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Lost all of my synced contacts

Monday 28th of May 2012 /
Hello all, I just recently got the HTC one x about a week ago and had synced all my contacts to gmail and they were all showing up in my phone just fine. Well as of yesterday every single contact has disappeared from my phone and from my contact list in gmail. Is there any way possible to retrieve my contacts? Any help would be appreciated! thank you.

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Facebook synced, but contat photo not showing

Monday 22nd of August 2011 /
I have Facebook for HTC on my TB and all of my facebook friends have been synced with my phone contacts for months. Their profile pictures have always shown up under their contact card and their messaging threads. Randomly today though, without changing any settings, I lost all of the profile pictures. All of my contacts are still synced to Facebook and their recently updated statuses are still showing under their name. But the pictures have completely disappeared. How can I get these pictures back?

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I in trouble ! lost all my contacts

Thursday 11th of August 2011 /
Hi upgraded my phone samsung captivate from andriod 2.1 to 2.2.Everything was fine but after few days it would not connect to my home wifi network.I read few forumns and understood resetting the phone will fix it.Hence, I reset it.That fixed the wifi problem But I lost all my phone contacts, some how it was not synced i guess.I read some more and tried to get the contacts.db file So I ran pandora recovery software on the phone (connected in the USB storage mode) and I got my photos and videos but not contacts. Does android store contacts in a hidden location ?, My last ditch effort is I have a copy of entire internal disk that's made available to the user when connected phone in the USB storage mode is it helpful at all ?I have my gmail contacts but rest of them are LOST.Its been a year and I have lost many contact information and the most recent ones are the ones which i usually need :-P... It was little stupid of me to try hard reset.Any help will be very very appreciated.Thanksxytiz

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Contacts Hidden - Droid(Android) won't display all contacts from Gmail / Google

Wednesday 31st of March 2010 /
I have a Droid, but according to Motorola Level 3 Tech Support, this is a problem with the Android operating system. Here is how the bug works, as far as I understand it:BTW, I have already used the excellant feature on Google to Find Duplicate Contacts and Merge them. That feature, on the Gmail web site, finds all the Contacts with the same name, and at your option, merges *all* the data into one Contact, so no data is lost. The problem is on the phone, in my case on the Droid. On the Droid (apparently all Android phones?), it finds all records which have a common tel number and arbitrarily will only display one of them. (No one can accurately tell me which one it chooses to display BTW.) The ones which are hidden from display do not show up in any searches.Try this: Create two Contacts, say for Joe and Mary, with the same work tel for both, but give them each a different mobile tel. (Now that's a realistic example, right?) Be sure to create the contacts in Gmail, not on the Droid -- it might make a difference. (All of my contacts were initially on Gmail and then synced onto the Dr

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lost the contacts

Monday 16th of April 2012 /
My Phone is six months Old. I synced my contacts long back. After that i have saved lot of contacts in my phone. But today one of my friend by mistake he deleted all my accounts. Then I added every account and i synced it. I got all the google contacts. But i found that the contacts which i saved in the phone for this six months were lost. I checked my google contacts list thats not updated too.I want to know where those contacts were saved. I want to recover those contacts. Is there any way to solve the problem. IVery Urgent... Help me in solving the problem.Thank You

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samsung galaxy s 2 - Lost all my contacts after flashing custom rom (sg2)

Monday 28th of January 2013 /
I got a Galaxy S2 as an upgrade from my HTC Hero around January this year. My phone contacts have always been synced to my Gmail account and the backup worked since I got all my contacts on my SGS2 from my HTC Hero. However, I flashed a custom ROM on my SGS2 and since then only 14 of my contacts have been retrieved. When I try to manually sync the phone with Google it still only shows the 14 contacts. I visited and to my surprise I only have the 14 contacts there as well. How can I fix this problem? Do I have to flash it back to custom rom or is there any other way?

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Lost contacts and apps! Please help ASAP!

Thursday 01st of September 2011 /
Hello! I am in hopes someone can help me here. I've just upgraded my Samsung Captivate to the leaked gingerbread 2.3 via Odin from 2.2 froyo (via ATT & Kies) and now I've lost all apps and contacts! Before anyone says they will restore from my google account, they were NOT synced there! Somehow the sync was shut off on the account! I don't know how it got that way, but now I've lost everything. I need my contacts back as well as some important voice notes from an aftermarket voice recorder.I did backup all of my folders that were on the phone through my computer, but I don't know if that got the information I need. I am happy to shoot someone some paypal if they are able to help. This is very important and I need this stuff ASAP. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Eric

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facebook sync deleted my contacts

Thursday 24th of December 2009 /
I downloaded the facebook app and synced the contacts but wheb I did that all my original contacts were merged with the new list and I lost all the numbers that weren't in the individuals facebook info. I un-synced the facebook contacts and now all of my contacts are gone except those in my favorites.

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Facebook 1.8 update - syncing contacts is broken

Tuesday 13th of December 2011 /
Hi all, Has anybody else installed the latest update to Facebook from the market (version 1.8)? On the whole I am pleased with the update, looks like they are finally taking the app seriously (although Push notifications STILL don't work - why is this?! iPhone users get notified if somebody comments, likes etc but they can't even get it working for us Android folk?)However, with contact syncing, something strange is going on and I hope somebody can offer a suggestion.A few months back in an effort to be more organised I removed all of my contacts stored physically on my phone and instead just uploaded the vCard file into Google's contacts section, then let the phone sync my Google account and show all my contacts in the phonebook from there. I then went through any contacts which I also have on Facebook and used the "Join" function which worked well.However since installing the new update the other day, it doesn't work - it looked like I had lost all the synced details/pictures on my contacts and so I tried to "join" them, but it doesn't come up with anything when

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Locked up, lost all account syncs?

Monday 26th of May 2014 /
Hey all, my Verizon m8 locked up last night. The phone seemed to still work, but the screen would not turn on. But I could tell it was still working because I could still swipe up to unlock and the phone would vibrate, and if I held down power+volume down I could hear the screenshot being taken. However, without the screen I couldn't do anything. So I held down power+volume up for a few seconds to soft reset it. It booted back up into "safe mode", which I let load and then did a reboot. When it came back on, it took forever for all my apps to show up in the app drawer, but eventually they did come back. Phone worked fine for the rest of last night, however this morning I noticed my Twitter wasn't giving me notifications. So I opened up the app and had to log back in. I then opened facebook, and the same thing, I was logged out and none of my contacts were synced. After this, I realized ALL of my accounts except for Google were logged out, dropbox, box, flickr, etc. I have since re-logged into everything, however I'm worried the lockup/reboot messed other things up that I j

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