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Mobile Network State Disconnected

Sunday 04th of November 2012 /
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with my S3. It's a UK phone, with Android version 4.1.1 on the Three network. At night I turn off the mobile data, so when I get emails an 5 in the morning it doesn't wake me up. Anyway, this morning I turned the mobile data back on and nothing happened. In the phone status section it says Mobile Network State - Disconnected even though in the pull down menu (where you have wifi, GPS, sound, screen rotation etc...) at the top mobile data is selected to be on, but the icon with the up and down orange and green arrows next to the battery charge and phone signal is not there. I can still make calls and send/receive texts. I can still get data through the wi fi connection when connected to my home router.A friend had a similar problem with her new S3 a few days ago, she is on the Virgin network and they told her that all her settings had disappeared, apparently they are in the manual which she didn't get with the phone (neither did I). They instructed her over the phone what to do to sort it out and it works now. I bought my phone from Amazon and used my

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Please Help!!!!!! "Mobile Network State: Disconnected"

Thursday 21st of February 2013 /
I just got a new Huawei Ascend Y for Straight Talk yesterday and already I'm having problems with it. I Noticed that none of my apps were working (Temple Run 2 and Netflix) and that I wasn't connecting to the internet unless there was WiFi nearby. this is really frustrating because I can't do anything except text and call when I'm away from a WiFi network and the whole reason for me getting the phone was for the apps. I also noticed that the little 3G symbol at the top of my screen was not showing and my sister told me that that was why my apps and internet weren't working. I looked at the settings on my phone and when I went into the 'About Phone' section and 'Status' section, I saw that my Mobile Network State was disconnected. I don't know what to do to get it reconnected and get my apps to work again. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Mobile Network State Disconnected

Wednesday 13th of June 2012 /
Hello everyone. I'm having problems my phone for a few days now. I have no mobile data connection, only wifi. When I checked my phone status, I noticed that my mobile network state is disconnected. I already called my network provider several times but they cant do anything about it, I'm so frustrated. How do I turn it on (to connected). I'm using Xperia Neo V Android version 2.3.4.Please help. Thanks!

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HELP-Mobile Network-Disconnected

Monday 11th of October 2010 /
Hi I have a Motorola Droid that I FULLY FLASHED(all the features) to Metro PCS about 4 weeks ago and it hasn't had any problems until now. I know Metro Flashed phones are only supposed to have all the features but just talk and text but come on,I got it specially programmed you know for full features.what's the point in having an awesome state of the art phone if you can't do crap with it?For some odd reason since yesterday morning,the phone's internet connection has been off.There is no icon of 1x or 3g,etc.In settings it says Mobile Network Connecting and later it says it has disconnected. WHat should I do?Believe it or not,I called metro and they kept on giving me the run-around.I'm guessing I wasn't going to get anything out of them because this flashing thing is kind of 'under the counter'.Should I call the programmer about this problem?Factory Default/Reset?I actually love my phone this time around.I use the internet a lot and this is like killing me.I feel 'blind'.lol.Plus I got this new Assassin's Creed game I need to install.I don't know what's wrong. :-/ :-S I know I have m

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Moto Droid vs Eris - Mobile Network Disconnected

Friday 11th of December 2009 /
My wife and I recently changed to Verizon to get Droids, she opted for the Eris and I chose the MotoDroid. We are on a family plan. We knew we wouldn't get 3G at home because we are in a Verizon fringe area, but US Cellular has good 1xRTT coverage around here and the Verizon coverage map shows our area as "Extended Enhanced" data coverage. Supposedly they "partner" with US Cellular for seamless data roaming.My MotoDroid seems to lose the network whenever it roams into Extended coverage, but her Eris does not. Sitting here in the house, both phones side by side show -89 dBm & 12 ASU for her Eris and -90 dBm & 0 ASU for my MotoDroid. The Eris has a 1x connection and the Moto shows "Mobile Network State: Disconnected". I started noticing as signal strength (dBm) moves up and down on the Eris the ASU reading changes, but if I'm roaming, mine is always at 0 ASU no matter what the dBm reading is. Even when the signal moved up to -85dBm the Moto shows 0 ASU. Once in awhile I'll get a quick 1x symbol but it doesn't last, and I get notifications that I ha

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loss pf 3G network/mobile network disconnected

Saturday 23rd of June 2012 /
I can't connect to my mobile network. If my APN Type is *, then the 3G symbol shows up in my status bar but I still can't use internet at all. My browser won't load, my apps won't load. If my APN Type is mms, then in Settings, the mobile network just shows disconnected. I've tried switching my phone to airplane mode, turning the phone off, then on and then switching off airplane mode but it doesn't work.Is it my SIM card that has issues, or is it the phone? Cus the phone is still new.Anyone out there experiencing the same problem or has a solution???

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Mobile Network Disconnected

Sunday 23rd of June 2013 /
Hello, I am having an issue with my Galaxy s4 L720 Sprint phone. I updated to Omega custom rom and lost my ability to use wifi or mobile network. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in restoring this. I attempted to recover to my backup but there was an MD5 mismatch and the backup is somehow deleted. Should I reinstall a stock rom? Would that recover my network?

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Mobile network disconnected

Tuesday 28th of January 2014 /
Can someone please help! I work away and while i was at home my Galaxy note 2 updated,when i come back to work i cant use the phone as the mobile network is disconnected! I have used it before at work and now I see it has android 4.3? i am rather new to Samsung and not 100% on the system. Have I ruined my phone by updating it??

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Mobile Network Disconnected?

Monday 21st of April 2014 /
I have an LG Spectrum that was being glitchy so I did a factory reset and since then I haven't been able to connect to my 4g. It says my mobile network is disconnected. I can make calls, text, and connect to wifi but not my 4g unless I go in to check for updates where it magically appears and then leaves once it's done checking.I've tried doing the airplane mode thing and taking out the battery and all various combinations. Any recommendations or fixes?Thank you so much!

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Mobile Data Disconnected on Nexus 4 after 4.4.3 & 4.4.4

Saturday 28th of June 2014 /
My Nexus 4 has worked fine since purchase 17 months ago, but since the latest upgrades to 4.4.3 & 4.4.4 the phone status is Roaming = Not Roaming and Mobile network state = Disconnected, despite both items ticked under Mobile network settings.APN settings have been checked OK with provider - TalkTalk, UKHoping someone can help, Jon

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