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Is there somehow to contact google by phone to reset my accounts

Monday 24th of September 2012 /
Is there somehow to contact google by phone to reset my accounts forgotten password? I went through online password XXXXX process but simply cannot wait 3-5 days to get response. Thank you. Rina KleinOptional Information: What have you tried so far?: got locked out of phone due to too many attempts o and was then lead to use google account username and password XXXXXXX, but cannot remember my google password XXXXXX. I just got this new phone and am new to all the android technology and really need help

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T-MOBILE G1 locked out, need help ASAP.?

Friday 20th of August 2010 /
I used the password program and hit the pattern wrong 5 times and it locked me out. In order to get back in to my phone it's asking me for my google/gmail account information, but I don't have that either because it was so long ago, I don't remember any of that because the rep created it for me and I lost the information.MY BIGGEST CONCERN IS--- I don't want to lose all my phone numbers and contact information. There must be a way to get all of my contacts back. I understand that they were backed up to google, but again--- can't get in to google. The person at Tmobile is telling me there is no way to get my contacts but I KNOW THERE IS because this happened to my friend, so help me please!

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Lost Phone/Locked Out FAQ

Tuesday 05th of February 2013 /
This FAQ will be ever expanding as we gain more information about certain devices, since all behave differently, and all have different methods to unlock them if you have forgotten your password or PIN.Again this thread basically is going to give some useful Tips for when you lose your phone or it gets stolen and help prevent you from getting locked out of your device because you have forgotten your password/PIN and potentially your Gmail/Google account information.Importance of a Google Account:When you boot up your device for the first time you may be thinking to yourself, "OMG I CANT WAIT TO START FIDDLING AROUND WITH MY NEW DEVICE!!!". While this may be true, you might want to slow down a bit when filling in this starting information. The most important being, your Google/Gmail account. While this account may seem unimportant to you at the time because you have an email affiliated with Yahoo, Outlook, or some other provider, you need to understand the importance of this account. This account saves all the applications you download. It also, if you want it to, controls y

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Friday 05th of April 2013 /
I need to recover the gmail account name or information for my phone. I am locked out and need the information so I can regain the password XXXXX I can regain access to my phone and the data insideThe unit is # XXXXXOptional Information: Type of Device: PhoneBrand: Motorola Droid #1Model Number: A0000022533fafWhat have you tried so far?: Call Verizion support. They had my try and join a different gmail account to the phone. This did not work. The gave me the info and said I might hae luck contacting google support

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my friend got ahold of my samsung galaxy and put in the wrong

Tuesday 29th of January 2013 /
my friend got ahold of my samsung galaxy and put in the wrong pattern too many times and i got locked out. first i forgot my google information but when i got it again i had to change my password, now my phone wont accept it, is there way to unlock my phone without having to do the whole system wipeout thing? I really really need helpOptional Information: What have you tried so far?: chaning my google account passwordtyping in my youtube information (somepeople on the internet said that would work)turning on/off phonetaking out SIM cardrepeatedly tapping home button and emergency call butons really fastcalling from another phone

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locked out of my phone need my google account and password

Saturday 10th of August 2013 /
I`m locked out of my phone and can`t remember my google account or password this has been a joke trying to retrieve it also must say!!!!!!!

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need help with son's locked phone

Saturday 07th of September 2013 /
My son's phone, a Samsung SCH-S720C PROCLAIM from straight talk is locked after he made too many attempts to unlock it using his phone lock, the one almost every android phone has. It now says "to unlock, sign in with your google account". Of course he forgot his password to his gmail account. I have tried to get the password from gmal since he does remember his email, but I have had no luck. Gmail is a joke at password recovery. But I have had my gmail account hacked once. go figure.I have tried the factory reset by holding the volume down and the power on button with the phone off. What I get is a screen that says ODIN MODEproduct name:sch-I110custome binary download: noCurrent binary: Samsung officialandroid robot logoDownloading.....Do not turn off target!! The only way for me to get out of this is to remove the battery. It will stay in the above mode for ever. I am at the end of the rope so to speak. The phone is from straight talk, so should I contact them for help? I no longer have a active phone account with them. Do I have to reactivate the phone with straight tal

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HTC One S Guru???

Saturday 19th of October 2013 /
Hi everyone, My sister has locked herself out of her phone, forgetting her pattern. She is now on the 'too many pattern attempts' screen. It is not accepting her google mail account, even though it is 100% right. We really need to get her photo's off the phone. Some of them are really really important, including her 8 year old daughters hospital picture diary from when she has major heart surgery. The phone was not back up to either her computer or to google mail. She took her phone to the shop and all they could suggest was changing the google mail password and trying again. I find it really hard to beleive that there is no way of accessing these? Some genius somewhere must have worked out a way. Is there anyone that can help? The value of these photos to my sister is priceless and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jackie

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Locked out of my HTC One and can't get back into it!!

Sunday 03rd of November 2013 /
I gave my phone to a friend and then they locked me out of my HTC One. Now I am on the screen where you have to put in your google information, I know my gmail account and password and have tried using it but I have no internet connection and it keeps saying that I have my username or password wrong, I've tried three accounts I've had. Do I need internet access for this? I want to avoid a factory reset at all costs as I have some messages on my phone I don't want wiped and I have photos on my phone as well that are very valuable. I've heard that some people pay up to $200 to reset their phone at various phone companies to get their phone fixed or for them simply to reset them. Again, a factory reset is my last option but I'm stressing out!

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i repaired my water damaged phone (sort of) but now i'm locked out!

Thursday 22nd of May 2014 /
so the people at the local cell phone repair shop were able to repair my water damaged phone by replacing the parts damaged by corrosion with parts from another droid. the repair did not fully fix the phone, as it does not hold a charge (needs to be charged externally to work) but the display works. however, the phone had a pattern lock and long story short i now have to enter the original google email/password to get in. i was told i don't need internet access to do this because apparently the account info is stored locally on the phone, which is good because the SIM card is also lost and it can't connect to the internet. i'm trying my hardest to remember the account details but if i can't, i want to know if its possible to extract the data from the phone while it's locked. the phone wasn't rooted and i don't think it had usb debugging enabled. if i can't do this, could i extract the data after a factory data reset? i'm trying to avoid going the mobile forensics route. thanks!

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