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Android and our Search for Superior Sound [updated]

Tuesday 30th of October 2012 /
How many of you use your Phones, Phablets or Tablets to listen to Music, Watch TV and Movies and play Games?  When you do, do you want to listen or play in private?  I do!Most of my Movie and TV watching is done when I’m travelling, and mainly on an airplane flight or sitting in a hotel room.A lot of devices are not very loud when it comes to music, either because the speakers inside the devices are not very large or the sound they produce is weak and low volume.  Because the quality of the speaker is inferior, I’m guessing a lot of the manufacturers limit the audio volume you can feed them so they last longer.  Which does make sense as your run of the mill smart phone is not really designed as speaker, that’s why we have headphone jacks.I’ve installed equalizers to play around with the sound, and used volume boosters to make them louder.  Even with a low end pair of headphones strapped across my shiny bald head, I still have problems listening to a lot of the shows I watch on airplanes.  You need to get rid of the background noise and have good quality audio f

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Android phones: Which has the loudest audio out?

Friday 26th of November 2010 /
I have owned a Desire since its Australian launch, and it is unequivocally the best phone I have used since the venerable Nokia N95.I also have an iPhone 3GS provided by my benevolent employer, which in general I don't particularly like.There is only one thing about the iPhone that is going to make it hurt to give it back to my employer when I leave at the end of this month. Audio volume. Specifically, when I have my Desire connected to an external amplifier such as the car stereo (a daily occurence) or the stereo in my loungeroom, while it sounds pretty good, it cannot match the iPhone for volume, or the general 'meatiness' of the sound, and in the car it means I have to turn the stereo's volume up way higher than I do compared to when I use the iPhone, while still not getting sound of the same quality.I have looked at the Dell Streak based on positive comments about its audio quality, and I will buy one in a heartbeat if I can establish that its sound is noticeably louder and or better than the Desires.My question is: Which Android phones have the best audio quality when connected

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What do you want in your next Android device?

Thursday 17th of September 2009 /
The next Android phone might as well be called the Déjà Vu if current trends continue. As I looked at Engadget’s recent “Android battle” comparison chart, something jumped out at me and everyone else: every device uses a 528 MHz processor. We’ve all known that Android processors are more of the same, but seeing a side-by-side reminder is disappointing. Yes, we love the Sense, Blur, and Rachel tweaks, but what good are those creative interfaces without a better processor to make them speed up?What will it take to make people upgrade to another Android phone? During an Android Guys podcast, the show’s host, Scott, asked panelists which Android phone has us most excited. My response was that my dream Android phone has yet to be manufactured. My main concern is getting something media-friendly: large touch-screen, stronger video quality, louder speaker for music playback, large storage space (or at least support for a 32 GB miniSD card), and faster processing.I know I’ll never get the “perfect” device but I’d be willing to upgrade

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Should I override android volume settings to make my app LOUDER?

Thursday 18th of October 2012 /
Good morning, I have published a simple alarm clock app for a celebrity, and there are a few issues I am concerned with. Maybe the community could weigh in on these issues.......1) Users are complaining the volume level of my alarm is NOT LOUD ENOUGH. Would it be advisable to actually increase/override the android volume settings, or am i risking legal implications for hearing loss etc....2) What kind of sales volume happens with a popular app? Sales averages 1st day, week, month. Trends up and down. Any info is appreciated, I want my app to shine!Thanks

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Making my own ringtones...

Saturday 08th of May 2010 /
Yes, use audacity. You can also use effects to make it LOUDER.

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Is there a way to make speakers go louder?

Thursday 02nd of June 2011 /
Since my update to android 2.2 speaker sound has dropped alot, is there a way to make it louder again?

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volume really low for music

Thursday 02nd of January 2014 /
So, I just changed jobs. Up until this job, I've always had my jobs provide me with cool phones. Well my new job doesn't and I'm not willing to spend $100 a month on a phone. But my last phone was an iPhone and I bought a lot of music on it. Well, with my new job and no phone, I bought a Tracfone ZTE Z665C phone. I put a 15 GB SD card in it and then converted all of my itunes music from .m4p to m4a unencryped files. Then copied them over. They play fine on my Android except the music is incredibly low volume. I tried playing it in my car today and I had to crank the volume of my stereo way up. And with the volume way up, the music is "lifeless." No highs or lows. Just all very boring midrange and a lot of distortion of having the radio cranked way up. I have the volume of the phone all the way high. I checked the setting in the phone where it has the volume for music and it's all the way up. I downloaded an app that's supposed to make the volume louder, but it didn't help. Any ideas why the volume would be so low? The volume seems fine when just listening from the phone. Bu

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HTC One Chromecast Crashing

Friday 21st of February 2014 /
I noticed this the other day. I was casting Play Music to my chromecast and I went to check a hangouts video message from a friend. While playing the video I pressed the volume button to make the video louder and my phone instantly reboots. I tried this while casting Netflix, Play Movies and Pandora with the same results. Has anyone had this happen? Or know what causes it? Posted via Android Central App

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Need help setting up my phone as the primary music player

Sunday 31st of August 2014 /
Until now I've always used an iPod, but I'm ready to make the switch to just using my Android phone. I'm trying to use Google Play music. I like that I can upload my entire library of music and have access to it basically everywhere. However, how well it functions in the car is my primary concern, and so far I'm not 100% happy with it. First off, the interface just isn't as easy/quick to use as the iPod's interface. Second, I'm stuck using an auxiliary cable instead of USB like I was able to do with the iPod. Not only did the iPod cable keep it charged, but it transferred a better signal IMO, that IS correct, right? I believe I read somewhere that over auxiliary it's just a mono signal. So far, when I play music in the car, I have to turn it up way louder than I would have to on the iPod, even with the media volume on the phone turned all the way up. Not a huge deal until we switch to the radio or a CD and almost bust our ear drums. Also, the sound quality just doesn't seem as good, and I have the stream quality set to High. What I'd really like to do is store the music on the phone

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Anybody Come from a Moto Razr Maxx or Maxx HD?

Saturday 01st of November 2014 /
I have a Moto Razr Maxx HD. My contract is up in a month. I love this phone except for the camera. It's inconsistent and slow. I went and looked at the Droid Turbo and loved it, but reports about the camera are giving me pause and when I tested for signal strength in the store vs. my RMHD, the Turbo was nowhere near as strong. My three main needs from a phone are battery life, camera, and radio and wifi reception. Secondary needs are screen quality and build quality, including hand feel. I already know about the awesome camera in the S5. To those of you that migrated from a Razr Maxx or Maxx HD, would you be so kind as to answer a few questions? 1. Which phone has better battery life? If there is a difference is it enough to make you care about it? 2. Which phone gets better call reception? How about wifi reception? 3. Which phone has a louder speaker? How about louder earphone? Any difference in the sound quality between the Moto and the S5? 4. I like the (mostly) stock Android experience with the RMHD. How did you like the transition to TouchWiz? Will I like TouchWiz? Thanks.

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