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Certain games not working... Problem with the phone?

Sunday 04th of March 2012 /
I've noticed a number of games I've been trying to run have an odd issue; they just continuously restart, usually right before or right as I get to the main menu, and I either have to hit the back button or the home button to exit out of that "loop".So far, the games I've noticed doing this are Tiny Farm, Elemental Knights Online, Blood & Glory, and for a while, Muffin Knight was doing this (but seems to have randomly started working okay).The thing that's strange about this is, when I look up reviews for these games on the Android market, and filter them by those only from users with the Galaxy Nexus, no one else really reports this issue with these games... Which makes me wonder if maybe it's a problem with my phone, itself? But that seems odd, as most other games seem to work, so if my phone does have some kind of "defect", why does it only affect a few games?Additionally, I have some other troubles with apps and games. For instance, the Facebook app will not let me post any status updates or comments at all. Additionally, Order And Chaos never lets me rene

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Can't receive calls, home button not working, can't lock.

Tuesday 02nd of March 2010 /
First off, I am NOT ROOTED and I have not installed any new programs lately. Long story short, today my phone did what looked like a partial reboot or something while just laying on my desk. Afterwords, I was looking at it and noticed several problems:1. I cannot receive calls. I can make calls, but when anyone calls me, it will ring twice on their end and then go to voice mail. My phone does not react at all.2. My phone will not use the security grid. It will not enable either by widget or by going to the phones menu > security and enabling it. You can enable it, power phone off and back on and it goes right to the desktop. No lock screen period.3. The home and search buttons on the bottom of the phone do not function. They vibrate like they are working but will they will not do anything.4. And finally, when doing a long press on the power button, the airplane mode and other options do not appear. The only option available is the "Power Off" button.Please, if anyone has experienced this or has an idea on how to fix this issue or what caused it, please let me know.

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Power button not working

Thursday 09th of December 2010 /
I search around but doesn't seem many people having the same issue as me, especially for HTC Hero, so I was wondering if anyone else having this issue. First a little background. I have the Sprint HTC Hero, (unrooted), for a little over a year now. For the first half of the year, I had Invisible Shield all over the phone, including all the buttons. Then I decided to take it off because it was looking really ugly. Thats when the nightmare began to start. The paint on the Power/End button start to peel, and now it is almost all red. Even the Call button, the Search button and Back button are all showing some sign of pealing now. However, this I don't mind so much. What really bothers me is that the Power/End button is almost not functioning. It first started out with a minor issue, where at times I had to press twice in order to respond. As times goes on, it got worse and worse. Now it barely works. I have to press the Power button numerous times in order to wake the phone up, so now, instead of pressing the Power button, I press the Menu button twice to wake the phone up. To turn th

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Menu buttons not working

Wednesday 25th of August 2010 /
The "Menu", "Back" and "Search" buttons are not working for some reason? The "Home" button is the only one that works. I'm talking about the hard buttons on the bottom of the phone. This started today. Tried removing the battery and restarting the phone and that didn't seem to work either. Any suggestions? Now Droid X not booting at all. Just stays on the "M" and nothing happens. Tried the Power button with home key press to get to recovery and nothing. ***Update-Got the X to at least boot up for now, where my wife is able to use it on her trip. Verizon sending a replacement out should be here next week or so.

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Buttons hard to tap

Tuesday 25th of May 2010 /
I tried doing a search for this, but couldn't find anything so if there is info out there that will help me that I can't find, please let me know and I'll go search for it. I am having trouble pushing the buttons at the bottom of the screen on my :nexusx:. I'm talking about the back, menu, home and search buttons. When I want to push a button I have to almost drag my finger down until it hits the right spot. I can't just tap where the icon actually is. Is anyone else having this problem? I am not having problems with any other areas of the screen. The touchscreen in browsers and all other apps are working just fine. Any ideas?

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Droid screen problems...

Tuesday 02nd of February 2010 /
Well, my 1st Droid only lasted from the middle of December until about 5 days ago when it developed touch screen problems. I first noticed that my back button in the bottom left corner was working very intermittently or sometimes not at all. So, if I was in a browser, or a menu or even an app screen, I couldn't back out of it - I have to hit home and go all the way back there to get out of something.Then, I noticed that when texting on the 'landscape' or horizontal on-screen keyboard, that anytime I pressed anything on the bottom row, I got the characters from the row above. So, I'd be hitting spacebar, but actually got a b or a c - even when using the tiniest tip of my pinky finger all the way at the edge. Of course, the bottom row on that keyboard and the back button are both on the very left hand edge of the screen, so I thought maybe there's something wrong with the screen. However, on my home screen, I also have app icons in the same spots - and they work just fine to launch those apps - so that tells me the screen itself is fine.I've done a battery pull, and a full factory rese

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Menu and back button are not working at all.

Saturday 07th of September 2013 /
HiMy menu and back button are not working on my Samsung Galaxy S3.I did drop the water in a little water. the rest of the phone and touch screen work fine.But not those 2 touch keys.can someone please helpThanks

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Original Droid acting oddly

Friday 08th of November 2013 /
A few days ago my original Droid started exhibiting some strange behavior: Screensaver pattern password is gone can can't be re-instated.Holding the power button now gives me only the option to "Power Off" where I used to have a larger menu with airplane mode, silent mode, ect.My Home and Search buttons no longer do anything, but seem to be working mechanically as the phone vibrates when they are pressed. Also the Home button works when I'm on a phone call, but not from any other app/function.Camera button doesn't bring up the camera, but the camera works fine when brought up via menu.Back and Menu buttons still work everywhere. Adroid Version 2.2.3 (Nov 2011) Build FRK76 My initial thought was it was some new software update, but I've had 2.2.3 forever, so could some other OS/Market update have caused this? I've done no new App updates at all (all manual) during the past few days, and in fact the only change I made when this happened was I switched the background to some Live Wallpaper. I tried wiping the cache partition without any luck. I've never rooted the phone but a

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[GUIDE] Root Nexus 9 - Manual Method

Wednesday 05th of November 2014 /
Warnings:***Backup your internal storage*** If you are not rooting straight out of the box, backup the contents of your internal storage. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe EVERYTHING.Proceed at your own risk. I, nor Android Forums, is responsible for what you do with the following information. You will have full access to all partitions and thus the ability to mess something up. Have a plan; know what you are flashing and why. Make nandroid backups, always! Now, have fun!! Prerequisites:1.) Enable OEM unlocking:This option is hidden in the Developer Options. To unlock the hidden developer options menu go to Settings>About Tablet. From there, scroll to the bottom and tap on "Build Number" seven (7) times. Press the back button and you should now see "Developer Options" in your settings menu.Once in the developer options, you will need to make sure to check the boxes next to two (2) items: "Enable OEM Unlock" and "Enable USB Debugging".2.) Working ADB and Fastboot:If you do not already have these, you can download our forums "Mini-SDK&qu

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