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Phone Halo: Never loose your Android Phone Ever Again

Thursday 03rd of June 2010 /
Phone Halo is an application and product that allows the owner of everyday valuables that are almost always at some point lost whether in your house or away from home. The way that this application works is that once you have downloaded it from the Android Market it uses bluetooth to wirelessly connect to the Phone Halo device. Multiple devices can be in contact with one another so you can also attach them to your wallet, keys, and other things that are easily lost and very valuable to you.When you leave the devices comfort zone and it detects that you are leaving away, it will ring and alert you that you forgot your phone or other item. Or when you loose your phone, keys, or wallet it can ring to make it a lot more easier to find. This would come in very handy for me, as I’m almost always loosing my keys somewhere in my own home and they’re never near my wallet or phone.Another great feature, which is one that you never know when you might need is that when this device notices that you are no longer in proximity with it, it can lock your device and email and text you it&

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VOIP Calls Won't ring after sleep mode.

Thursday 05th of August 2010 /
Hello. I'm brand new to the android world and I'm hoping someone here can help me with this. This is happening on an incredible running 2.1, and my problem is that VOIP apps seem to become non-functional after the phone enters sleep mode. I've tried the latest versions in the Market of both Sipdroid and 3cxphone, and the phone behaves the same with either app, so I'm thinking this is either a phone or OS setting issue rather than an app problem. I can receive a call just fine right after starting the app, but once sleep mode kicks in, the phone will no longer ring. Caller can hear the usual number of rings & then my Google voicemail picks up. When I wake the phone up, I still have the green button at the top indicating I'm still registered with Sipdroid or 3CX, but even then, the phone won't ring until I exit & re-start the app. It seems like the app is losing contact with the CPU as soon as the phone enters sleep mode, but I can't seem to find a setting to make any type of adjustments to how things function when the phone enters sleep mode. If it makes a difference, this is

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Nexus Noob - VoIP, Sipdroid, mobile wifi hotspot

Thursday 31st of July 2014 /
Hi! My name is Linda. I just got my sleek new Nexus 5 this week and so far, I love it! Because it has no sd card slot and I'm used to having that option, I bought the 32GB model. It has more on-board memory than my Samsung tablet!My question is about how to set up voice service on the phone. I apologize for this being such a long OPReview of facts:* The Nexus 5 doesn't come with a sim card or a carrier. It's unlocked. But it has the ability to jump on any nearby WiFi network* Up until May 2014, Google supported 3rd party apps to use Google Voice. So, I would occassionally use an Android app called Talkatone, along with my Google Voice number, to initiate and receive phone calls - on my tablet. I used whatever WiFi network was handy. I bought a Native Union handset to improve the quality of the microphone. Google no longer supports this service to 3rd parties after May 2014What I'm trying to do:1, Make phone calls from my Nexus 5 so that they appear to be coming from my Google Voice phone number2, When someone calls my Google Voice phone number, it will ring and I can take the call on

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