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I have a question about clearing the cache partition in the boot menu of an HTC phone

Saturday 14th of April 2012 /
I have a question. I have an HTC Incredible, and I would like to know if I go into the boot menu (by holding down power and volume down), go into Recovery, and clear the cache partition, will it delete any bookmarks I have saved on my internet browser? The reason I ask is because clearing the cache has seemed to clear up an issue for other people with the same phone, but I DON'T want to delete my bookmarks saved. If it does delete the bookmarks, I guess I can just write all of them down before I do it. Thanks to anyone that can answer this.

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[i9505] Broken cache partition / recovery stock problems

Wednesday 05th of June 2013 /
Broken cache partition / recovery stock Hello, i have got a problem with the stock recovery of the S4 i-9505 the Wipe Cache Partition dont work, always when i push he reboot..After flashed some rom official rom, CF auto root,reflashed to pre rooted rom and triangle away, then changed the csc of the phone. -> Original phone's rom: Build Date: 25.04.2013 -> Region: DBT (Germany) PDA: I9505XXUAMDM Changelist: 526204 Android: 4.2.2 -> Rooted with CF-Auto root modified for MDM after used I9505_OFFICIAL_STATUS_MOD.tar for official status-> Flashed Pre rooted GT-I9505 Official Stock Packages: - Pre-Rooted- Unbranded- no other modifications- Fully working OTA and KIES updates- Device Status - OFFICIAL Model: GT-I9505 (4.2.2)PDA: XXUAME2PHONE: XXUAME2CSC: OXXAMDB (MultiCSC - 31 Codes)Kernel: 3.4.0-526204 (02.05)Build Date: 02.05.2013Changelist: 526204Original Stock ROM: Download (Hotfile)Stock Recovery+Kernel: Downloads: <<< Dev-Host >>> or <<< Hotfile >>>Pre-Rooted ROM: Downloads: <<< Hotfile >>> or <<< Android Ho

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No service issue and error with wiping cache partition

Sunday 28th of July 2013 /
hello i am using samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9505, i am having weird problem. i rooted my phone twice and then unroot again back to normal. i once installed TWRP recovery but now i am back to official, now i am loosing signal randomly, i am using 3 network uk but when i loose my signal, i have to turn my phone off for about 5-10 mins to get signal back. please anyone help with this. and one more thing when i enter in recovery mode it says "no command" under that green android logo, and it doesnt let me wipe my cache partition, when i press that it says "error" and phone reboots without wiping. thanks in advance, please help me sort this out.

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clearing the phone cache partition issue. does that happen to you?

Saturday 10th of August 2013 /
I have the Sprint version of the S4, and when I try to clear the Cache by shutting down the phone and restarting while holding the Power, Vol up, and the home buttons, I do end up on the recovery screen that allows me to select "wipe Cache partition", however once I select it, I briefly get "erasing", and then "error" and the phone boots up to home screen. Anyone else have the same issue? or know what the fix is??

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How to clear cache partition from stock recovery (un-rooted phone)

Tuesday 17th of September 2013 /
Power off phone (be sure to turn off fast reboot in settings first). Boot into recovery by holding volume down key and then holding power key until boot menu appears. Volume down to RECOVERY and tap power to select. Blank, dim screen appears. Quickly tap all three together: power, volume up and down, and release immediately. Black screen appears and sd card error message scrolls. After about ten seconds, recovery menu appears (all in very small font). Volume-down to "clear cache partition" at bottom of list and tap power key. Cache gets cleared. Then select reboot by tapping power key again. Done! Device will now be a little snappier and some quirky behavior that sometimes develops is fixed. May want to do this every month or so to keep things running better, or if device behaving strangely and you want to try a quick fix that may work.

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Wipe Cache Partition

Monday 23rd of September 2013 /
I how how to load the android system recovery and found option for wipe cache partition but I cant select it by tapping the power button. or any other option for that matter. anyone know how to select options once in system recovery??

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What exactly is "wipe cache partition"???

Thursday 12th of December 2013 /
what exactly is "wipe cache partition" is the recovery menu of the phone and what does it do??? can somebody explain wiping the cache partition and what does it benefit if I wipe it???

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Question about caches vs. cache partition

Tuesday 20th of May 2014 /
I am just wondering... is going into recovery mode and deleting/clearing the cache partition the same thing as going thru your apps manually in the app manager and clearing the caches, or is it something different? Just curious if it makes sense to do both or if theyre one and the same.

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LG Intuition - Wipe Cache Partition

Wednesday 06th of August 2014 /
A new business associate has an LG Intuition with a lot of performance problems.Can someone point me to the instructions on how to ... Wipe Cache Partition ... on the LG Intuition?Factory Data Reset ... From a home screen, tap Apps. From the Apps tab, tap Settings. From the PERSONAL section, tap Backup & reset. To determine if an issue is caused by a third-party app, uncheck Automatic Restore. From the PERSONAL DATA section, tap Factory data reset. Tap Reset phone. If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern. Tap Erase everything. Tap OK. Allow several minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.... Thom

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Wipe Cache partition from recovery mode removed all my contacts

Tuesday 12th of August 2014 /
Hi All, Warm Greetings... I have samsung galaxy note with Jelly Bean, Yesterday my started charging my phone after the battery was dead, once the battery was some level I switched on the phone but it was staying in welcome page with SAMSUNG logo flashing on and off, even after 10 minutes it was the same, so i went to recovery mode with volume UP, Power Key and Home key and chose wipe cache partition and it was successful. Now my phone takes long to boot, the phone started with Samsung Galaxy set up page and all, Once i did the setup, i saw all my contacts is gone, I have all my photos/videos/audios but i am sure how only my contact got erased. Can someone please help me to find a way and recover it. Many thanks in advance Best Regards,Hemachandar

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