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HTC One Sync Manager Crashes

Saturday 06th of July 2013 /
Hi all,Having nightmare time with my HTC One, moved from iPhone 4/iTunes which worked flawlessly. HTC Sync Manager keeps crashing/closing with no error message. Get the splash screen, the main program, then finding media and then closes. When I attach the phone it loads then says the phone is locked (which it is not) and crashes (no error message).I cannot sync any contacts, calanders, music - although it did briefly get some contacts over at one stage. Support have no idea and say this has never happened before. They got me to uninstall all HTC elements and reinstall without any firewall, AV and offline (net). No luck. I have Windows 7 64 bit with a quad core 8GB RAM. Would really love to get this phone working. iTunes worked without any issues. I get the feeling HTC Sync Manager is not the best programmed in the world...Thanks everyone.

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Moving photos from iPhoto to HTC one?

Sunday 26th of January 2014 /
New HTC one owner here. I'm happy with my new phone, but have a problem thats driving me nuts! I can't sync my photos from iPhoto to my phone. I was able to successfully transfer my music using HTC Sync manager, although it took me forever. Since then, Ive tried to move photos, but give up every time in frustration. The software crashes, lags, and just plain sucks, even with the new software update (today) I'd love to somehow drag n drop, but my phone won't even show up in finder (I'm on a Mac) as a device I can transfer files to (it shows up as CD-ROM?) I cannot drag files to it. Any help will be appreciated.

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HTC Sync manager unable to sync and crashes while backing up phone

Thursday 26th of June 2014 /
This happened recently with me for no apparent reason, every time i connect my phone and try to sync it it gives me:Unable to sync. Please reconnect your phone. [30003]And every time I try backing up my phone the sync manager crashes and restarts. I have the latest Sync manager and I own an HTC one Mini Android 4.4.2 software version Any solution for this issue?

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