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Low memory / Text msg inbox full Problem

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 /
For a couple days now my phone has been complaining about low memory. And I cant receive new text msgs. I deleted my txt message inbox, and I still cant receive messages. I've also deleted a number of my applications and now have 29.8 mb free on my phone, yet I still get the low memory warning and I cant receive messages.Does anyone know why I am having this problem? Despite deleting all my saved texts and deleting some unneeded apps?

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Low memory message

Thursday 26th of January 2012 /
Keep getting this message lately about low memory. Here is what my phone is at right now.App storage 2.85 gbInternal Total 8gbAvailable 593 mbSd card Total 14.89gbAvailable 10.05gbStorage location sd cardWhat can I do to free stuff up? I deleted a bunch of applications and pics already. Thanks Rooted and Hot Rodded DROID BIONIC

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Why am I getting low memory messages?

Wednesday 09th of February 2011 /
Every so often I get the "Warning your memory is low" message. I don't leave things open. I don't really have that much stuff on my phone. But every so often this message pops up. A reboot takes care of it, but is there another way around it or to figure out what is causing it? I thought the android OS was suppose to be great at managing memory, such that even if I wanted to, I could leave lots of stuff open.

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CONSTANTLY low memory (RAM, not internal storage)

Saturday 19th of March 2011 /
Hey all,I've been a lurker on these forums awhile just reading and learning, but I've run into a new problem I just can't solve! Having just come off of the latest UD ROM due to problems with text messages not being sent / received, I decided to switch to CM7 rc 2. In both of these Gingerbread ROMs, my phone is constantly low on memory. I am really into homescreen modding, so perhaps I over-use widgets (at one point I had 3 homescreens full of desktop visualizer widgets).Having cut back to 5 widgets, I am still constantly running out of memory! I disabled tasker to save memory, tried removing ALL widgets and going icons only, but to no avail. I am running Widgetlocker lockscreen (with two additional widgets on it) with Launcher Pro, and both run out of memory frequently enough that Widgetlocker frantically pops up with the message "Widgetlocker has been granted superuser permission" as it restarts over and over. This low memory state causes bizzaro things to happen with SMS (5+ duplicate receives / sends, no send, no receive, etc).I realize the droid is limited with 256 mb

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keep getting low memory and space message on my tablet

Monday 18th of June 2012 /
i keep getting low memory and storage space on my galaxy tab 2 7.0 but i added a 16 gig sd card why am i getting this message i know the internal memory is full but i have plenty on the external card left?????

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LG Vortex: Low Memory Message

Sunday 17th of July 2011 /
I am now on my THIRD LG Vortex (original purchase + TWO replacements from Verizon)! This time, I am getting a message saying that the phone memory is low. I have 75 listings in the Contacts area. I have deleted all extra Apps that I installed. This this is driving me crazy!! My first two phones wouldn't hook up to my car's Bluetooth connection. And now, this problem. LG sent a replacement SD card as they told me that was the problem. But it makes no difference. Anyone have any ideas that would help?? THANKS!!

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Low Internal Memory message

Sunday 24th of March 2013 /
I got the Low Internal Memory message the other day. I cleared out my call history, all my texts, all the caches, all the apps that can be on the SD card are, all photos are on the SD card. I deleted a couple apps, but really don't even have that many. It seems to be fine for a few hours, and then I get the message again that I have low memory! It says I have 569 MB used and 248 MG free. Facebook is using 30 MB and Settings is using 30 MB.What can I do??

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low memory warning keep pop out even after clear

Thursday 29th of March 2012 /
Whenever I play game, even surfing the internet only, a warning box with highlighted title 'low memory warning ' always pop up. The message mentioned that my memory has been used up more than 90%,and I am asked to clear the memory now. There are two options to choose from, either to clear now or to clear later, I choose clear now. However, it doesn't solve the matter. After a while, the same warning pop out again. I checked my phone ram, I used up about 547mb out of 800mb! My storage memory used up not even half of it! Is there anybody who can help me up with this issue? Thanks for your kindness!

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Annoying low memory issues

Friday 10th of August 2012 /
I have Titanium set to do a batch backup every couple days in the middle of the night. Lately, upon awakening in the morning, I see the Titanium icon in the status bar, and when I check to see what the notifications say, it has been saying, "Titanium batch backup interrupted due to low storage space." I can manually do the batch backup then, but the automated ones have been failing.In addition, I just installed an app called "My Radar" to check out its Doppler Weather Radar, and when the app and the radar load, I get a message telling me that the radar is being "scaled back" due to "low memory issues."Wondering what can be causing this on an EVO LTE? Its memory capacity is much larger than its predecessor, that's for sure.

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"Your device doesn't have enough storage space to synch." - Low memory error msg

Wednesday 15th of January 2014 /
My stock un-rooted Verizon Samsung Note 2 phone went down to a pathetic 271 MB of available internal storage space. As a result, the phone couldn't do even simple things as synching my Gmail email account. There are probably other things the phone can't do as well due to running low on internal storage space. This is the first time I've seen this message. Even a new icon showed up in the top left corner of the screen. It's the white color circular icon in between 2 other icons. That's the icon warning me of low available space. See attached screenshot picture. Am I the first to encounter this problem? Am I the all-time low memory leader? Do I get a prize????

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