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Struggling to Install Android with a Slow Internet Connection

Sunday 28th of August 2011 /
I have a slow internet connection that makes downloading the large files used to install Android very difficlut with the SDK manager which does not keep track of partial downloads. I have been able to obtain, by independent downloads, the files for the SDK manager, the extra set of tools (small enough to be installed by the SDK manager), several platforms and the ADT add-on for Eclipse as zip files. When I do what I think installs the platforms, the SDK manager seems to see them but my installation of Eclipse will not install the ADT add-on since it claims not to see something that it needs which I presume are the platforms.Is there something that has to be done so that Eclipse can see the platforms and install the ADT add-on?Thanks,Mark

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Video streaming on Android phone - Is it slow?

Wednesday 17th of October 2012 /
Hi everyone! I'm considering getting an Android Phone (I've never had a smart phone before) and cancelling my home internet to save money by paying only one bill for both phone and internet. But I'm wondering if I will be able to watch streamed videos (like TV shows, movies, YouTube videos) from my Android phone? Or will it be too slow?I'm not sure if the type of Android phone matters, but I might be getting the Kyocera Rise.Thank you!

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wi fi - Can I use my Android device as Wi-Fi Dongle (ie Tethering to PC through USB, but using Wi-FI not Phone Network)?

Thursday 25th of November 2010 /
I want to use my Android phone to connect a desktop (windows 7) PC to the internet via Wi-Fi (ie, not muching though my Data plan). Is this possible with the various tethering options out there?The reason I ask is, most suppot wi-fi the other way around, ie, the phone is the wi-fi hotspot, and the internet connection comes over the phone network. I want to connect to an existing wi-fi network, and share that with the PC.Background - for various reasons our office LAN network is b0rked and very slow. The office WiFi network on the other hand is happy and fast. But my desktop PC is wired only. If I can use my phone as a wifi dongle/modem/adaptor, and connect to the office wifi, then I'll get a much faster connection.Edit: I've got an HTC Desire HD, I haven't rooted it so far.

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Amazingly Slow Internet

Thursday 21st of March 2013 /
Hi. So I bought an LG L35G a little over a month ago simply because it was the cheapest Android phone Straight Talk had (Didn't want to go through the process of unlocking a different phone since I didn't have internet).At first it was going fine, I could deal with the tiny screen and everything. Then 2-3 weeks ago my phone's mobile internet started timing out every time I tried to do something, and occasionally after repeatedly trying it would connect but take forever to download the page/file/whatnot. I took the battery out for 5min and that solved the timing out problem, but my net is still SUPER slow. My max speed is about 15kb/s, but it rarely gets above 10kb/s. And I've tried removing the battery multiple times since.I emailed Straight Talk and they said I would have to call their customer service and talk to them, but I HATE calling their customer service. They always screw something up after being on hold for an hour. Could I maybe get some help please?My phone is rooted, but I did that after the problem started. I have the stock ROM on there. And yes, my connection is 3G. Be

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internet VERY SLOW

Monday 05th of March 2012 /
hey guys, im a proud owner of a new galaxy note, im still in the process of getting used to Android from my apple iphone (i owned all generations of the iphone up to the 4) i am content with the phone, however is anyone else noticing VERY SLOW internet loading times? i mean come on, i havent been so frustrated with loading times on any of my devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, etcetc) for the past couple years. i know the specs of this phone is supposed to be better than an iphone 4, however why is the internet so slow? i doubt it is my internet connection because i compared and made couple webpage loading times with my iphone 4. (I am running the tests on my wifi) the green loading bar takes forever to reach the max. i say estimated about 5~15 seconds more than my iphone when i ran a few tests. also, do you guys notice the 4g and the 4g LTE signal on your phones? im not too sure, but i dont think i have seen a "4g LTE" signal as of yet.. Please reply to this thread as i would like to know how others are dealing with their phones!im hoping that my phone is a defected one so tha

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samsung galaxy s 2 - Wow, my Android OS used 1.75GB in 5 days

Monday 13th of May 2013 /
I just purchased a samsung galaxy s2 from Virgin Mobile on the 7th of May 2013. Have it activated on the 8th of May 2013. Can anyone tell me why my Android OS would have used up 1.75 GB of data in that amount of time. Not to mention the slow data speeds I am receiving I could barely download anything unless I waited a very long time and had very poor internet connections. was constantly getting webpage not available every time I used the Google search. Have had many conversations with virgin mobile to no avail. Can anyone help or at least explain to me what is happening here?

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Wifi Connected but Slow browsing

Monday 18th of February 2013 /
Hi, I am able to find and connect to my Wifi Network at home, but internet connection between my new Android Tablet and Wifi is slow. My apple devices connect to the same router and are able to browser fast, the android tablet also browses fast with other Wifi network. There is something between the combination on the tablet and my wifi router that is making the connection slow (the google homepage takes forever to load so does other sites). Tablet runs Android JellyBeans 4.1 and Wifi is secured using WPA-PSK (tired AES, TKIP and even open connection) ThanksElango

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slow internet and download

Friday 03rd of January 2014 /
im new to the android world. i just got my first android phone. a optimus dynamic by strighttalk. it was kinda slow so i rooted it in a attempt to make it faster by overclock and sdboost, worked really good at first, almost like i had a wifi connection. but after a couple days it got slow REALLY SLOW! tryed a factory reset and it didnt help. scan for virus and nothing shows up. is it possible that i may have deleted a important file or something? phone speed is fine its just my 3g connection is crazy slow now.

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Internet bookmarks slow to open

Wednesday 12th of March 2014 /
When using the internet and I click the button to open my list of favorites/bookmarks, my Galaxy note is very slow to open the list (it wasn't always this way). Any ideas why? I'm still new at the whole tablet thing - should I be doing some sort of maintenance similar to what I do on my laptop? Posted via Android Central App

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Internet is slow on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Saturday 15th of March 2014 /
Hello, I'm new to android and I just got a Samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1 about 2 weeks ago. I also have an Ipad air, and was doing some comparisons and I noticed that this was alot slower. I cleared the cache and ran some virus scans and i found nothing wrong. The results of the speed test was 10.68 download 5.45 upload and 31 ping. My wifi doesn't seem slow. Any suggestions? thanks

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