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Locked Out - Save Photos?

Wednesday 04th of July 2012 /
Hi,So I got locked out of my phone for getting the pattern wrong too many times (blame my friend), and it then asks for my google login details. I have entered it and I know it is correct, the same details log me in on my computer, but it just won't work. I looked up the error and it seems its a known bug, and I need to perform a hard rest, which I would do, but I NEED to save my 2000+ photos I have taken on my phone. I have been travelling overseas for 5 months and these files are essential, so does anyone know any way to pull them off the Nexus before I reset it??If I plug it in to a PC, it won't work as a media device like it normally does, because the phone is locked. It just appears blank as though nothing exists on the phone. Anyone, PLEASE help me. Like I said I'm travelling, so even if its complicated, I will follow any steps. Thank you!!

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Is there somehow to contact google by phone to reset my accounts

Sunday 23rd of September 2012 /
Is there somehow to contact google by phone to reset my accounts forgotten password? I went through online password XXXXX process but simply cannot wait 3-5 days to get response. Thank you. Rina KleinOptional Information: What have you tried so far?: got locked out of phone due to too many attempts o and was then lead to use google account username and password XXXXXXX, but cannot remember my google password XXXXXX. I just got this new phone and am new to all the android technology and really need help

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need help asap!!! im locked out of my phone!!!

Sunday 19th of June 2011 /
Hey I really need help...i had my phone in my pocket and it got locked because of too many pattern attempts. Now its asking me for my gmail info but i dont remember my username or password...what do I do???

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Got locked out of phone. Help!

Saturday 05th of May 2012 /
I got locked out of my phone after my schoolmate used the pattern lock too many times. My data plan is disabled and so is my wifi. ( Can't use the google account login ) My security question also doesn't work for some reason.How do I turn on my network if I'm locked out?Do I need to do a hard reset? If so how do I do it?I do not have USB debugging on.

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Locked out of phone, need help

Saturday 22nd of October 2011 /
Someone tried my unlock pattern too many times, and now I'm trying to enter my Gmail info but it never accepts it. I read that you have to hard reset the phone but is this true? I really have texts that I need on there and can't wipe the phone, has anyone been able to work around this? Thanks,

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Lost Phone/Locked Out FAQ

Tuesday 05th of February 2013 /
This FAQ will be ever expanding as we gain more information about certain devices, since all behave differently, and all have different methods to unlock them if you have forgotten your password or PIN.Again this thread basically is going to give some useful Tips for when you lose your phone or it gets stolen and help prevent you from getting locked out of your device because you have forgotten your password/PIN and potentially your Gmail/Google account information.Importance of a Google Account:When you boot up your device for the first time you may be thinking to yourself, "OMG I CANT WAIT TO START FIDDLING AROUND WITH MY NEW DEVICE!!!". While this may be true, you might want to slow down a bit when filling in this starting information. The most important being, your Google/Gmail account. While this account may seem unimportant to you at the time because you have an email affiliated with Yahoo, Outlook, or some other provider, you need to understand the importance of this account. This account saves all the applications you download. It also, if you want it to, controls y

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My young son has been locked out of his AT&T HTC phone for

Saturday 29th of October 2011 /
My young son has been locked out of his AT&T HTC phone for too many pattern attempts. Not only that, he does not remember the username or pasword for the account. So, we cannot open the phone to use or obtain pics,etc. on it. I have searched and believe maybe the username XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX. I tried that and it went through, but to recvoer the password XXXXX he doesn't know we need to answer security question of who is your favorite teacher which he doesn't know what he put for that either. We have tried all teachers, even the ones he hated). The other option is to recovery email which he doesn't know either. The hint XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX does not work with anything we can think of. So what can we do? PLEASE HELP!!!!Optional Information: Computer OS: Windows 7Browser: Other

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Really need help...

Sunday 13th of November 2011 /
I bought a Galaxy Precedent, but I sold it to my uncle because I decided to get a contract through AT&T. Well, he has the phone, but he didn't make a google account. Now, he's locked out of the phone because of too many failed attempts at getting the pattern. How in the world is he supposed to get back into the phone? He doesn't have a google account sinced to it. Someone please help with this, because it's too late to take it back to Walmart and $150 isn't something I can easily throw away. I've tried everything I can think of with no luck whatsoever. I've called Straight Talk customer support but I just keep getting passed back and forth between reps with no help. Please help .

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Locked out of phone

Monday 02nd of September 2013 /
So i restarted my phone like i usually do at least once a week, and when it started, I was locked out. On the lock screen it says double tap and slide. I was finally able to get to my home screen only to be faced with the same problem. And thats where im at now. i cant switch pages and home/back/menu buttons dont work. But if i hold down home button, the app switcher comes up but cant click anything. Im able to take screen shots still by pushing home+power button too. my live wallpaper and clock running just fine. And I can hold power button down but cant restart or anything. Its like everything is working fine, but I cant push buttons or open anything. I cant think what I might have done. Im not rooted yet, and im pretty good with these things, but this is pissing me off. On a final note, there is a small, narrow, box around the dropdown menu. Was gonna send a screenshot, but when i connected to my comp, my device no longer shows up. This kind of has me worried. Hope someone can help, and thanks in advance. I just realized that i can double tap on anything and it will work. I need

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[Reward] Locked Out of Broken Phone

Saturday 09th of November 2013 /
My S4 pressure cracked.. The screen lights up a bit on the top right corner.. I don't think it's responsive to touch because i tried my lock pattern while it was plugged into a PC running Kies & It kept reading "Device in Lock Mode" Developer Mode is Disabled .. Debugger mode is therefore disabled as well.with those settings the way they are and my screen being locked ... ADB, MPE, Kies are out of the question right? So now I am left with one option to recover my phones data, Plug the motherboard into another screen and grab data.. I am looking for a small screwdriver or else I would have solved this question by now but Does anybody now if I can plug my S4 Motherboard into my Note II Screen? or if I missed another.. different option to grab my data .. It's 2 phone numbers that I need.. my pictures would be nice to have but those arnt essential.. any ideas? I am sure I can think of some kind of Reward if you can help me out without physically taking this thing apart..

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