Beginners

Tuesday 07th of February 2012 /
So you got yourself a new Android smartphone on the recommendations of fellow work nerds, your nerdy brother, or the resident Best Buy sales clerk who just loves Android! You take it out of the box, give it a nice wipe with your hand, turn it on….and now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!//There’s so many different things about an Android device that sets it apart from the iPhones and BlackBerrys out there, and you’ll soon find out just how versatile it can be. We’ll tell it like it is here, it can be a challenge for Android beginners to figure their way around the operating system. So what we’ll do is look at the best apps to get you rolling the fastest with anything you’re likely going to want to do, like say…tell all your friends and followers on facebook and twitter that you just got the latest Android! They will be jealous.1) TweetDeckIf you’re going to be sharing anything with your twitter, facebook, or foursquare, you can save yourself a lot of time and use this single app to update your profiles and get news f

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Google Planning Event to Show Off Android 3.0 Honeycomb Next Week

Friday 28th of January 2011 /
While some hands-on demonstrations of the Motorola XOOM and an extensive walkthrough at Verizon’s CES keynote gave us a good taste of what Android 3.0 Honeycomb will bring in terms of change to the operating system, Google is planning an event to give an even deeper look at the new version of its mobile platform. While Android aficionados are busy picking apart the Honeycomb SDK preview that just came online this week, Andy Rubin and crew are gearing up to give the masses a bit more.The event, which will take place next Wednesday in Mountain View, CA, will see Rubin first present his take on the new OS followed by plenty of hands-on time with Honeycomb. We are assuming Google has reached a more stable build than the untouchable version featured on the XOOM at CES.While you could say there isn’t much more we could discover about Honeycomb, we are sure Rubin and crew have some surprises up their sleeves. Could this event coincide with a launch of a new web-based Android Market? Google Music? Or will the proceedings be squarely focused on showing off just how awesome Honeyco

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HTC says it's in no hurry to release an Android tablet

Friday 09th of July 2010 /
An HTC Android tablet should be at your local retailer, but it won’t be any time soon. At least not until HTC can come up with something unique, appealing, and having that “wow” factor to set itself apart from the horde of tablets other companies are developing.HTC’s Online Community Manager, Eric Lin, told that HTC is considering a tablet, but they have yet to find the right way to deliver a device that compete with the iPad and other tablets. Standing out from the crowd is a major tenant of any HTC slate, according to Lin.“You’ve seen how, at Computex, there were 80 different Android tablets,” [Lin said]. “So if we just release an Android tablet, then we’re one of 81… Whereas, if we have a compelling feature, a really compelling use, anything like that, then it’ll help us to stand out. It’s going to take a lot of work searching for that.”A patent application filed by HTC in April revealed a concept device with dual-screens connected through a hinge mechanism. It’s still unclear if that device is compel

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How to Root the HTC Desire S and Install Custom Recovery - Android Authority

Tuesday 06th of December 2011 /
For HTC Desire S users who have wanted to try something apart from the phone they get in the box, rooting may be an option. Rooting is a process wherein third party applications, such as custom ROMs, are given access to system-level files. Such “root-level” access isn’t usually possible. But, by modifying the system files, users can enjoy the customized experience of their device. A downside, however, is that rooting voids the phone’s warranty in almost all cases.In order to facilitate a smooth rooting process, users must back up the data available on their phone. Messages, phone contacts, music, pictures, videos and even Internet settings must be backed up so that they can be safely restored later if ever the rooting process fails.It’s also important to have the device charged up to 60% so the phone won’t shut down in the middle of the process, which may lead to bricking the device.That being said, here’s how to root your HTC Desire S and install custom recovery on it:Take note of your phone’s serial number. Look for it in the battery

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Take that, Apple! The iPhone 5 has an Android-based clone even before its launch

Wednesday 29th of August 2012 /
Now this is hilarious! Just as the entire tech world was busy overanalyzing the recent verdict in the Apple vs Samsung patent war, here comes the perfect opportunity to understand what design theft really looks like.Although the next-generation iPhone hasn’t been officially released, unveiled or detailed by Apple, a Chinese company has already outed a so-called clone based on rumors of how the iPhone 5 might look.Now here’s the kicker. We have no way to know right now whether this knock-off will end up looking identical to the new iPhone or if it will only partially resemble Apple’s final new design, but the Goophone i5 will certainly set itself apart from the origina…Continue Reading HereTake that, Apple! The iPhone 5 has an Android-based clone even before its launchAdrian Diaconescu –

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[Updated] Exclusive: Vulnerability In Skype For Android Is Exposing Your Name, Phone Number, Chat Logs, And A Lot More

Sunday 14th of April 2013 /
How Does This Work?How Can Skype fix thisUpdate #1: Skype is investigating the issue, we've been told.Update #2: Skype's official first response can be found here.The safety of our personal information is often a concern of mine - who has my email address, my phone number, my date of birth? How can I keep my private information safe while still enjoying the internet? These concerns have prompted me to take a deeper look at Android apps more than once, and often this can yield some frightening information.On April 11, a leaked version of Skype Video hit the web and, having a Thunderbolt, I had to try it. My first impressions of it were positive, it worked and ran smoothly. My next reaction was, you guessed it: let's take it apart. What I discovered was just how poorly this app stored private user data.I quickly came up with an exploit, and I was in shock at just how much information I could harvest. Everything was available to the rogue app I created, without the need for root or any special permissions.Surely, only this leaked beta build was vulnerable, or so I thought. But upon exa

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What is meant by an Android phone!

Tuesday 09th of November 2010 /
My first post 1. Can I take any phone (with touch screen) and then try to install Android on it? or does a phone maker have to specially make a phone for Android?2. When a maker makes a phone for Android does he make it for a specific version like 2.1 or 2.2? or can any version be thrown on the phone?3. For example, can I buy a phone today on which I can put Android 3.0 (is beta available?)4. what is the best source to learn android OS internals (apart from reading the code)?5. which is a best source to learn app development on android?6. what are the best blogs?7. good books if any?8. how can I learn about future roadmap of Android? what is going to happen next? who decides what is going to happen next?Sorry if this is FAQ. My first post so please don't flame me

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How to upgrade the Galaxy Note I717 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

Thursday 25th of October 2012 /
Users of the AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717 now have another custom ROM to flash to their phones.  This time, it is an unofficial CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) ROM. Apart from being Jelly Bean-based, the ROM also has features that one can normally get from CM10 ROMs.While users and owners of both the international version of the Galaxy Note and the AT&T Galaxy Note wait for the official Jelly Bean update, custom ROMs can fill in the void of waiting for the meantime. And maybe, if you liked any of the ROMs, you may even keep for daily use and take your mind off of all the waiting.Developed and released by XDA Developers member natewiebe13, this unofficial CM10 ROM is a continuation of the work of another XDA Developers member ManelScout4Life, the man behind the Liquid Smooth Jelly Bean ROM.This guide shows you how to upgrade the Galaxy Note I717 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod 10 (unofficial).WarningThe instructions in this guide are intended for use with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note, model number SGH-I717. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce

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Couldn't find anywhere better to post.

Sunday 15th of April 2012 /
My Android Tablet started to have problems just a few days after I got it. I also noticed the app store is horribly low on Free games, Most were only appealing to young children, So i didn't even bother with it. The problem I'm having is this: I turn it on, And the robot just stays stuck.My process of booting is:>Hold down power button for about 3 seconds.>Little robot pops up, But doesn't dance.>If i leave it on nothing happens.>Android OS: 2.2>Kernel: 2.6.32>Build Number: v1.2.2I do not know how to take apart an Android Tablet so that's out of the question.I've tried to Reset it Via reset button [I'm assuming that's what that Really small hole on the Bottom edge of the Tablet is] but it just turns off, I try to turn it back on and i still got the same problem. I don't know how to reinstall the OS.

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Noob from NJ, USA

Thursday 25th of August 2011 /
Hi, All:An avid ASUS fan here from Neptune, NJ (US of A).I got mine on Monday, 2011-Aug-22. (I was supposed to get it on Fri, but I had my headphones on and did not hear the UPS guy ring the doorbell. Grrr.!!!)Glad to know about this forum.I am all bummed out about the Netflix issue. One moment the link is available and then, next thing you know, it is gone. (Asus' facebook page explained that "it was all a mistake." The apk was a development version; not a production version; and all links to it were removed.)I am an android newbie and still figuring out how to take a look at its innards.Looking for a site for taking an android tablet apart (i.e., figuratively speaking ) and "taking a look inside" and be an "admin" user. Any recommendations?(And BTW, how do you literally take the Transformer apart? I do not see any screws? Is it ever user serviceable? ) Thanks. ===================NB 1: Preparing for hurricane Irene. I live close to the central NJ beach; but north of the declared areas of evacuation by Gov Christie. It's relatively safer here at Neptune,

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