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Best word processing app for kids school work?

Friday 22nd of June 2012 /
I offered to buy my 9yr old son a laptop, but he was pretty firm he wanted a samsung galaxy 2 tab 10" w/ bluetooth keyboard.....OK. Now, for the essays he's going to have to eventually write in future school years -- is there a solid word processor reasonable for child academics available on the tab? I looked through most of the office suite options and they were either way too simple or too complicated....main requirements being a complete but simple user interface, spell and grammer check, integration w/ google docs/drive, able to use network printer directly, and export to non ms-office formats. I found Kingsoft office which I'm tentatively having my son use. The builtin polaris office suite was not usable due to "hard to figure out how to use properly, minimal integration, and couldn't find spell or grammer check functionality." Anyone already solved this?

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different types of phone chargers

Thursday 19th of April 2012 /
Hi guys, I am new to this forum and first I want to say hallo to all. I need your help and any answer will be appreciated.In the few weeks I will go to Europe for two months. I will take my Galaxy note (with Plantronics Voyager HD bluetooth headset) and Galaxy tab 10.1 (with Samsung bluetooth keyboard) but for practical reason I want to take as few as possible chargers on this trip.I have four different USB chargers:Galaxy Tab 10.1 output: 5V; 2AGalaxy Note output: 5V; 1ASamsung keyboard output: 4.75 V; 0.55APlantronics headset output: 5V; 0.6AFirst question: can I use just one charger for all of devices and which one? If not how many I have to take with me?Second question: If I buy

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KeyCase Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Case review

Wednesday 13th of June 2012 /
Looking to add a bit of functionality and protection to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?  Take a peek at KeyCase’s Keyboard Case which features a faux leather cover and integrated Bluetooth keyboard.  Why bother putting your tablet in a case and carrying around a wireless keyboard when you can have both in one accessory?The silicone keys, which are soft and responsive, are about the same size you’d find on a standard netbook.  And, unlike a traditional Bluetooth keyboard, the dedicated Android keys put your most oft-used functions a tap away.  You’ll find buttons for HOME, LOCK, SEARCH, VOICE, VOLUME, BACK, and more.The keyboard charges via microUSB and promises to hold 100 hours of standby time, however I’ve not paid that close of attention.  I simply charge it up whenever I am charging the tablet and don’t think twice.  In terms of use, KeyCase indicates up to 90 hours of typing but, again, I don’t count how much time I spend in front of the tablet.  To save battery juice, the keyboard will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivi

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Bluetooth keyboard

Monday 18th of July 2011 /
I've tried 2 bluetooth keyboards with the 10.1 tab. Both of them works. However, the onscreen soft keyboard won't go away when the Bluetooth keyboard is connected. Before, when I use the bluetooth keyboard with the Xoom, it has an option to disable on-screen ketyboard. Does anybody know how can I do that with the Tab 10.1 ? It's annoying to show tot on-screen keybaord occupy half the screen real estate while using an external keyboard.

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3.1 honeycomb - How can I set my external keyboard to use a Dvorak layout?

Tuesday 03rd of January 2012 /
I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with Logitech bluetooth keyboard.I don't want to use a Dvorak layout for my on-screen keyboard like the other discussion here. I only want my external keyboard to use the Dvorak layout, without rooting and hacking my device.How can I set my external keyboard to use a Dvorak layout on Android 3.1 without hacks?

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Android custom keyboard shortcuts

Sunday 22nd of January 2012 /
I have a galaxy tab 10.1 connected (by Bluetooth) to a hardware keyboard. What I couldn't figure out was how to use custom shortcuts to do specific task the same way I do it on my pc.For instance, say I type Ctrl+e on the keyboard, then the application menu will be opened.I searched the android market, xda-developers site, stackoveflow and the net for an answer but couldn't find an answer. I did not even find out if rooting was required for this :(Does anyone know how to do this?

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Premium Accessories for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Announced

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011 /
//Did you just spend a good chunk of change to get a lovely new Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung, but thought to yourself, “You know, this tablet is great, but what would make it even better is if I spent MORE money on it!”? Well, the good folks at Samsung have heard your cries and are here to help with a newly announced suite of premium accessories for your Galaxy Tab 10.1. These include:A $70 full-sized keyboard dockA $35 “Multi-Media Dock” (yes, they spelled it like that) which needs a $30 HDMI adapter to use its HDMI pass through connectionA $60 book cover caseA $30 leather pouch caseOther accessories mentioned in the press release but not priced include a HDMI cable adapter (not sure if it’s the same one mentioned above), USB car and travel chargers and a “Conductive Stylus”. Samsung is also promising both a bluetooth keyboard and SD card adapter later this Summer if you need even more accessories for your tablet as well as a lighter wallet. So, Galaxy Tab owners, how interested are you in these accessories?[via Engadget]» See more art

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Screen Turns Gray in Some Forums

Saturday 29th of June 2013 /
Hello,I use a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113. I also use a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with it.On some forums (not this one), when I try to type something into a window (field), after the first letter, the screen goes gray, except for the window I typed into. I haven't figured out a way to recover what's on the screen once that happens. So, effectively, I cannot interact with some forums.Does anyone have any thoughts on why this happens? And how to fix it?Bill

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How can I use a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse at the same time with my Galaxy Tab S 10.5?

Friday 27th of March 2015 /
I want to use a keyboard and a mouse at the same time. Can I use both on bluetooth or one on bluetooth and one with a cord?

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