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How Can I Stop Screen Turning Off During Call

Thursday 26th of November 2009 /
Hey, ok so this is first time I've been really annoyed at my phone. I am trying to just hang up on someone and I can't get the screen to turn on I'm pressing every button and it flashes for a second then off.How can I just keep the screen on during a call?

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Way to Make Screen Stay Active During Call

Tuesday 19th of January 2010 /
Hello All- I'm interested in knowing how to keep the screen of my droid active while I am on the phone- specifically while I am trying to use the numberpad to enter numbers while on a call. For example, when I am trying to check my voicemail, I hit "dialpad" can enter one number and then before I can hit the second number the screen goes black and I have to shake the phone or hit the power button to turn it on again. Is there a way to make the screen stay active during a call? Thanks

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Keeping screen on during phone calls

Sunday 21st of April 2013 /
Hey everyone, I have a Motorola Triumph running Cyan Mod 7. I like the Rom and have been running it for about a year. But I don't like the way it acts after a phone call and was hoping someone could tell me if I have a setting wrong or just let me know what I can do to fix this problem. When in call and the phone is against my face, I can see the screen constantly going on/off, constantly. When the call is done I want to press the end key but that is when the screen is off, and it stays off. Either I have to wait for the other party to end the call or I have to press the power button on my phone to get the screen to come back on so I can press end. Is this normal for Cyan Mod 7? Do I just have a setting wrong? I would rather have the screen on all the way through the call and waste battery than the constant on/off, and staying off when I need it on. I really don't use that many minutes to be worried about the charge. I have "keep screen awake longer" checked. Is it a proximity sensor issue? Thanks. Jerry.

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keeping screen on during call

Tuesday 09th of March 2010 /
how does one keep the screen on during call, i have to keep hitting the power button to lite up the screen for, among other things get to the dial pad, if there is no way is there an app that would help thanks

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Help! Need to keep screen awake during calls!

Sunday 18th of September 2011 /
I have a rooted desire and my proximity sensor seems to be faulty; every time I make a call or someone calls me the screen will blackout before I can do anything. I can still hear and talk to the caller at the other end but I can't get my screen to wake up. The only way this happens is if the caller on the other end hangs up (which means that if they don't or no one answers I have to pull the battery to wake it up). This wasn't a problem with the miui-au roms, as they had a setting that allowed me to disable the proximity sensor and use the power button to turn of the screen during a call, but now that I've moved to the AceSMod007 sense rom I can't do this anymore.I've tried numerous apps (screebl, shake awake, screen on etc.), but none of them seem to be able to keep my screen awake during a call. I've tried hoovering my desire's sensor but that didn't work either. Right now all I want is for the screen to stay active during a call by bypassing the proximity sensor; I don't really care if I am likely to press a button with my cheek during a call. Does anyone know how to do this? I c

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Screen lock during call unlocks and mutes/ends calls/totally pisses me off

Tuesday 30th of March 2010 /
When I am on a call it seems IMPOSSIBLE to lock the screen and keep it from making the screen buttons available to click. IE: I dont want the touch screen to become avaliable while Im on a call. My face/cheek magically finds teh combination to do all of the following on 90% of my calls. 1. it mutes them, and usually switches back to the desktop and by the time I have figured out how to get back to the keypad and un-mute them they figure they lost teh call and they hang up.2. it switches to the keypad and starts dialing random numbers. also seems to END calls from this screen more often than others. 3. it switches to the button that makes the keypad available to dial another party for a 3way call, this also has the effect of muting me to the other party and NOWHERE does the phone tell you that you muted the other party. 4. the phone finds its way back to the desk top and launches another program, you name it (my music, Pandora, Google maps, what ever my face hits). I have even deleted contacts while holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder. Anybody else have this problem, all my c

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Desire screen doesn't want to turn on during calls

Saturday 17th of July 2010 /
So there's this problem with my Desire, I can call and receive calls and everything. But once I'm in a call, the standby button will not turn the screen on, and no matter how many times I button mash all the soft keys, I get no response. However if my phone is feeling good, it'll show me the screen for a split second before hiding it again! This is a huge problem, I have no idea what the problem could be, as the standby button works fine when not in a call.. Anyone know what would be the reason? (Keep in mind, my HTC is literally a day old in my hands)Thanks in advance,

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stratosphere 1 won't let me use keypad during call unless speakerphone is on

Thursday 01st of August 2013 /
I've found that when I'm on a call using my Stratosphere 1, if I'm prompted to enter a sequence of numbers and I bring up the keypad on the screen, most of the numbers will not enter when I press them on the keypad, or the screen goes dark after about 1 second even if I'm in the middle of entering numbers. The only workaround is to turn on the speakerphone, and then I am able to enter numbers on the keypad with the speakerphone on. (This means obviously it's not a hardware issue with the sensors on the screen.) But if I'm in a public place, I don't want to have the speakerphone on and subject everyone to the sounds of all the voice prompts that I'm navigating while pushing keys on the keypad. Anyone found a workaround? The phone's software seems to be following a rule like: "If the speakerphone is not on, then when the phone moves away from the user's face, assume the user is not actively using the phone and let the screen go dark" -- where the bug is that it doesn't make an exception and keep the screen on if the user is actively pressing keys on the keypad.

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keep screen on during call

Sunday 15th of December 2013 /
my problem is that the screen dims & then turns off during a call. i can't believe there is no option to leave it on. how are you suppose to press numbers when you are required (banking etc). i shouldn't have to keep pressing the power button to turn it on.i have tried smart stay & it works for a day but it doesn't work 90% of the time & is pretty useless.i know there are sensors that turn screen off when you hold to your ear but this has nothing to do with that. i never hold the phone to my ear. i always use speaker or Bluetooth headset.i just want the damn screen to stay on & have to option to turn it off if i want to.i have been with Samsung for a few phone models now but this is almost a deal breaker.anyone know if the HTC has this option or is it just an Android phone is Galaxy S3 4.2.2

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s5 screen goes black

Wednesday 31st of December 2014 /
Hi my s5 screen goes black when I connect a call. It comes on when I push power button . How do I keep screen active during the call? Please help. Posted via the Android Central App

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