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My Droid keeps losing internal memory???

Wednesday 30th of March 2011 /
Can anyone please tell me why my Droid (un-rooted) running 2.2.2, is continuing to lose internal memory? Every other day I check my "manage applications" and I clear my cashe, but today, I've noticed a servere drop and it seems to be getting worst! I have most of my apps that I use on my sd-card. Should I:1. - clear all of my phone messages?2. - clear all of my sms messages? 3. - Not sure if I should clear the "Storage" data in some of my apps.(which holds a lot of mb) I would hate to do this, because I will lose everything that is stored! If anyone could help me, please do. I've deleted some apps but I think this is far beyond that. Thanks.

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HTC Explorer memory issue

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
Hi guys, I cant find any HTC Explorer forum, so im forced to post it here.ok, so im new to the android experience and this Explorer is my first ever smartphone. I got it a few days back and I love every inch of it, especially the HTC Sense 3.5. The problem is that my phone has very low memory. The device only shows 13Mb free and i only have installed the basic facebook, whatsapp etc on my internal memory. (the rest are on SD card).I learned somewhere that i can increase the internal memory by creating a partition on the SD card (using link2sd). but that requires root access. I only want to increase my internal memory. I dont want to remove any of my current data, or my current HTC Sense interface or install any custom ROM or anything.Can someone please help me? I know this is a pretty basic problem, but I cant find a consolidated solution anywhere. Please guide me through the process to increase my memory without losing the HTC Sense 3.5 or any other pre-installed data.I would really appreciate any kind of help. but STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS WOULD BE MORE HELP.Thanks alot in advance.

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(How-to) Move Books to the Internal Library (root required)

Friday 31st of December 2010 /
UPDATE: thanks to rico2001, there is an easier, more direct way to get books into the internal library. And you don't need to be rooted! To see how click here: See below for instructions on how to move books from the sdcard to the NookColor's internal memory, using only the NookColor (root required): It's a convenience to have all of your books in one place. That way, you need only tap the Library button to reach them. Another nice bonus is you can then remove your sdcard without worrying about losing access. Here's a quick tutorial on how to move your books from the sdcard to the internal Nook Color memory.Requirements: you need a rooted NC, and a file manager that can change the read/write access of your folders (I used Root Explorer to illustrate; the steps may look slightly different in other file managers).(1) Create a folder on your sdcard, and load it up with all your favorite books (mine are in epub format). It's probably best to do this from your PC, by connecting to your NC with the USB cable (the image below is how the

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Losing internal memory

Monday 09th of January 2012 /
I have noticed that my phone memory is getting smaller. I haven't added any apps or changed a thing and every day it gets lower. Today it got so low that it would not accept any incoming texts. I've moved all I can to the SD card. I've cleared any cache and data that I can see. What is eating my memory up? I have Optimus V. Thanks for any help.

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Losing internal memory

Monday 30th of January 2012 /
Im losing internal memory everyday on my triumph iits not cache or data my memory keeps going down i dont know why plz help.. Im rooted with stock rom

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leaking internal memory

Thursday 12th of January 2012 /
my motorola triumph is losing internal memory and i didint install apps since a weak and i cleared the cashes contacts and everything i think its leaking memory little by little plz help

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Breakdown of phone memory use?

Thursday 16th of December 2010 /
Hi,My desire is constantly complaining of low space. I realise this is just something we HTC users have to live with but I was wondering how I can see exactly how much space is being taken up by each app/program etc. For example if 24% of my phones memory is taken by sms storage. According to the file manager app I have, there's only four apps remaining on my phones internal memory, and I can't remove them (android market etc). I'm desperate here, how can the same people who made such a great phone allow such an obvious flaw? There has to be a way to free up space! As far as I can tell, my phone memory should be almost empty.P.s. I cleared the cache and data a few days ago, losing ALL my personal info so please don't suggest that.Any help is much appreciated though, I'm desperate.

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How to reset Ace without losing data?

Friday 21st of June 2013 /
Hi,I was having problems with some apps so i thought restarting the phone will be good but unfortunately it can not start anymore. It only shows the Samsung logo.I tried to Wipe cache and restart but no luckI know i can use wipe data / reset option but i have some contacts and photos on internal memory so i do not want to lose them.How can i reset my Ace without losing my contacts/photos on internal memory?PS: I do NOT use any custom roms/root or whatever, its original android version.Thanks in advance!

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Is it safe to delete all files and sub directories in lost+found directory?

Wednesday 01st of January 2014 /
Hi guys,Is it safe to delete all files and sub directories in lost+found directory?I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which like many others Note owners it is in a downward spiral of losing internal memory. This means you have to uninstall applications to free up internal memory, but it keeps getting worse.I have done all the things that are suggested...Clear Caches, Move Apps to SD card, remove unused applications etc.I even rooted the phone and went into the datalog directory and removed about 250mb of log files. That bought me a little time, but it continues to get worse.I also installed CyanogenMod ROM, but the problem continues.I believe that my "lost+found" directory may be the problem. There are over 350 sub directories and 760 files in this directory. I am guessing they are consuming over 1GB of my internal memory.What exactly is the lost+found directory? What are the importance and significance of those files?Can anyone confirm 100% that they are OK to delete?Thanks

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losing contents of playlist when turning tablet off

Saturday 08th of February 2014 /
Not had my HD long and when bought I stored my music on the internal memory. Made a couple of playlists and they worked fine. When I installed a 32g SanDisk card I put all my music on that and erased the music from my internal memory. Now every time I turn the tablet off the contents of my playlists show 0. Just wondering where 'play music's stores the playlist info. Posted via Android Central App

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