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MyTouch 3G 1.2 Plagued with SD Card Problems. Fix Available!

Saturday 12th of June 2010 /
For those of you getting frustrated by the SD card issues on the newer MyTouch 3G version 1.2, it is a known issue and T-Mobile / HTC are replacing the faulty SD cards.  Apparently, it stops you using your Camera.  For those of you who didn’t know about the issue, here’s some background information from user JSoup:2 days later I proceeded to take a picture, while the camera display was there, I had a message displaying across the screen: “Please Insert an SD card before using the camera”. I checked Settings/SD card & phone storage to see the total space at 7.40gb so it was reading the SD card. I unmounted, then mounted to make sure that it was installed properly and it was. After going back and forth between the home screen, gallery, and camera, I was not able to take a picture, nor use any data from the SD card (ie: wallpaper, pictures, videos, music). I called 611 and they said I needed a “refresh” so they instructed me to turn my phone off, then turn it back on after about 10 seconds. Everything worked after that.2 days later, it happened

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Please insert sd card before using camera

Tuesday 24th of January 2012 /
Hello. I've run into a problem, a frustrating one at that. So about a few weeks ago I tried to take a picture, it said "Please insert an SD card before using the camera" Well I had one in there, I tried restarting the phone, that fixed it temporarily. Then it happened again, I figured I would just copy the data from the card and reformat it, I plug it into my computer in a micro sd to usb thing. It detected it maybe one out of five times, I would try to copy everything over to my computer, it would begin the transfer and a few seconds in it would stop working and the card was no longer recognized. I'm pissed. I find another sd card, start using that, well today the same thing happened, and the same thing with my computer, detects for only a few seconds until I try a data transfer. Any idea of what the problem may be?Could it possibly have to do with me pulling my battery out all the time? I don't think it would, but I listen to music and podcasts through my work day, I listen to the radio for the first 4 hours and my battery dies in that time so I have a spare at work, woul

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Can't take pictures "please insert sd card"

Thursday 22nd of April 2010 /
Ive had the phone for a week and love it, except that I haven't been able to take pictures. When I open the camera I get a message that says "please insert an sd card before using the camera" Well I have an sd card in the phone and I can even play music off of it. I can also view the contents of the sd card using Astro file manager. I re inserting the sd card and doing a hard restart as well. No luck. Any thoughts?

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Insert Sd card camera - unable to create files on sd card

Sunday 19th of August 2012 /
Help! I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 and an having problems with my sd card. When I set my camera to store photos on my sd card, it says "please insert sd card before using camera". Also, when I go into my file manager and try to make a new folder on my sd card, it says "creation failed". My sd card is in the slot, and it lets me mount and unmount it (from storage in settings), but it won't let me edit it out move anything to it. It seems like its reading it from the settings, but not letting me use it. Any solutions to this? I tried clicking format sd card from settings, but no luck. : / Would love to move my photos to the sd card since they've almost taken up all the internal sd card space. Thanks!Sent from my SPH-D710 using

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Camera won't take pictures without an SD card

Wednesday 13th of July 2011 /
Hi, I'm trying to help a friend get more out of his Droid X. I personally own a Nexus S so I'm not familiar at all with this phone. Any help would be very much appreciated. The problem is he doesn't have an SD card. When he tries to take pictures with the phone it says "Please insert SD card before using the camera." I'm assuming this is because the camera directs pics taken to be stored to the SD card. So is there anyway to save the pictures directly to the hard drive? Essentially what we're looking for is a way to take pictures without having to buy an SD card.

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Insert SD Card Before Using the Camera

Tuesday 18th of December 2012 /
Hi, all:My Hosting environment: Ubuntu 12.04 + android-sdk_r21-linux + android-ndk-r8c-linux-x86When I tried to run the default app Camera in Android emulator, I obtained the following message:Insert a SD card before using the cameraCan anybody help to explain why it is so? and how to solve this problem?cheersPei

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Problem with SD Card!

Sunday 11th of September 2011 /
Hi guys!I have a little problem with "sd card".Yesterday I installed CM 7.1 on my LG Optimus 2x and everything works normal but I can't take pictures, record video clips and download things from internet. It says that I must insert an SD Card.When I enter the camera, it says: "Please insert an SD card before using the camera".When I enter the ROM Manager, it says: ,,The SD Card needs to be mounted to use ROM Manager!".When I try to download something from the internet, it says: "Download cannot be completed because SD Card is not mounted!''Why it requires SD Card if i have about 5GB of internal memory?This is my status:Internal storage:Total space - 1.48GBAvailable space - 1.30GBAdditional storage:/mnt/emmcTotal space - 5.50GBAvailable space - 5.50GBHow can I use this 5.5GB of internal memory?thanks

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"Please insert an SD card before using the camera"?

Sunday 12th of September 2010 /
I just got the D2 (like it a lot, by the way). It comes pre-installed with an 8GB SD card. I tried to take a shot on the camera, and it told me the message above:"Please insert an SD card before using the camera"I even re-installed the SD card, and the same results appear.What's going on?

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Coby Kyros MID 8048 sd card problem please help.

Tuesday 13th of August 2013 /
I bought a coby kyros mid8048 (not rooted) 3 weeks ago if works fine since the other day then all of a sudden I can't access my sd card when I go to gallery the error says "No Storage, No external storage available" and when I try to use the camera the error says "Insert sd card before using the camera", but the sd card is already inserted when I go to setting>storage> I can see that my sd card is mounted. I tried to factory data reset and put a check on "erase sd card" and "erase everything" an error appeared saying "sd card has been remove". but when I try to factory data reset and leave erase sd card uncheck and erase everything it reset my tablet but still have the same problem. would rooting my device will solve the problem? I don't root it because I don't have enough knowledge about rooting android devices and I'm affraid to brick my tablet. I hope u can help with my problem thank you.

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camera is saying insert sd card

Friday 15th of November 2013 /
i have a kocaso android tablet m752.when i try to use the camera it is saying"insert sd card before using camera.can this be fix?how?

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