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lg optimus v freezes and slow to boot up

Tuesday 25th of December 2012 /
hello, great forum and website. my wifes lg optimus v phone freezes and takes a long time to boot to 'useable mode' (what I mean by 'useable mode' is, when you can make phone calls and be called). if you touch anything while it is booting (after you turn it on), the phone will take even longer (as if more work has been loaded on to it) to reach 'useable mode'. I also noticed it showed the incorrect time on the screen while it was booting. I assume this meant it was still processing. eventually it is ready in about two minutes. I call the phone to verify this. I don't see any other way to tell when it's ready. my investigation reveals a reoccurring problem with internal free space. I keep seeing that she has less than 30mb free space. when I first inquired about this possible cause of the unwanted behavior, the phone had only 19mb of space. she then did some maintenance and the phone was temporarily fixed. this has happened again for now the third time, which is why I say the problem is reoccurring. I haven't done any of the maintenance on the phone myself. only my wife has done this

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hi ive got a flytouch7 and i cant get it to boot up.when i

Sunday 05th of August 2012 /
hi ive got a flytouch7 and i cant get it to boot up.when i power up it stuck on the logo vimicro,thanksAlready Tried: googling for answers

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lg optimus v freezes and slow to boot up - Page 2

Tuesday 01st of January 2013 /
Originally Posted by ejames82 I thought things were going well for me. I pushed home, volume up and power. I selected backup and restore. there was a picture of a hat and a circle. after 15 minutes there was still the picture of the hat and circle. it looks like the program stalled. it doesn't seem like it should take over 15 minutes to get to the next menu. I tried it again and still the same. I will try the thunder recovery image and see how that goes. Camera is select Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk 2

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Phone refuses to boot

Sunday 16th of December 2012 /
Hi, Im fairly tech savvy but not so much when it comes to flashing roms. A while ago i flashed the official jellybean rom onto my sgs3 before it was available here in Australia and everything was great. A couple of days ago my phone randomly turned off and refused to boot. I flashed a couple of roms and managed to get it to boot again. I performed a factory reset and tried to flash jellybean again. Now it just gets stuck at the "Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300" screen. I can access the download mode but I can't flash it with any rom. Odin gives me the message "Complete(Write) operation failed." Here is a list of things I have tried:Different usb cablesDifferenet usb portsDifferent computerOlder version of OdinFlashing stock romFlashing recovery romFlashing jellybean romFlashing with and without pit files for all of the above flashes I have done all this with kies uninstalled but the usb drivers installed. Running as admin and trying without.I have also tried Recovery of firmware through Kies but kies doesn't recognize my phone. It has been three days now that i haven't

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SD card "not connected", fails to boot

Tuesday 30th of March 2010 /
The following is my problem:Phone fails to boot: blank screen after bootscreen. Recovery board test states SD Card is not connectedMy ROM is:Open X2 with 1.6 firmwareMy Hardware Version is:V5T7What I have tried:Rebooting, inserting new sd card, reflashing (can't since it says there's no sd card)Sadly this morning my phone suddenly shut off and failed to boot up. Recovery console board test says that the SD card is not connected, even though I have tried 2 different cards.I suspect this is just a hardware problem, since the camera also failed recently. Hopefully the Cosmos/A1 will last a bit longer. Goodbye my DSTL1

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failure to boot properly

Tuesday 26th of April 2011 /
I bought a craig tablet cmp738a from canada. I could not use my internet mobile browser on it and when I tried to connect it to my laptop it completely failed. Now only the android logo appears and I can't seem to find help anywhere.

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cyanogenmod - Failure to boot after rooting LG Optimus V and installing CM7

Thursday 05th of April 2012 /
I recently bought an LG Optimus V (VirginMobile) to replace my current Samsung Intercept. Upon reciept, I rooted it following the procedure at The rooting went fine, and I got to step 10 in flashing the CM7 Rom. What I get after the reboot specified in step 9 is the CyanogenMod animated splashscreen, which animates for a bit, then stops, and thats where the unit stays, for up to an hour. I can get to the installed recovery console, but have no idea what I need to do to fix this. I rooted this unit immediately after getas the main reason for needing a smartphone is the fact I need to have OpenVPN installed on any phone I have. I went crazy getting my previous Samsung Intercept rooted and then getting the tun.ko for the installed kernel. The final fix was to install a 3rd party rom which supplied the kernel module. I did not want to go thru that again on this LG phone. Whats my next step?

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MD5 Checksum and Failure to Boot w/ Mod

Saturday 14th of September 2013 /
Getting MD5 checksum errors anytime I try and do a recovery from clockwork.Possibly related, flashing the ripple, or 4 way reboot mod bricks the phone. It stops at the second Samsung logo and stays there until it eats the battery.Odin fixes the phone to normal. I can flash ROM and Kernals. Was on Deodex when I was unable to boot.

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Sudden shutdown and failure to reboot

Wednesday 02nd of October 2013 /
My Evo decided to be jealous of the probable upgrade on Friday and chose today to bite it I think. It was running fine, playing Pandora and just went quiet on me. Shutdown before I could even get it out of my shirt pocket. I have tried power button, hard reset multiple times (holding for over 60 seconds) without any response. Also tried 4 different usb and chargers without the red charging light coming on. Any ideas or pretty much out of luck with this one? Sadly will cost me almost 200 bucks towards my new phone since I had the buyback plan at best buy and I'm pretty sure a non-functional phone won't get me much money.

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failure to boot an android phone

Wednesday 29th of January 2014 /
how do i manually flash my android phone which cant boot?

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