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Guide me.Im new to android & LG optimus L9 P765

Thursday 07th of February 2013 /
Hi As i said im new to android and LG optimus L9 P765 is my first android mobile.Please help me with the following doubts,1.I read in many review like,it has low internal memory and you cant move the apps from internal memory to external memory so you cant install many apps,is it so?2.How to move the apps from internal memory to external memory? 3.As this my first android mobile I have this doubt,I am mobile freak and the phone will be always with me and the usage is pretty heavy like browsing,playing games,texting.will the battery lasts for a day?(now am using Nokia C6-00,this phone actually lasts for 1 full day for my usage.,)4.And also want to know where to buy the accessories for L9 P765 in India?5.Which memory card to use 16 GB class 10/class 6?6.As i said this is my first android mobile,plz suggest me the must have apps/best apps of android.Advance Thanks for your reply dude.

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Sylvania Tab loses memory at reboot and cant install apps

Sunday 23rd of January 2011 /
I have seen this issue occur in a few posts already but I cant find one that has been answered. Basically I am having two problems with my Sylvania Tab. 1) Every time I turn off the tab or it shuts off due to the battery dying the tab does a reset. This is highly annoying as I have to not only calibrate the screen but enter ALL my information again including settings, email info, time zone, etc. each time.2) I am not allowed to install any apps or anything onto the tab as it says that my memory is too low. Now I have NO additional apps other than the ones it comes with and a 16g memory card that is completely empty so memory is not an issue. It seems more of an issue with the tab. Again, I have seen multiple people with the same problem and it seems to have all occurred after the latest firmware update, which btw before you ask I am updated to DG2.02 lol. Also I cannot get into recovery mode even following the directions of other users in the forum. PLEASE if you know what is wrong or have found a solution after having this problem let me know. Otherwise I'm reduced to owning a nice

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save and install more apps to a memory card and phone

Thursday 04th of December 2008 /
Google needs to find a way to save and install apps from a memory card and run them instaead of installing them to the cell phone hard seems like you can only download 20 programs and its filled.If we were able to run our programs installed to the sd card that would allow us to install more than 20 programs.I asked the apple store how many programs they can install on a ipod touch they said 168 apps or so.well if we had like 16 gig memory cards which sandisk makes for cell phones why cant G1 store more than like 20.but yes seriouly we need more room for development and be able to have more programs than 20 otherwise well end up installing and deleteing programs to use what we want 100 times over.i cant keep redownloading them everytime the memory is low.

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No Free Phone Space

Sunday 12th of September 2010 /
Hey guys,my phone storage on my HTC Desire seems to be permanently full up, I know there's things like the internet cache and contacts that are growing all the time but I should still have enough room for other stuffI've installed and moved all apps to my sd card, i only have 35 or so and there all fairly small little apps but i use them all.Yet im always getting the phone is running low on memory message, so i cant install anything from the app store. Thing is I still have 11.55 mb of phone memory but I feel i should have loads more, there's only really a few things taking up memory from what i can see in my apps because everything else is on my sd cardContacts Storage: 17.34mbFlash Player 10.1 : 12.39mbMaps ; 7.75mbSwype: 5.96mbFacebook: 3.80mbVoice Search: 2.57mbHTC Sense : 2.30mbInternet : 2.39mbEverything else is all really under 1mbAny ideas, is there some other files or something lurking on my phone memory that shouldn't be there?

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Ascend H866c "low memory" error messages

Monday 24th of December 2012 /
Just got this ascend phone (straight talk) the other day, my first smartphone actually. Problem is I keep getting "internal memory low" errors. I moved everything i could to the sd card which has 3.36gb of space left on it but anytime these damn apps try to update I get the error and cant even receive texts. of course they bogged the phone down with google apps, most of which I have no use for. any ideas on a fix for this? I'm sure i need root access to get rid of the apps that were already installed but I have never messed with rooting a phone before. What good is a phone with "access to 600,000 apps" when you cant install anything because theres no RAM

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Low memory cant install apps

Thursday 01st of August 2013 /
I did the Swap memory mod and now I can't install anymore apps either from Google Play or if I download online it just keeps say "insufficient memory". Any suggestions? Sent from my C525c using Tapatalk 2

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Android 4.1.2, apps to external SD-card

Thursday 29th of August 2013 /
Ehm, hi there! I have Android 4.1.2 and im having the same problem as almost everyone. I cannot install applications for my external sd-card by default (or at all!). All those stupid google music etc. apps takes all my free space (which is limited to 1gb), and after updates i cant really do nothing with my phone because my phone says "Memory too low". Only thing I can do is to remove all those updates so I could just look my photogallery. And then tommorow the same ******* thing all over again. Im frustrated.Then I heard there is this SDK manager. But im having problem with that too, because my phone needs to be at "Only charge -mode" to work with this SDK manager. When I put my microusb to my phone, I can only choose between "MPS" (Media device) and "PTS" (camera). I understood that it _has to be_ in "Only charge -mode", otherwise the manager wont regonize my phone. And yes, I have switched "USB Debuggin" on, also.So what now? How this can be so hard? Oh, and I dont want to root my phone because if I do so, warranty will ex

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What after Root?

Monday 17th of February 2014 /
hey. i rooted my samsung galaxy y gt-s6102 and i got the superuser app. i dont know what to do with it now. i rooted my phone because i couldnt install apps because the device memory is too low. i have a 2gb memory card but it still gives me the warning that device memory is too low. and i cant download apps or send texts. if anyone can explain it to me. thanks

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