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Tablet Won't Come On

Monday 04th of February 2013 /
I've got a Android tablet that won't come on or if it does it gets stuck on the logo screen. I have researched alot and I have find the solution but the problem is I don't have a computer. I've got a Huawei Ascend phone that I'm trying to fix my problem. Also seems I have a very off tablet because I can't find info on it no where. I'm pretty sure I corrupted a file on the tablet please help me fix it.Here's my tablets info:Operating system: Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)Processor:ARM CORTEX_W8Processors speed: 1 GHzRAM:512NV DDR3Graphic Accelerator: OpenFL ED 2. 0 (3d game support)Display-7' capacitive multi touch screenModel:UTAB71That's all the information I have on it. please help me to get my tablet back up and running.

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how to ugrade HUAWEI ASCEND M860 (cricket) ANDROID 2.1 to higher version/s?

Tuesday 19th of February 2013 /
okay so i am aware that there are ways to upgrade HUAWEI ASCEND M860 (cricket) ANDROID 2.1 into higher version,i already did some of these steps and some how-to' my problem is every after the installation and rebooting sys, it then freezes to either "HUAWEI" logo or the custom/new rom's logo, it doesnt pass on it, stuck i am ready to do it again but i would like to ask someone to pls tell me where to start and guide me all troughout the right (chronological) way to upgrade this phone. pls & thanks.and also:i am rooted, my "COM.GOOGLE.ANROID.LOCATION" is missing, everytime i checkin at any social sites it wont read my location. what am i gonna do?pls helppls thanks

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Phone is dead, have card reader - now what?

Monday 26th of March 2012 /
Good morning,When I first got this Ascend I found this website & started messing with the phone. All went well for a little while, then I decided to start deleting things, using the instructions on this site. Well, apparently I didn't pay very good attention, because my stock camera is gone. I can't take pictures, the camera app keeps saying "There is a problem with the camera and it needs to close". In addition, my phone has gotten EXTREMELY slow, almost unusable slow. Drives me absolutely batty. It could take 4 minutes to miss a phone call, hit the phone icon, hit the log icon, hit the missed call & call them back. To make it worse, my computer all of a sudden died, won't even turn on, so I no longer have access to the original backup that I made for the phone.This weekend I decided to download the Cricket stock download found in this forum. It aborted every time I tried, no explanation - just aborted. So, I decided to restore the CWM backup that I'd done just before I started messing with it again. JUST before all this, dadgummit! Now I'm stuck at the Huawei logo

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Help, I Deleted an important file on huawei ascend y210d

Sunday 19th of May 2013 /
Hello, okay, here's the thing, i Rooted my Huawei Ascend Y210D (Black)now i have deleted some system apps, now i have deleted something that has hw or hwai (or maybe not , i really deleted many junks), i think its part of the company's customization (maybe not)now i receive many message, but its like somehow China language, now i turn off my cp, unfortunately i could turn it on, but it keeps showing the logo together with its animation, its stuck on that, now i tried the factory reset, it worked but when i click the manage applications i recieve com.setting.application has stopped and also received something like that has stopped. i could still downloadnow i installed an application, and i shut down my phone, when i woked up, and i opened it, it keeps showing the logo with the animation again, I Didnt back up nor cant find a proper rom for this because maybe its just released somehow like april Thanks, Any Suggestion is appriciated

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Can't Use Fastboot/Recovery. HELP!!

Saturday 13th of July 2013 /
I have a rooted Huawei Ascend II (2.3.6). I tried to use Rom Manager and flash Clockworkmod. Since I flashed Clockworkmod I cant boot into recovery. I've tried using the Power+Vol Up method and using Rom Manager to boot into recovery. When the phone boots up, it gets stuck on the Huawei logo. I've tried reflashing Clockworkmod using Rom Manager, And Flashing recovery.img using terminal. Neither have worked. Terminal says Flash_Image not found and Clockworkmod says flashed successfully but wont boot (still stuck on Huawei screen). Could someone pleeaaasse help me!!

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Tuesday 30th of July 2013 /
Hi all,I have a huawei ascend y300 and recently i downloaded a file that replaces the lockscreen .When i rebooted it was stuck on boot logo and couldnt boot so i did go to recovery and tryid rebooting , didnt work .... Then in panic i deleted everything i could and downloaded the stock rom from huawei's website and placed the map with the UPDATE.APP on the root of my sd and boot up in update mode , now he says update failed by step 2/2 Pls help

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huawei ascend stuck on logo

Wednesday 09th of October 2013 /
Huawei ascend - carrier boost via telstra. Stuck on logo

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Huawei Ascend Y600-U20 stuck on Logo Screen HELP!

Monday 11th of August 2014 /
Hello Guys.. Im new in this forum ...I need some help regarding to my phone..My phone is Huawei Ascend Y600-U20 and it is stuck on Logo Screen .... Can Anyone Suggest what will I do...I tried an Hard Reset and Wiping cache on recovery system... Still no luck ....Is there anyone here that can help me... Please I really need some help Sorry for my bad english

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