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Lenovo recruits Kobe Bryant to tease the Lenovo P780

Friday 03rd of May 2013 /
When companies tease their new products, they like to get a bit of star power behind them. Well, in basketball, none come bigger than Kobe Bryant. Why wouldn’t you want one of the greatest to ever play basketball teasing your new phone, the Lenovo P780? In fact, why wouldn’t you want him to play basketball in a suit for almost a full minute before even showing the phone, and have him half finish a sentence: “Say hello to the Lenovo…”. Have a look at the trailer here.All said and told, it’s probably one of the more pointless teasers I’ve ever seen. It is very low on appearances from the Lenovo P780 itself, with the phone only featuring in the last few seconds of the video. Though who doesn’t appreciate watching Kobe throwing down dunks in his formal wear, right?A few solid features and pictures of the phone have leaked out of Sina Weibo since the teaser went live and it does seem pretty impressive, with its 5-inch display and 4,000mAh. It’s also suspected to have a quad-core MediaTek chipset, 1 GB RAM and looks from the scree

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Lenovo P780

Thursday 22nd of August 2013 /
Hi All, got Lenovo P780 device 7 days ago very good device by all means the concern i have on the device Internal storage is 4GB divided in to 2.14 (for system/integrated apps) and 1.46 for files/ other apps etc the 2.14 GB partition is only 700 MB free the emails when configured take almost all the space along with application updates i have moved all the non system/movable apps to SD card still space is less is there any way we can merge these two partitions in to one 4GB partition

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Lenovo P780 + Supera Camera App stopped storing pictures to external SD Card

Thursday 19th of September 2013 /
Hi, I am new to this forum. I had recently purchased Lenovo P780 mobile. Great mobile - gives me 40+ hours of talk time. However after using it for some time now, I found that the default camera App that comes along with it, called Super Camera, has all of a sudden, stopped storing the pictures to the external SD Card. Sometimes it takes pictures, but when I try to access them using the Super Gallery App, I can only see a blank thumbnail. Sometimes even the blank thumbnails are missing. Sometimes when I start the Super Camera App I get the message "Please enter the external SD card". If I try to browse the DCIM folder (where the Super Camera App is supposed to store the pictures) in the external SD card, the files are not there. Strangely, a few of the pictures I had taken earlier and which were stored in the same SD card, using the same app, are visible. Only those pictures that I had taken before 10th Sep. 2013 are visible. Beside there is a file in the DCIM folder named contiuous_2013910*** (without any extension) which refuses to get deleted or renamed. Since the inter

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Android 4.3 on Lenovo p780

Tuesday 01st of October 2013 /
Hi, Is it possible to install Android Jelly Bean 4.3 on Lenovo p780? If so, can anyone tell me how to? Thanking you,Aditya Pratap V.

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In Stock: Lenovo P780 Quad Core Mobile Phone Android 4.2 5.0'' HD IPS Screen GPS WIFI

Monday 28th of October 2013 /
Lenovo P780 Quad Core Mobile Phone in stock in SpeMall , support Dual SIM Card, RAM 1GB+ROM 4GB, (T-Flash card) up to 32GB Max. Equip with MTK6589 Quad Core processor, 5.0 Inch 720*1280 HD IPS Capacitive Touch Screen, 4000mAh battery , features with GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI ,Dual Cameras, Dual SIM Card, G-Sensor, etc .Welcome to order it now !!Description:ModelLenovo P780 Quad CoreScreen size5.0 Inch HD IPS Capacitive Touch ScreenResolution720*1280OSAndroid 4.2CPUMTK6589 Quad CoreCPU SpeedMax 1.2GHzGPUImagination PowerVR SGX544ScreenCapacitive Touch Screen,Multi Touch SupportRAM1GB RAMMemory4GB ROMExtended MomerySupport Micro SD memory card,(T-Flash card) up to 32GB Max.G-SensorSupportGPSYesBluetoothYesWifiWIFI 802.11b/g/nCamera:dual Camera1*Front camera:0.3MP1*Back camera:8.0MPSIM cardDual SIM CardMobile phone systemWCDMA/GSMSupport band2G:GSM:900/1800/1900MHz3G:WCDMA:2100MHzBattery4000mAhLanguageEnglish and ChineseSupport FormatAudio:Support:AAC/WMA/AMR/M4A/MP3/WAV,etc.Video:Support:MP4/ASP,etc.Picture:Support:JPEG/PNG/GIF/BMP,etc.E-Book:Support:TXT,etc.Other FunctionsMusic,Sear

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In Stock: Lenovo P780 MTK6589 Android 4.2 Quad Core 5.0" HD IPS Screen GPS Bluetooth

Thursday 14th of November 2013 /
Extremely attractive , qualityand performance to the Lenovo P780 makes one of the most popular phones of the moment is certainly a

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[Lenovo P780] Email App Crashing when opening mail

Wednesday 25th of December 2013 /
Hallo everyone,I know there are several threads about this issue. But none of the proposed solutions solved my problem.I just got my new Lenovo p780 phone. So I started the email app, configured my exchange account, it synced (took some time), then seemed to work.When I tried to open the first email, the phone says "Email app was closed" (losely translated) and that's it. It does not matter which mail I try to open.Furthermore I tried to setup the account via POP instead of exchange. It fetches my mails just fine. But still can't read any email.Tried clearing the mail app's memory and cache. same problem.Then I factory-reset the phone, tried everything again. Same **** different time.As the primary reason I bought this phone is being able to respond to emails on the road it is quite useles for me right now. One thread proposed it would work to disable SSL on my mailserver. But this is not an option, I can not do this for my business mail account.If that's the way android is usable (i.e. failing in the most simple usecase), is my solution to better get a blackberry instead?I

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What is Worth to Buy: 4000 mah Battery Lenovo P780

Friday 13th of June 2014 /
Listed in the same period of lenovo smartphones, lenovo P780 is one of the most vigorous, listed in nearly a year is still hot, and the current focus is not low, this is the benefits of word of mouth spread, by the battery design and perfect compatible, P780 is lenovo's classic long standby model .Lenovo P780 the advantages of the be clear at a glance, the core of the selling point is, of course, the machine is less than 10 mm thickness is integrated with 4000 mah large capacity battery, standby power highly praised users, and to have a metal + drawing process of shell, the machine not only has the business styles also has great battery life , which is also the machine to stand out in many long stay model of one of the reasons. Due to the large battery, P780 slightly heavier than normal 5 inches products, about 178 g.The machine another point worthy of attention is system, factory customize Android 4.2 system can be updated to the VIBE UI1.5, based on the Android 4.42 customization, follow-up can also upgrade to VIBE UI2.0, continuously updated system is enhanced playability.Basic co

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Lenovo P780 Charging problem

Saturday 12th of July 2014 /
Hi I have a lenovo p780 that can only charge when i press an area near it on the screen. I dropped the phone from 3 feet one day and and since it will not charge properly.. I took the phone into a repair shop that replaced the charging port and still same problem. There is a language barrier in the country I am in and the locals. I took it into the lenovo service center and had a problem there that they wouldnt fix it since it was bought in another country. The only way to charge the phone is to to plug it in and leave a gallon water jug on top on the phone for the weight to put pressure on the screen and it charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Lenovo P780 - Unfortunately Android Keyboard (AOSP) has Stopped

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 /
I updated my Lenovo P780 to KitKat Android 4.4.2 version last night - following are the problems1. i cannot use my keyboard as it has become inactive2. Facebook not responding2. Youtube not responding3. Unfortunately Maps has stopped Unfortunately Lenovo Launcher Has Stopped Please refrain from giving highly technical answers. Give answers so that a lay man can understand - i am a kind of person who just buys the phone and starts using it .. while Google and Android has made that very difficult - i do not know how the old people and other less educated people who used Android phones I never faced this problem with my Apple iOS updates. i am not trying to compare but this is fact - Google and Android both are very amateurish.

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