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A dead spot on my screen, does not sense touch anymore

Monday 10th of May 2010 /
Yesterday I started having a problem pressing buttons on the screen and the scrolling was not working smoothly. I finally realized that the problem was a block of my Droid's screen that stopped responding to touch. It's a block right in the middle of the screen about 1/2 high and the length of the screen. It stays in the same spot when the screen is rotated. The weird thing is that it doesn't seem to happen on the home screen, but the problem exists in every app and menu.I tried a battery pull and it didn't help. I took it to verizon today and they looked at it and couldn't figure it out so they are shipping me a new phone. They said that they have never seen this before.Anyone else have this problem?

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Should I wait to file insurance claim on my Rezound?

Tuesday 02nd of October 2012 /
HiI love my Rezound but I dropped it the other day and got a fine crack running across the top of the screen. It also left me with a very small dead spot on the screen but other than that it works fine. I know eventually it will drive me crazy and I'll want to replace for the $99 fee. But I am wondering when I should do it. I fell into my pool with me Droid Inc a couple years ago and Asurion sent the Droid inc 2 as a replacement. Since the Rezound has been out awhile, should I hold out until the replacement option is possibly slightly better? Or will they have tons of refurbs laying around and it really doesn't matter at all? Any opinions?Thanks

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I have a dead spot on my Droid 2 screen

Friday 09th of August 2013 /
I have a dead spot on the bottom right part of my Droid 2 screen. I can't use the a, 123, and menu button. I can flip the on screen keyboard and the dead spot is in the top left corner which is better, but that is annoying. I have tried a factory reset which did nothing. Is there an App I can download to have a substitute key for the menu button. Is there any hope for my touch screen working again properly? Thanks for any suggestions.

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