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Google puts the Android kill switch into effect, but why?

Monday 28th of June 2010 /
Google has exercised its discretionary right to disable misbehaving Android apps by remotely zapping two programs off users’ devices, although they were not used maliciously and their developer voluntarily removed them from Android Market.The move came amid the concerns of a growing number of spyware and malware on Android Market. Any app that violates its Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement or Content Policy gets swiftly removed from the store, Google said. The flipping of the Android kill switch was apparently targeted at a security expert behind a pair of Android apps created for research purposes. The apps did no harm and Android’s security chief  Rich Cannings described them as “practically useless” in a blog post:Recently, we became aware of two free applications built by a security researcher for research purposes. These applications intentionally misrepresented their purpose in order to encourage user downloads, but they were not designed to be used maliciously, and did not have permission to access private data.Google underscored that the

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Did I Kill My Screen Rotation?

Wednesday 26th of December 2012 /
Yes display auto rotate is checked.I installed google play mod so I could download U.S. Apps. it worked. Downloaded facebook and IMDB however my screen is. Stuck in landscape mode.I put the old store back and did a full restore e no change.did I kill it or is it just a coincidence?

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How to kill screen & phone listener processes on G1?

Thursday 23rd of September 2010 /
I have partial access to test a rooted G1 (1.6 firmware) but I'm only utilizing mainly the Wifi and Camera (as a wildlife webcam). It has NO sim card and is NOT used as a phone. I'm using it as a PC with a webcam and using 100% solar power from an array not shown in the attachments. I've tried ustream & qik but the screen lighting consumes a full battery in about 2-3 hours. Next I'll try droidcam if I can get it upgraded to froyo. I'm somewhat of a newbie to Android but have used Linux for some years.The battery usage says something like this: 43% screen 23% phone radio (?) 23% (?) - don't recall I went into the console and tried the 'top' command but couldn't identify the process or processes to kill to save the battery life. What processes are the ones for the screen? I guess if I kill the screen I'll need a hotkey to reactivate it. Taskiller apps don't show it and I have my doubts about them anyway.Attached are 3 webcam show & tell pics I've taken to help give an idea of my goal:Picture from old Logitech webcam, an infrared nest-box cam shot, and a solar webcam nest box th

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How to: Quickly Kill Off or Switch to Recently Used Apps [Beginners' Guide] – Droid Life

Wednesday 27th of February 2013 /
When the Android team first unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), one of the flagship features shown off was a new way to quickly switch between recently used apps or remove those same apps from running. On stock Android devices, or devices that use on-screen navigation keys, the button to access this new app switcher menu looks like two rectangles on top of each other (see image above). On devices like the Galaxy S3 which utilize a physical home button, a simple long press on that button will bring up the same menu. In previous versions of Android, a long press on Home popped up a simple app switcher, however, it lacked much functionality or design flair. In the newest versions (Android 4.0+), you can see thumbnails of your recently used apps that show you a preview of where you last left off. A simple tap on the thumbnail then jumps you into the app, again, exactly where you last left it.On the flip side, you can kill off apps just as easily as you would switch to them, thanks to a new swiping gesture. If you would no longer like to see an app appear in your recently used app

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HTC One X: TalkBack Turned Off but Still Talking

Sunday 05th of May 2013 /
Hi everyone, sure hope there's an answer for this somewhere!A few days ago, the TalkBack feature on my HTC One X began working (even though the app was turned off and I had never touched it). I found a thread which suggested unticking all the boxes in the TalkBack settings then rebooting. I did this and it worked. Except it's started again today. And there's nothing further I can do as the TalkBack settings are all unticked and TalkBack is off. I've checked for any recent updates and my phone is up to date. I've rebooted. I've turned TalkBack on, ticked all the boxes, rebooted, then unticked all the boxes, turned TalkBack off and rebooted AGAIN. As an aside: The only thing which TalkBack was registering was when I opened my keyboard (saying "open keyboard") and any words typed out. The rage-inducing TalkBack "voice" didn't announce anything else I did on my phone, however. I'm mere one-hundredths of a millimeter from throwing the damn thing at the wall. My provider is no help whatsoever unless I want to package up my phone and send it to them. The one odd coincide

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Zombies: Run or Kill! FREE Game for Android

Friday 14th of December 2012 /
Zombies: Run or Kill! FREE Game for AndroidZombies: Run or Kill, a new zombie shooter game is here! Zombies attack you! UNDEAD has occupied our village. Get your weapons, go into actions, cause ZOMBIES MUST DIE!This is one zombie free game which will make your life more interesting. Once you start playing this cool game, you won’t be able to stop. And it ain’t easy game at all! You’ll have to be smart in order to kill enemies who are completely brainwashed. There are different types of zombies in this game, some of which are easier to kill while others need multi-kills or direct headshots.You have different weapons at your disposal, from which you can choose the one that fits you best when evil zombie attacks you. The standard one is sword, but there is also a special lightsaber to help you destroy zombie hordes. The more zombies you kill, the more experience you get, and in that way you get more bullets for gun and rifle. As far as laser cannon and chainsaw are concerned, use them carefully – you cannot use them whenever you want, and as the game progresses y

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[Free Game]Kill Devils: A great tower defense game is available now!

Friday 20th of July 2012 /
Brand New Tower Defense Game “Kill Devils” ReleasedThe first fantastic tower defense game “Kill Devils” developed by Sun Ground has been officially released today. It continues the legend of “Age of Seventh Dragon”, the traditional war tactics game developed by Sun Ground, and chronicles the first chapter of the legend. Players will get to experience plenty of levels, gorgeous game graphics and the unique in-game attacking modes. Gorgeous Graphics and Thrilling Storyline of Defending Your HomeIn a fantastic world of wonder, players have to lead 6 races and battle against demons invading from the darkness. Once players enter the game, they will be able to enjoy the fun brought about by the epic storyline, gorgeous battle scenes, flashy magic skills and the unexpected bosses of mystery. Thrilling home defense battles will be available soon. Simple Taps to Enjoy Exciting BattlesThe game operation in Kill Devils only requires players to tap on their screen. Sun Ground designed 7 scenes and 210 levels for Kill Devils. When rounds of demons arrive, players just need to tap on

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Google uses remote kill switch to uninstall Android apps

Thursday 24th of June 2010 /
Google has announced that the company has used its little-known remote kill function that allows it to uninstall apps from Android devices. On the Google developer blog, Rich Cannings explained that Google has removed two applications by a research team that “intentionally misrepresented their purpose in order to encourage user downloads.” The app was not malicious and did not have access to private user data.Researchers voluntarily removed the app, but Google still elected to remove it from users who had yet to uninstall the “practically useless” application. Google was able to remotely uninstall the application and send a notification to affected users.There’s been quite a bit of talk about security threats on Android, notably a report yesterday claiming that 20% of Android apps pose a threat. However, as staff writer Jorge Parrales noted, the security firm’s report was somewhat misleading (and they just happened to sell the fix for the security threat; how convenient).Google’s use of the application removal shows that in the event that a

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Will Windows 8 (tabs and phones) kill Android?

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
HI, I am an iOS user looking to switch between Windows Phones and the Microsoft Ecosystem or the Google ecosystem. I am a knowledgable person, definitely not your typical iOS user. I am just now sick of Apple, and I want to make the switch. I had made the switch once to Android on an AWFUL phone- the HTC Inspire. It was laggy, had a crappy UI and had RANDOM reboots. So I switched back to iOS. But now, I want to make the switch to Android through the Nexus line, (Because it is most similar to iOS in terms of UI and updates) but I am afraid that Windows and Microsoft will do the same thing they have done throughout history and will sweep through, kill Android tablets quickly and then phones much later; causing me to have to switch to another platform with the best integration. A lot of writers have been saying W8 tablets will kill android on tablets back down to sub 300 dollar machines. I however think it might be the opposite way around. What do you guys think? To me, this makes my decision as I want the strongest platform to switch to . HELP!BTW, When I say w8 tablets killing androi

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KILL Talkback??

Monday 03rd of June 2013 /
Anyone know how to KILL this app?Since the most recent software update; every time I restart I get a notification that this thing is active. this is the message:"Talkback is activated Tab (sic) to go to accessibility settings" I've disabled it in the application manager but it keeps coming back. Since it's disabled tapping on the message takes me to the accessibility settings menu but talkback is no longer listed there. The only thing that seems to work is to:long press the notification in the pull down,then tap "App info", then Force stop.The force stop button is greyed out in the application manager.

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