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lock screen 4.3 update

Wednesday 06th of November 2013 /
Hi, Can you still change the lockscreen on 4.3? It was in the settings but cannot see it after 4.3 update. It is showing the same wallpaper as my home screen.

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Android 4.3 Update Twitter Notification Problems

Wednesday 13th of November 2013 /
Ever since the new 4.3 Update, my notifications for Twitter have been all messed up. For example, somebody with either mention, favorite, or retweet me and it shows up in the status bar like it should. The problem is that whenever I attempt to open one of these Twitter interactions via the notification bar from the lock screen, the icon will disappear and Twitter will not open. Is this happening for anybody else? Any possible solutions? Also this is my first post

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lock screen error after update to Android 4.3

Saturday 16th of November 2013 /
Hi guys,Yesterday evening I updated my Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3. After, I was very happy because of the new lock screen. It had great features, like Facebook and Instagram on full page, news on all page, etc. I was very enthusiastic about it.But, next day in the morning it dissappeared and now I have the standard lock screen prior to update. ( I don't understand why?? I didn't do anything. Does anyone has the same problem? How can I go to the new lock screen? Please, please help me! This new feature is so great, I wanted back!Kind regards.

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After 4.3 Update; can't add multiple lock screen widgets

Monday 25th of November 2013 /
I've gotten my 4.3 update, and one of the things I was excited to finally have was lock screen widgets, but I have found that the options that are in the S4, for multiple widgets, they aren't there for for the Note II after the 4.3 update. Has anyone else seen the same thing? Or attempted this?

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Notifications not opening on lock screen 4.3!!

Tuesday 17th of December 2013 /
Since I've done the update to 4.3 whenever I pull the notification bar down on the lock screen I'll press say a Facebook messenger notification and it will just return to the lock screen without opening, any ideas? It does it with a number of app notifications.

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Twitter crashes after 4.3 update

Saturday 21st of December 2013 /
It crashes if you click from the notification bar. Also 4.3 update is pretty bad in general: lags, battery less durable, stupid notifications in lock screen etc.

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4.3 Update and Vibration Patterns

Wednesday 08th of January 2014 /
It seems that before I had this awful 4.3 Update, I was able to change the vibration pattern for incoming text messages. Now it only seems like I can change it for incoming calls. I don't like the new double-vibration that is automatically set (and can't seem to be changed) for texts with 4.3.. Anyone else have the same concerns? Am I missing something? Plus, unrelated, text messages on the lock screen are weird. I click on the preview and the screen enters an "edit" mode of sorts. I have to poke around on the screen to try to open the message. I'm confuuuuused. I wish I wouldn't have updated

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Got my 4.3 Update OTA today!

Thursday 16th of January 2014 /
Got my 4.3 Update OTA today! Just done installing. So far, I'm not liking it. If you like so^phisticated icons, good contrast in menu and readability, DON'T UPDATE. 4.2.2 was much better-looking. The new look is a throwback to ugly, unrefined and washed out. Not so hot and aesthetic change : - Keyboard is bigger, uglier. Probably due a font change, but i can't say for sure.- The home screen folders have been changed to look like boxes, instead of looking like folders.- Google added a boatload of it's own bloatware widgets.- The app drawer icon changed to a bunch of dots instead of little squares.- Added Google's own bloatware that I had previously disabled/uninstalled or never had. (Box, Drive, Playbook, PlayGames, PlayMovies et al).- Settings menus are now so "whitened", everything is washed-out, so that's going to waste power to display on top of having low usability.- Added a menu tab in the App drawer.- TrackID became purple and gray, instead of blue and grey.- lockscreen lock pattern pad changed from dots to little disks. Good: - Camera app has a good deal more options

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How do you add widgets after 4.3 update?

Monday 03rd of March 2014 /
This is my first post, so pls be gentle.Since the 4.3 update, I can't figure out how to add widgets to my Sony Tablet Xperia Z.In particular, I accidentally deleted the calendar widget and would like to have it back on the front page (not lock screen) with my apps. I'd be grateful for any advice on adding/finding widgets

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Battery after 4.4.3 Update

Monday 30th of June 2014 /
After trying different things for a few days, there is still no improvement in the battery performance after a 4.4.3 update, I am posting some screen shots below to get a fresh look from you. I've cleared the cache, Dalvik cach, and a factory reset. In the screen shots, never mind the Airplane mode. I accidentally turned it on right before taking the screen shots. The last three screen shots are from Wake Lock Detector.

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