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Root the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 using Bin4ry Tool

Friday 30th of November 2012 /
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 model has been released and now you can use the root instructions listed in this post to gain access to all of its system’s functions.The root has been bundled by ‘mdblaze’ from XDA and the tool used to apply the changes is named Bin4ry Tool. It is an exploit for Sony tablets and it seems like it works with your Kindle Fire HD 8.9inch model too. This guide should be very easy to apply.To be sure that this root tool will work with your computer you should install its USB Drivers. Download the drivers from HERE. Extract the contents and after that run the Exe file to install the USB drivers for Kindle Fire HD on your PC. Apply this root only on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch variant. Do not try to flash these root files on any other Android tablet or smartphone. Create backups of all the files you have currently stored on your tablet device so that in case something goes wrong and you cannot use them after the root, then you will ┬ábe able to restore them from your PC or whatever media you’ve used to keep the files safe.Now that you know all this

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Root Amazon Kindle Fire, Install TWRP Custom Recovery using Kindle Fire Utility

Friday 15th of June 2012 /
Amazon Kindle Fire can easily be rooted now using the Kindle Fire Utility. This is the tutorial guide you have to use and you should know that this root will also install the Team Win Recovery Projest (TWRP). All the steps you have to take are listed in this article and you should make sure that you respect all of them.The Kindle Fire Utility has been created by Vashypooh, an xda developer, and his tool will allow you to root your Kindle Fire using BurritoRoot and it will also install TWRP custom recovery. With the TWRP you will be able to install CM9 or AOKP based custom ROMs that will improve your overall Kindle Fire experience. Before you can start applying the ROOT, you will have to backup all the data that you have currently stored on your Kindle Fire device.How to root Amazon Kindle Fire and install TWRP recovery with Kindle Fire Utility: Download the Kindle Fire Utility from here.Extract the tool’s files using 7 zip, WinRar or WinZip in a single folder.Now you need to double click on the ‘install_drivers’ .bat file. This will install the Kindle Fire USB drive

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2.3 gingerbread - Does rooting Kindle Fire disable your default Kindle Fire functionality?

Saturday 17th of December 2011 /
I am thinking on getting a Kindle Fire due to the good reviews and the price tag.I see that there are a lot of links showing you how to root your Kindle Fire so that you can have regular Android OS and be able to benefit from the Android Market.My objective is to be able to have both worlds running side by side. I was planning following these tutorials: questions are as follows:If I root Kindle Fire, do I lose all the functionality that the Fire was designed to do?If I root Kindle Fire, do I lose access to the Amazon Appstore?Will following this instructions above leave me in a situation where I cannot revert back to the original functionality?Does anybody know if the Fire will be upgradable to ICS (Android 4.0)?Why is Kindle Fire running a 2.3 version of Android rather than the latest Honeycomb?

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How to Root and Install Custom Recovery on Kindle Fire using the Kindle Fire Utility - Android Authority

Tuesday 14th of February 2012 /
Do you want to root and install custom recovery on your Kindle Fire but you don’t know anything about tweaking our android device? Don’t worry, with the program called Kindle Fire Utility created by Vashypooh of XDA Developers Forum, you don’t need to learn ADB Program to be able to root and install recovery. In this program you will root your device using BurritoRoot and install Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP recovery).Just follow the simple steps below.Note: Make sure that your phone battery is charge at least 60%Backup your phone data into your computer.Requirements:Kindle FireUSB Data CableComputerFirst, download Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.3 on your computerThen, extract it using Winzip/Winrar, you should get this files: Next, double click the “install_drivers” to install the Kindle Fire Drivers.Connect your Kindle Fire to the computer using the USB Data Cable.Once finished, go to extracted file and double click “run” to start the Kindle Fire Utility program. Your ADB Status should be online.If you want to root your device select “in

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Root Kindle Fire on Firmware Version 6.2.1 With Burito Root - How To

Wednesday 04th of January 2012 /
Amazon just recently released version 6.2.1 of the software for its best-selling Kindle Fire. The update brings with it nice additions like Wi-Fi passwords and improved scrolling. The update was rather minor, but it also did pack something many Kindle Fire users didn’t expect–a software patch that rendered all previously known methods of rooting the Amazon tablet impossible.Developers on RootzWiki quickly went to work, and after a night of coding, jcase and a few other developers came up with a solution: BurritoRoot. The coders have released BurritoRoot as an opensource software under the terms of the GPL. It is a root exploit intended to gain root privileges on the Kindle Fire running firmware version 6.2.1. According to the developers, the software may not work on firmware version 6.0, so if you want to root your Kindle Fire, you may need to update to newer firmware.Though future official updates for the Kindle Fire may break this (again), BurritoRoot addresses the current need of Kindle Fire users.RequirementsExcited to get this root tool on your Kindle Fire? You’

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importing palm memos to kindle fire

Monday 26th of December 2011 /
bought my husband new kindle fire for holidays, he was longtime user and devotee of palm (until it broke) and now time to move on. he really depends on his memos and already figured out loading up his contacts (via gmail). but just can't figure out to get those memos on his kindle. reading other posts, exported palm notes to .csv file in hopes that "notes everywhere" would be able to load and convert. since notes everywhere can pickup csv file from sd-card, figured i could save csv file to local directory on kindle and direct app to it. nada...import of palm file in this app looks like its hardcoded to pickup file from sd-card device as root directory. looking at app preferences, don't see option to switch palm import directory to local device (i.e. kindle root directory) is there a way to change load point of .csv file from sd-card to local kindle directories? or better yet, is there an app that can import and load palm memo's to kindle fire?

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Kindle root went bad

Thursday 29th of March 2012 /
Rooted kindle fire, cant find back up. What can i do now?

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Kindle Root Help

Monday 09th of April 2012 /
I tried to root my Kindle Fire last night, followed the Windows instructions and got all the way to he part where I ha to use SuperOneClick. Well, just my luck, something was wrong with SuperOneClick, and everytime the program would start to open, it would "unexpectedly stop working." long story short, I got frustrated, uninstalled everything from the Windows computer, and drew my white flag. Well, after much searching, I got extremely envious. I want to yet again, however, I am leaving home, so now I will only have access to my Mac. Is this still possible to do with a mac, successfully, and with not a whole lot of tech lingo knowledge?

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Partially Rooted Kindle?

Saturday 30th of March 2013 /
1st time post but I've used the board in the past to root my incredible and now my Kindle Fire 1st Gen. To root my Kindle I used the Kindle Fire Utility and it worked great. I was able to download from play store and I still am. Here's the issue. About two weeks ago my kindle's battery drained overnight. When I powered it back up I noticed the bootloader option didn't come up and I didn't get the blue Kindle Fire logo. I didn't think much of it until I noticed that all my Kindle Apps were working without the OTA Rootkeeper fix. I went into root keeper and it does not identify my Kindle as being rooted. I plug it into KFU and it says it is Rooted. I try to mess around with ES File Explorer and it too says I'm not rooted and I can't get to root section of the programs. Sorry for the long post but I'm confused as to whats up with my machine. I'm hoping someone might be able to suggest a fix before I do something that bricks the kindle. Same kind of thing happened with my incredible where I was half rooted...if that's a thing.

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Kindle root

Tuesday 08th of October 2013 /
Kindle rooted successfully but prior to rooting it had a calibration issues. That I neglected to correct. Now with do I do.?

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