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sd card - How to install APK files on SDCARD?

Tuesday 07th of December 2010 /
I have samsung galaxy 3 (I5801). I have downloaded many APK files from internet. I have no problem in installing APK files. By default when APK file is selected it installs itself to phone memory. I want it to install application on SDCARD. I have made my phone memory full. So my queries areHow to install APK on SDCARD? APK should install itself to SDCARD.How to move already installed application to SDCARD from phone memory?

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Can't install APK files

Tuesday 24th of August 2010 /
So I recently rooted and installed sapphire and things seem to be going swimmingly. However, I'm now trying to install some APKs from the internet (not the market) and I'm running into a recurring problem.Here's my steps:1. download apk from net2. transfer apk to root of SD card3. open astro, find apk, click it and then open app manager4. when app manager opens, it only gives me the option to uninstall or launch.....but I haven't installed the apk yet. 5. clicking uninstall just gets me to "uninstall unsuccessful", and clicking launch gives me a message about not finding the right file or something.I've checked and the box to allow non-market apps is checked so that's OK. The only thing I can think of is maybe there's already a "stock" app on my phone that's named the same thing as the apk I'm trying to install. Or maybe the apk isn't compatible with Froyo or Sapphire.I've tried installing:Droid X keyboard (repackaged-signed.apk)Desk Clock app from (DeskClock.apk)I've installed non-market apk files just fine when I wasn't rooted, so I understand the

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can't install apk files

Sunday 02nd of December 2012 /
I have problem in installing apk files.... Can't hit the install button... But cancel button works fine..... Someone please guide me here....

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Installing APK files from Internal Storage.

Friday 11th of May 2012 /
My Nexus does not have an Microsd slot, so I understand when using Win7 (64) that you should only have to connect to PC and be able to transfer files, right? I moved some apps(APK) files to the download folder on Nexus thinking I would install from there. Not visable on Nexus. Also tried to locate Photos in Nexus Photo file for transfer to PC, nothing there. What's am I missing. I found a work around but have no idea, now or why it works. I installed Wifi file explorer from play store, ( don't understand it either) but then the APK files were visable on the Nexus. Please explain!What would be the advantages to rooting the Nexus? Thanks guys

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Installing APK Files Gets Simplified with 'installAPK' and 'APK2EXE'

Tuesday 02nd of June 2009 /
A majority of Android users are content to use the market as their means of getting apps.  It’s easy to click on the shopping bag and find the games and utilities that everyone is talking about.  What happens when you want Wi-Fi tethering or other apps that don’t end up in the Android Market?  Sure, you can install the .APK files from outside sources, but’s not the easiest process in the world.  We now have a pair of viable solutions.We got tipped yesterday from @paulatmodaco regarding his new app called ‘installAPK‘ which really streamlines the whole process.  After installing the program on your computer, users can double click APK files to install them on your USB attached Android handsets.  It’s that easy!  Of course, the app is in beta, so you may encounter an occasional glitch.Today, Paul makes it possible for the app developer to distribute apps in executable (.EXE) format.  It takes a tad bit more work to do this, but the ends are justified by the means.  Swing by the Modaco Forums and check out APK2EXE!

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installing zip files

Wednesday 25th of May 2011 /
Hello, Had a android tablet for about a month now and have been loving it, finding installing apps from apk files no problem-download on pc, put on sd card then install on tablet, but I just downloaded a few apps/games(paid for) but they are in zip folder and not APK can anyone help. When i open the zip folder theres four folders and three files inside files are androidmanifest, classes.dex and resource.arsc, can anyone tell this android noob what these are and how I can install??? Thanks in advance!!

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Managing and Setting Astro file Manager and .APK Files

Wednesday 13th of July 2011 /
Managing and Setting Astro file Manager and .APK Files Hey guys, I just downloaded a collection of Android Applications(in .APK format) and stored it inside /sdcard or the root.I've already tried installing some of the .APK files using ASTROI just have one problem here. Everytime I install an .APK file, ASTRO, by default stores/saves it inside the PHONE MEMORY "instead of saving it in the SDCARD" I want to know how to set the settings so that ASTRO will install every .APK file to SDCARD so my PHONE memory(internal memory) will be preserved. I mean, if ASTRO will keep on storing every install of .APK inside the PHONE MEMORY(internal memory), my internal memory will be full by sometime.Please help me guys, I want to enjoy installing the collection TO the SDCARD not to my internal memory.Thanks.

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Installing .apk files.....

Friday 24th of December 2010 /
When I want to install the .apk files that I have downloaded onto my PC, how do I do it?I am told that I can mount my Droid X, once it's connected to the PC, and then drag/drop the files, but I can't seem to find the directory that apps would reside in.Is there a simple, accepted method of installing apps from the computer, rather than downloading them to the Droid, itself?Thanks,Bob.

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Having trouble installing apk files

Monday 21st of April 2014 /
In recent weeks on my Nexus 5 I'm having real problems installing apk files from non Play Store sources. Latest example is the latest version of Hangouts which allows merged SMS and Hangouts messages which is available through a link on Android Police.Once the apk is downloaded and I click to open, instead of asking if I'd like to install it I'm asked which program I'd like to use to open it, WinZip, UCCW or something else.I have the option to install from unknown sources enabled and I have installed in the past so I'm baffled as to what's happening here!Any ideas?

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Installing APK files on Nexus 5 or S4

Friday 19th of December 2014 /
So finally my S2 died and I want to buy a new phone. I was wondering, can I install APK files on either a S4 or a Nexus 5? On S2 it was easy as selecting and tapping the file!

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