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How to Uninstall Factory App

Saturday 18th of February 2012 /
My phone originally came with an Alarm Clock app. I installed "Alarm Clock Plus". They both appear to be by the same company based on the looks of the icons.Now that I have two alarm clocks installed, they occasionally fight one another when I plug the phone into the dock. I can program the new alarm to start when I plug it in but somtimes both apps will simultaneously appear or the old alarm app will eventually appear instead of the new one.How can I uninstall the old alarm clock? The "Uninstall" button is greyed out. Can I just disable the old one if I can't uninstall?Thanks!Larry

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[app help] trying to uninstall GO SMS PRO

Tuesday 16th of October 2012 /
is there anyone one here that knows how to delete a go sms pro account??? ive uninstalled the app, my account is still there and its bugging me. is there any way to delete the account all together?? and i uninstalled the app and reset my phone to factory settings but my SMS PRO account is still active.i cant unbind it from my phone. can anyone help? please?

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how to remove superuser on 2.3.4?

Saturday 17th of December 2011 /
i gotta send my phone back to verizon for a replacement. I used nandroid to get back to stock 2.3.4 then i did factory reset. it automatically updated to 2.3.4 when i factory reset. Superuser app is still there and unable to uninstall. ive been googling on how to remove superuser app but im not sure which method works.people say SBF back to stock Froyo but no idea what that is. HELP?

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Uninstall factory apps issue

Sunday 23rd of January 2011 /
I would like to remove Amazon mp3 and Skype mobile apps because they seem to always be running and I will likely never use these apps. From settings/manage applications, it will not let me uninstall. The button is grayed out...anyone have any ideas as to how to get rid of these apps? Much appreciated.Sent from my DROID PRO using DroidForums App

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( New to the forms) How to uninstall factory apps

Saturday 18th of December 2010 /
90 percent of the factory apps don't use don't need need more space wondering how to uninstall then thanks govan racingSent from my Ally using DroidForums App

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How To Uninstall Stock Apps ...

Thursday 27th of December 2012 /
HiMy Note 2 Came with some stock apps eg:FlipboardGoogle Play MoviesChatOn (not even sure what this is)FM RadioGameHubGoogle+Learning HubMusic HubTalk (not even sure what this is)Video HubIf I go to settings and application manager I can find the 'downloaded' item and click uninstall updates but that gives me a pop up saying the app will go back to factory settings version ... it still shows in the app drawer thing. It doesnt show in the application manager but shows in the app drawer (not sure official name) u know where you can see all your apps.Not sure if it gets uninstalled or not ...most likely not as i tried uninstalling flipboard but it still loads in the app drawere thingy but doesnt now show in the downloaded items ....... anyone know how to delete these items? just wondering...

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How to uninstall apps on the Galaxy S4

Sunday 01st of September 2013 /
Galaxy S4 apps, how do I uninstall thee? Let me count the ways.Android is an app-driven platform. Everything that you can do on your Galaxy S4 you can achieve by running apps. Some apps (especially system apps) come with your phone straight from the factory, others you install from sources such as the Google Play Store. There’s not much that you can do to remove preinstalled system apps, but — just in case you haven’t gotten round to actually doing it first time — you can actually uninstall user apps and recover storage space.If you think that the only way to uninstall apps on the Galaxy S4 is through the Google Play Store app, then this article holds a few surprises for you. In this article, you’ll learn how to uninstall apps on the Galaxy S4. There are actually several ways to do it.Using Google Play Store appThis, of course, is a no-brainer. But, for completeness, let me just include this here. While you can argue that the Uninstall button is hard to miss on a freshly installed app’s page in the Google Play Store app, some people do have the inn

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How to re-install factory version of an App?

Wednesday 25th of September 2013 /
I have a Sony Xperia Miro and uninstalled the Facebook App (which comes pre-installed. When I clicked "uninstall" it informed me,if I wanted to re-install, I must only re-install the Facebook factory version. I should have stopped there, but clicked to go ahead by mistake. Facebook is no longer in the list of "All" Apps, and I can't find how to get a factory installed version for the re-install.

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How to uninstall factory-installed McAfee Mobile Security?

Sunday 29th of December 2013 /
My Acer Iconia tablet came with McAfee Mobile Security preinstalled. But I think it's slowing the tablet down, and I want to uninstall it - isn't antivirus software on Android overrated, anyway? I can't uninstall it, though; all I can do is force stop, so it will restart every time I reboot the tablet, and there might be some background processes still running. Is there any way to uninstall this app, or am I stuck with it until I finally give in and root the thing?

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Uninstalling/Replacing Apps On My Mach Speed 9.7" Android (They don't want to go)

Saturday 26th of July 2014 /
Morning EveryoneMy Mach Speed 9.7" Android doesn't have Google Play Store installed on it so rather than going through the process of rooting and using ADB software (which sometimes can cause more problems than good), I decided to find an alternative App Store and came across 1 Mobile. It has most of the things I use (and most of what I can find on Google play) Downloaded the 1 mobile store business! The problem comes with some of the software that came installed on the tablet. 1 Mobile finds the apps and issues an update for the factory installed apps. When I try to update, I get a message that I can't update because of lack of permissions/resources. It says to remove the app and install the new app from 1 Mobile. do I uninstall the factory app? (In this case, I speaking of You Tube and the factory browser) What do I do to remove these? When I go to the Settings/Apps menu, they have no provisions for an uninstall. I'm sure the permissions issue comes from the previous owner going to the Trio Apps Store to get apps. Trio/Mach Speed no longer services the s

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