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Sunday 03rd of February 2013 /
My Huwaei AscendY got semi-bricked and the nandroid backup somehow got corrupted and doesn't work. I can unlock into the dialer or the camera, but sms/mms doesn't work (don't even recieve mesages) and I have no launcher. I tried adb install (launcher apk) while it was booted into recovery, but shell tells me permission denied (root lost?)Anyone know where I can get the factory mod for recovery or how I can force clockworkmod onto it and try the custom mods I found online (theywon't install via recovery- says it failed to validate the signature)I need help :/

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Notes from the frontlines...(my conversation with LG about the bootloader)

Friday 14th of September 2012 /
p.s. live chatting right now...will post transcript afterwards2:04 PM Gus: Hello . Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today?2:05 PM Me: Hi there2:05 PM Me: so i have been e-mailing for the past couple weeks2:05 PM Gus: Hi , I see.2:05 PM Gus: Ok2:05 PM Me: and you guys are running me in circles2:05 PM Me: I would like the bootloader unlocker tool for my phone2:06 PM Me: i received an e-mail today that said you guys have one...but are working on a more efficient and safer method...I would like to know how to unlock my bootloader anyways2:07 PM Me: and if you cannot provide me the method i would like to know who to directly contact about this...either phone number or personal e-mail more of this "" or anything, i would like a name of someone to talk to if you cannot help me2:08 PM Gus: I see. Now.. I am afraid that's not actually possible through us. I will be straight forward with you and give you the most information I have available to me to why we would not be able to help out with unl

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Porting from Google Voice to Straight Talk help needed!

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
I have searched Google forums, Straight Talk forums and Android Central forums on this topic. My current setup, I have a N4 on Straight Talk. I have been using Google Voice as my primary number. Due the restraints of Google Voice messaging (MMS, group messaging, etc), I wish to use Straight Talk as my primary number. I would continue to use Google Voice with a new number for voice-mail services. So my goal is to take my Google Voice number (which I know how to unlock and prepare for porting) and port it to Straight Talk to replace my Straight Talk number. My calls to Straight Talk customer service have been met with blissful ignorance. Three different reps have told me they do not know how to transfer a Google Voice number to their service and are clueless to even know where to start. I know this is possible from my searching but that is all that I know. There are no details on transactions. I would love to be able to tell the customer service rep how to do it. Advice anyone or links to posts related to this issue? Thanks!

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Unlocking/Rooting for Straight Talk?Dummy here

Thursday 20th of June 2013 /
Yall have been so great about helping me in the past. I am clueless when it comes to rooting, unlocking etc. Verizon already told me they don't unlock for use on other carriers. I need, and can't find, a step by step guide on how to do whatever I need to do to this Droid 4 to make it work for Straight Talk. The issue seems to be that when I tap to select Network provider, T-Mobile/ATT doesn't show up like it did on my son's HTC Incredible 2. I read a thread that showed how to do it, but most of that is over my head.Can anyone help a poor dumb woman out with this? The phone says Android version 4.0.4 so I'm assuming that's ICS? And from what I've read, your phone has to be Jellybean before you can do it to ICS. Somebody please help?Thanks

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Carrier Switch and Device Selection

Thursday 22nd of August 2013 /
Okay my favorite android enthusiasts, I need your opinions.... I am looking to switch from big red (Verizon) to T-Mobile. Why? Cost and I want to switch to GSM technology because CDMA does not work in the building where I work but GSM has perfect signal. I have been using straight talk to test signal strength everywhere I go for about 20 days now and I have only found some areas where it is lacking. Now... For my questions.... 1) I will obviously need to buy a new phone to support GSM. However, I cannot decide between the following devices: Nexus 4, Galaxy S4 Non-Google Play, HTC One (Non-Google Play). What do you guys and gals think? (I do like to hack my devices so CyanogenMod support is a must) (Why Non-Google Play? Because I like to test out the stock software too but have the option to unlock the bootloader and go CyanogenMod) 1.1) If you say HTC One, Which model is the T-Mobile? I see the names HTC One X, HTC One S, etc. However, the T-Mobile site does not specify. 2) How does T-mobile compete in speeds and coverage? I love my Verizon coverage and speed but I could save 100 dol

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verizon samsung galaxy S4 SCH I545 with Android Version 4.4.2

Saturday 18th of October 2014 /
my samsung galaxy S4 I545 was on a contract with verizon but its not no more and i want to use it with straight talk. Can anyone help me is to how to unlock this phone so i can use it with straight talk ?

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LG G3 Unlocking For Another Carrier?

Saturday 02nd of May 2015 /
So I can't seem to use the phone on Sprint unless I drive 3 hours to the nearest Sprint Store so they could try to register the phone and activate it in the store. (Because I won it from Android Central and I don't know how they purchased it. Online, In Store, Etc.) I know they paid in full for it so its paid off and mine completely. And I wanted to use it on Sprint next year. But if I unlocked it would I loose bands, such as Spark(b41), (b25), (b26), since this is a Trip Band LG G3. And if unlocked could I still bring it back to Sprint next year with full compatibility? I want to unlock it and use it this year on Straight Talk using there BYOP kit using an AT&T Sim Card. But they run on GSM for 2G, 3G, H+(4G), 4G LTE. So if activated what would I get as max speed LTE, H+? Or is it fully compatible with the AT&T Network when unlocked? Would I need an unlock code for the phone? If I do what site do you suggest to use? I asked Sprint for the unlock code, but they gave me a MSL Code. Is that the unlock code? Or do I have to use a website you suggest to get the unlock code for th

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how to unlock my galaxy S4 to use on straight talk

Friday 12th of June 2015 /
Plaese somebody help me!! Im rooted but I need it unlocked to use on straighttalk thanx Posted via the Android Central App

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