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New dev tool for Android - HyperNext Android Creator

Friday 24th of June 2011 /
Hi everyoneI'd like to introduce our new development tool for creating Android apps using a Windows PC and soon using a Mac running OS X.We hope that HyperNext Android Creator (HAC) will allow beginner programmers to create their own Android apps without having to learn Java or the Android SDK.The first version of HAC was released a couple of weeks ago and the first update was released today.Basically HAC uses an English-like programming language called HyperNext and a visual designer for laying out screens. It can run most the programs within its GUI and upload them onto an Android Emulator or Android device via USB/Wireless.The current version is just the start and although it lacks many of the features available in the Android SDK we are releasing updates every Friday and so the feature set will rapidly improve.We have a free trial version of HAC that doesn't expire and some demo projects on our website. The trial version has almost full functionality except built apps time-out after 5 minutes and it won't allow app signing with a private key. If you are newbie to programming th

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Google Announces New ?Voice Actions? For Android

Friday 13th of August 2010 /
Today at the Google Mobile Event, Google announced the release of a new feature for Android, dubbed Voice Action. This new feature is a way for us to be able to speak to our Android devices to accomplish tasks. Commands include: send text to [contact] [message]listen to [artist/song/album]call [business]call [contact]send email to [contact] [message]go to [website]note to self [note]navigate to [location/business name]directions to [location/business name]map of [location] The new feature is only available for Android 2.2 devices, leaving quite a few devices behind, but in time, more devices will follow in tow. Video of the features below. Visit TalkAndroid for android news, android guides, and much more! Google Announces New “Voice Actions” For Android

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Sprint announces new data plans for tablets, other mobile broadband devices

Monday 14th of November 2011 /
Sprint today announced a pair of new data plans for their Mobile Broadband devices, including tablets, dedicated mobile hotspot devices, USB modems, netbooks and notebooks.  Customers can select from 6GB  plan for $49.9/month or 12GB of data for $79.99/month.   With 20 percent more data than what Verizon and AT&T offer their subscribers, these plans work for either 3G or 4G data connectivity.“Sprint is committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers, and our new 3G/4G Mobile Broadband plans are the latest example of that,” said Will Souder, vice president of pricing for Sprint. “Sprint gives customers more data at lower prices than competitors, so they can do more with their mobile broadband devices on Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks.”In addition to the above plans, Sprint is also debuting a two other plans for tablets and dedicated mobile hotspot devices which include  3GB for $34.99/month or 1GB at $19.99/month.Sprint

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Verizon announces new software update for the Motorola DROID 2

Monday 16th of April 2012 /
There is now a new update available for this DROID 2 named 4.5.621.A955.Verizon.en.US. The official Big Red update page lists a number of device feature updates along with a Google security patch. Plus a few other enhancements to e-mail, messaging, data, and applications and widgets. So as mentioned in the alert VZW “encourages” you to download this update.If you haven’t already done so head to Settings>About>System updates and check to see if it’s arrived for your Android device. Verizon Wireless seem to have been dragging their feet on releasing this one. At l…Continue Reading HereVerizon announces new software update for the Motorola DROID 2Adam Johnson –

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MusicSkins announces new Customizer tool for skinning devices

Wednesday 22nd of July 2009 /
Customization was one of the major selling points T-Mobile USA pushed during the myTouch3g coming out party, specifically the customizable back plates to style up the phone. The T-Mobile G1 also has some customization options from the new MusicSkins Customizer that creates vinyl skins from personal photos, graphics, and artwork selected by consumers.While T-Mobile plans to sell interchangeable shells for the myTouch3g, MusicSkins – already known for selling device skins with major recording artists like Bob Marley, Coldplay John Lennon, and others – lets any suitable image uploaded to the service become a skin for select devices (myTouch not supported yet). Users simply upload their image to the Customizer tool to have it turned into a “premium quality vinyl that provides a high-gloss photo grade finish.”Ranging in price from $15 to $30 USD, the skins are placed onto the device easily and have anti-UV coating. MusicSkins Executive VP Jed Seifert had this to say in the company’s announcement:“Personal electronic devices are the perfect canvas for expressing in

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Qualcomm Pulls an NVIDIA, Announces GameCommand Highlight App for Snapdragon Devices

Wednesday 16th of November 2011 /
As you know, Qualcomm is beginning to move faster than ever in the chipset race. They already have a number of devices with dual-core processors inside and quad-core SoCs are right around the corner. Their chipsets are quite capable of handling the latest video games and Qualcomm wants you to know that and wants to help you tap the power of it.They’ve announced GameCommand, something not too much unlike NVIDIA’s TegraZone application. It highlights the many games optimized for Qualcomm’s processors. It’s a bit of an extension of their GamePack program except this one is geared more toward users and easy discoverability.To start, …Continue Reading HereQualcomm Pulls an NVIDIA, Announces GameCommand Highlight App for Snapdragon

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Samsung Announces New Brand Name for Their Processor Family

Friday 11th of February 2011 /
The new chip set, 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, will be offering 5-times the 3D processing abilities of the current processors being utilized and will be carrying the name Exynos 4210. This new name is being applied to the dual-core processor codenamed Orion, that was announced in September of 2010. The new Exynos processor incorporates Samsung’s “smart and green” strategy designed to specifically support the strict performance and power requirements of mobile devices. The smart aspect refers to high-performance, while the green reflects the low power features of Samsung’s application processor.  This processor family is to be seen in smartphones and tablets later in 2011. More information in the press release below.Samsung Assigns New Nomenclature to Application Processor FamilySEOUL, Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a new brand name for its application processor family. Exynos will be applied to Samsung’s application processors, which are designed to power mobile

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AT&T plans to launch new blocking service for stolen devices

Friday 06th of July 2012 /
According to trusted sources, AT&T is planning to launch a new service on Tuesday, July 10th, that will allow customers to deny voice, data and SMS access to individual phone and tablet devices without implementing a full SIM block. A copy of guidance provided to customer service representatives indicates AT&T will compile a “blocklist” of stolen devices in order to implement this new service for reporting and blocking such devices. The message shows service will be automatically suspended “if any attempt is made to use a device that is stored in the blocklist.”Report…Continue Reading HereAT&T plans to launch new blocking service for stolen devicesJeff Causey –

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Sprint Announces New Utility Update For The Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone

Thursday 20th of September 2012 /
Hot off the heels of AT&T Galaxy S III owners getting a minor utility update, Galaxy S III owners on Sprint’s Now Network are being treated to a new update as well. Sprint announced the new update will bring the software version to L710VPL13. Not it’s not the addition of Jelly Bean, but it will at least include the following:Inclusion of SWYPE keyboardImproved LTE connectivitySMS Messaging improvementsEAS sync improvementsAs always, the updates will be released in stages. This means some users will either get the …Continue Reading HereSprint Announces New Utility Update For The Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphoneroy alugbue –

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Samsung releases new colorful ads for latest devices

Wednesday 16th of April 2014 /
Going in a new direction, Samsung has released a video that combines five spots they have started to run in a few markets around the world for their new Galaxy devices. The ads are a definite departure from some of their previous efforts like their “Next Big Thing” series, relying on animations that pop with color. Two of the ads center on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit and how they work together to both help users get through their daily activities and stay connected. The other three ads focus on the Galaxy S 5 and some of the new features Samsung brought to market with their latest flagship device, like the fingerprint scanner, water resistance, and the fast focus camera app.Hit the break to check out the video and let us know what you think about this new marketing direction for Samsung.» See more articles by Jeff Causey//

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