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ROM - @mike1986_ Android Revolution HD for HTC Sensation

Monday 14th of November 2011 /
mike1986 has released an update to Android Revolution HD . The latest version is now 3.6.7 XE.This release is supported on the following Device(s):- HTC SensationAndroid Revolution HD 3.6.7 — release date: 14 November 2011 — New kernel by faux123 – Private beta for Android Revolution HD users. Source will be out with final version – Faster enabling CPU1 – Add HTC off-alarm support from XE source – Updated sii9234 tpi driver from XE source – Misc code updates from XE source – Enable Android USB gadget projector support – Added thermal trip critical retry from XE source – Updated DMA engine from XE source – Fixed HTC battery driver coding derp – Added HTC Beats headset support from XE source – Lots of cutting edge technologies not even in latest 3.1 kernel from – Added DM-Cache – New scheduler optimizations – …and many more amazing features! IntelliOndemand governor slightly adjusted for even better performance Tweaked ondemand governor for better performance Increa

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Android Forums - View Single Post - [ROM][26.2.]CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2) by KonstaT/Daemond

Saturday 29th of December 2012 /
29.1.Changeloghardware vsync events (i.e. Project Butter)switch to legacy camera (until panorama is fixed)prefer RGB565 pixel format for opaque surfaces and bitmapsreenable 16bpp drawing cacheuse RGB565 pixel format for wallpaper20.1.Changelog:add permission needed for adb sideloaddisable WebGL (unstable and not useful on our device)native WiFi tetheringvarious fixes for hwui to avoid possible leaks and screen corruptionfix messed up u/v plane alignment in some videos (like this)fix audio routing (SIP audio, notifications with headphones)dropped pending patches taken from cyanogenmod gerrit (some have been added to the device tree)8.1. changelog:fixed charger mode detectionfake vsync eventsset correct permissions for boostpulse (now it actually works :P)enabled divx and wma hw decoding (again)switched back to jellybean camera (again) & fixed preview glitchesAllow purging of asset bitmaps (1)27.12. changelog:backported USB gadget driver from msm-3.0 kernel (thanks to WaylandACE)fixed native USB tetheringfixed issues with apps failing because of borked usb0 interface (e.g. network

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kernel - Android USB Gadget Driver

Monday 12th of March 2012 /
I am trying to get Ethernet over USB working for my Nexus S. I am running Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.3 and have rebuilt the kernel with USB Gadget support turned on. When I connect the phone to my Linux box and run ifconfig -a, usb0 shows up both on the phone and the Linux box. I run ifconfig to set both sides up and everything looks correct but I cannot ping from either side:PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host UnreachableFrom icmp_seq=2 Destination Host UnreachableI also have a N900 running Maemo Linux that does allow Ethernet over USB. I compared output of ethtool, ifconfig, route, and arp between the N900 and the Nexus S and all are very similar except the arp output. It shows (incomplete) for the HWaddress for the Android connection:Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface10.1.3.1 ether 00:1B:17:05:30:13 C eth0192.168.22.2 (incomplete) usb0The only other clue I have is that ifconfig shows on the Linux side:usb0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 66:E4:64:10:D1:A9 inet addr: Bcast: Mask:2

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