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How-To Guide: Root the Huawei M835

Wednesday 03rd of August 2011 /
So I went through a lot of trial and error to figure this out. I thought I'd spare you all the trouble.Before you being rooting there are a few things you'll need to download.PdaNet for Android - This will install the correct drivers for you to begin rooting.Download PdaNetSuperOneClick (SOC) - This will do the rooting. 1:Install PdaNet for AndroidFollow the prompts required by the installer.Step 2:Set your phone to USB debugging mode, then plug it into your computer. (if you haven't already done so)Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging [✓]Step 3:Unzip SuperOneClick, locate the unzipped folder, and open SuperOneClick.exeStep 4:Select the Driver Check button, you should be prompted with "No issues found."Step 5:Now select the Root button and wait for the process to complete.If it ask you to install anything, do it.Finally shut off your phone and restart. If you've done this correctly you should now have a new app titled Superuser and you're officially rooted

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M835 driver?

Tuesday 09th of August 2011 /
Sorry for the noob question, but my friend senor google and I can't seem to find a driver to connect my phone to my pc. I've tried the Huawei website, but it only left me more confused. And yes, I did try just plugging it in to see if my computer would find the driver; no dice. The computer is win7 64bit if that helps. Any advice or links are much appreciated. Using terminal emulator on the phone is starting to raise the blood pressure to catastrophic levels; I need my adb shell

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[TOOL] Recovery-Flasher

Saturday 11th of August 2012 /
EXTRACT FOLDERRENAME DESIRED RECOVERY "RECOVERY.img" EXACTLY AS SHOWNED WITH ("") OF COURSE .PUT YOUR DEVICE IN FASTBOOT MODE. FOR (HUAWEI-M835,C8150,U8150) HOLD VOLUME DOWN+END CALL KEY AND TAP POWER ON . HOLD FOR 7 SECONDS FOR (HUAWEI-M835,C8150,U8150) YOUR PHONE WILL STAY ON HUAWEI SPLASHSCREEN .DONT WORRY ITS NORMALTAKE YOUR USB CORD AND PLUG IN THE COMPUTER END FIRST THEN THE PHONE END WAIT UNTIL DRIVER SOFTWARE INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE WHEN IT IS DONE RUN ALL FILE FOR YOUR COMPUTER EXAMPLE: I'M USING WINDOWS 7SO I WOULD DOUBLE CLICK : 1"adb-windows" 2"fastboot-windows" 3"install-recovery-windows"AFTER THOSE THREE COMMANDS HAVE BEEN DONE YOUR ANDROID DEVICE WILL REBOOT . use at your own risk . i am not responsible to anything you do to your android device. if you cannot boot into recoveryyour download was corrupt or the recovery isn't compatible with your phone. also you have to go about another way of flashing recovery.ONLY TESTED ON "HUAWEI-M835" ..This What The README.txt Looks Like

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PDAnet not recognizing my driver.

Sunday 12th of August 2012 /
I'm trying to root my M835, but PDAnet is not recognizing my driver. I went into Device manager and tried to update my driver, but Windows has determined that my device is up to date. Yet every time I try to run PDAnet I keep getting a window that says Error 103, which according to the june fabrics website means I do not have the right software. And I've checked USB debugging as well. Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

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driver software was not successfuly installed

Wednesday 30th of November 2011 /
for some reason my m835 software isnt working, the photo explains it all

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