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Is it a problem to leave it plugged in when not using

Wednesday 21st of November 2012 /
Is it a problem to leave it plugged in when not usingOptional Information: Type of Device: TabletModel: R7T40WWHF1What have you tried so far?: unplugging it once it was charged

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Best way to charge a Nexus 10 - Page 2

Tuesday 30th of April 2013 /
Originally Posted by paintdrinkingpete This past week I was on vacation and forgot to pack by N10 charger, but fortunately I had my old HTC Thunderbolt, so I was able to use that. What surprised me is that my N10 seemed to actually charge noticably faster using the old HTC charer (1A/5V) than it ever does using the charger that came with it (2A/5V). I'm not sure why, but considering I've always felt my N10 charged too slowly, I'm begining to wonder if the problem isn't with the stock charger, that may not be pumping out as much juice as that I'm home I'm going to test them both out and track the charging rates with Battery Monitor. To answer the OP, I tend to follow this logic, and never had any problems: With today's newer batteries, general consenus seems to be that allowing your device to completely discharge isn't very good for it, but it really shouldn't matter what percentage you're at when you plug it in (no "memory" effects) nor should it matter if you leave it plugged in past a full charge (the kernel should stop drawing power from the ch

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Wake up, and freeze? - Page 3

Thursday 21st of June 2012 /
I have always turned the A500 OFF. Since I received a docking station I leave it plugged in but only I can put the tablet into power save mode - using remote control that came with the docking station. I've set the A500 to stay ON when plugged in. At night I turn it OFF completely.I've never had a problem and the other 2 devices in the household are working fine. But you'll noticed that this problem relates to 3.0.1 and the problem appears not to have surfaced after 3.1 update.The freezing problem today is something to do with the boot loader running through its startup sequence too quickly before the MPU sensors have had time to go through their initialization stage - causing the screen locker/rotation error. The idea is to load another boot loader/launcher. The one I've got works fine. I received it in the OTA update to ICS. Many received a second boot loader update after the first boot into ICS and this is where the problem lays.

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Moto X battery trouble after water damage

Tuesday 01st of July 2014 /
Long story short, my Moto X went through the wash and got totally waterlogged. I proceeded to open it up, remove the battery, clean everything with IPA and let it dry for a few days. Now everything is working fine expect for some strange battery issues. For one, my battery life is absolutely terrible now - I'm talking 4-5 hours at most. I bought a 3rd party battery (Onite) to try, but it was even worse. So now I'm using my original Motorola battery, which isn't even a year old - but may have been damaged by the water. Another issue is that the charging icon (lightning bolt) is permanently showing, even when the phone is not charging. I think this might be a software issue. Finally, when the battery completely drains it is very difficult to give it power. I leave it plugged in and it remains at 0%...Only after plugging/unplugging a bunch of times and then leaving it plugged in for about an hour will it finally get enough juice to start charging. What do you think is the problem here? Obviously I can always buy a brand new Motorola battery and try that, but I want to make sure that th

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The battery on my Phone is going out way too fast.... Help!!? :(

Sunday 10th of August 2014 /
Type of Phone: Samsung Galaxy Express Okay so i have had my phone since Christmas of 2013, which wasn't too long ago and too soon for any major problems to occur. However recently i noticed i've been charging my phone way more than i've actually been using it. Last night for example, before i went to bed my battery was at 85%... then when i woke up this morning it was at 13%. I found it particularly odd because i switched off my phone out of curiousity then switched it back on and the battery was at 47%... i plugged it in to charge anyway. How is that even possible when i wasnt using it? During the week i had been charging my phone at least 2-3 times a day. I never had this problem before. My charger seems to be in good condition. I got the charger along with my phone. I only have 10 downloaded apps. I dont have any games on my phone nor do i play them. I never leave any apps running in the background, i am always sure to log out of Facebook whenever i am finished. Although i do not log out of Instagram or Kik, thats a common thing for most people who have those apps. I never have

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How to Save App Data to "external" SD card in Android 4.4 ?

Saturday 14th of February 2015 /
Using a ZTE Zinger with Kit Kat. (Android 4.4) Android lists the internal memory as /sdcard/ when I'm trying to save app data, and it does not list my external SD card (which is plugged inside the phone) in the [Save As] interface, so I can't save data to it or open files from it using the app. However, if I leave the app and look into the phone file manager, the phone can see the "external" SD card it contains, calling it as just "SD Card".??? I had this experience trying to use Text Edit, but actually I'm afraid it would be the same with other apps?Is it a OS problem? How to fix it?Or is it an app problem, if so please tell me which text editor(s) can save a file in text format to the "external" SD card?Until I solve this problem of properly using my removable SD card as interactive data storage, the smartphone is of little use to me... Thanks very much for your help

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