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How to prevent data-mining

Saturday 18th of February 2012 /
Harrooo! Here's on for the tin-foil hat crowd and the Android experts.With the new Google privacy policy coming up: what steps can we, the users, take to avoid as much data mining as possible? I have already made some changes to my settings and switched some apps. But I would be interested to know if I have missed anything or if it is usefull at all. :-) And perhaps this is useful to other users who feel the same. -Stopped syncing to the Google servers. -Use Boat Browser instead of stock, private browsing enabled-Use Duckduckgo instead of Google search. -Opted out of everything I could opt out of in my Google account. -Jorte Calender instead of stock calender (it is prettier too!)-I have also got rid of the Facebook and Twitter apps as they were way too greedy for permissions for my taste and use the mobile websites instead. They offer the same and sometimes more functionality and I can live without directly uploading a picture to Facebook from my galery. Does anyone have more tips on how to make using your Android more private? Cheers!

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How Much Data Does The Captivate Use

Friday 31st of December 2010 /
So I just switched from a Blackberry to this phone. I barely used up any data on my blackberry out of the 500 mb plan I have. Now I shot up to like 200-300 since I got my samsung captivate which was like a few days ago, could I have really been using that much data ( this and the previous blackberry) ? Does captivate use alot of data and for what? ( I like to leave msn talk running) Please tell me how much data the Android uses and for what, this is really concerning me because if it uses too much since I only have 500 mb I may have to switch back to blackberry. Thanks

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Straighttalk has throttled me and I didnt know it

Tuesday 16th of April 2013 /
Hello, newbie here. I posted a question the other day on why my android ST Galaxy Showcase is only getting .26 mbps. I then emailed ST and I got a call just not from them. He said that they have slowed down my data because I am using too much! I told him I dont download anything, play any games, download music. I do listen to Pandora but not every day and Im on Facebook. When I said Facebook he asked if I log off when im done. I said no. (why would you ?) He said if I dont then Facebook is always running, hence that is why I was throttled. My question is this. I can get on Facebook and then when done I just hit the back button to go back to my main page. However, I also go to Applications, then Task Manager , then running apps and Facebook is not there because Im not on it. Isnt this good enough ? I told the ST rep that but he said no, I still have to log off of Facebook. That doesnt sound right. I now have to wait an entire month for a new service card to be installed. Then he said it would take an additional 24 hours to have my data sped back up....

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Verizon's New Data Plans & Unlimited Grandfathered Reaffirmed in Training Doc Leak - Page 3

Thursday 23rd of June 2011 /
We have a family rate plan--my Droid is using the unlimited data plan, but the POS Samsung Rogue (should have known better) is just a featurephone and on a very small plan (which is almost so small as to be nearly unusable). Wondering if I should bite the bullet and bump up the data plan, since we plan on upgrading that to some variety of Android phone later this year. I'm sure they would let us bump up our data plan no matter which phone we have. It really would not be too much extra, considering what they are reaming us for the tiny data plan on the Rogue.Those new tiers suck BTW...they claim 34MB/hour for streaming music. So if I take a trip out to the east coast for a week, streaming Pandora radio the whole time, I'd eat up quite a bit of data (at the 10GB level). Granted I can (and do) use WiFi when I'm near a signal but otherwise, it just looks like more typical Verizon nickel-and-diming customers. I'm going to be shopping the competition when my contract is up, but to be honest, the others out there are not much better. Sprint has their free mobile-to-mobile (any carrier, not

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Galaxy S4 Android OS using too much data. HELP

Tuesday 25th of June 2013 /
Hey over the past two months I have had my phone almost exclusively connected to my WiFi network but lately I have noticed that it is chewing data. From June 1st to the 26th it used literally 21.91 GIGABYTES of data. That is way too much and I am horribly unhappy with that. I wouldnt mind like 1-4 gigs but that much means that it uses nearly a quarter of my homes WiFi data. Please help me understand how to fix this!

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Android OS data usage.

Tuesday 14th of January 2014 /
How much data(mobile/wifi) dose your Android OS using? on my Moto X (kitkat) Android OS:mobile 234mb (Dec24-Jan14)wi-fi 396mb (Dec24-Jan14) Isn't this too much? I do have BackUp my data On, but so does my friend on same phone with similar settings but his OS data usage is much much less (under 50mb total mobile + wifi...)

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Data usage

Tuesday 24th of June 2014 /
Hi there,I'm new to the android platform, and the HTC One M8 is my first ever android handset.I've only got 1GB of mobile data on my pay monthly price plan (it's the most i can afford), and i'm quite worried about using too much and incurring HUGE charges from my provider.I'm trying to limit the amount of data usage that occurs that i'm not aware of.The settings are all still a bit confusing to me at the moment!Does restricting background data or restricting their background refresh to longer intervals on facebook or twitter etc. mean that i won't receive notifications as and when they happen? For example, if i have my background refresh (noth sure what the setting is actually called on the app) setting set to every 2hrs, will i only receive all of my notifications every 2 hours and push notifications? or will they still come through in real-time?Any advice on reducing data usage, preferably whilst keeping real-time push notifications?

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Android OS using 11GB+ of data?

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 /
I switched to TMobile in Feb from AT&T. I had unlimited data on AT&T and the most data I ever used was 13GB, granted I was throttled after about 8GB but still never went over that. (using an iphone) Since Feb, using my Note 3, I'm averaging 25GB per month, last month I hit 45GB, this month I'm close to 30GB. I downloaded a data manager app to try and pinpoint why I'm using so much data and for the last 2 months the biggest usage has been Android OS. Why is my OS using so much data? I'm not too worried since I'm on unlimited data with TMobile, but I have no idea why my OS is using so much data. Any ideas? Anyone else have the same problem? Posted via Android Central App

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How to prevent google play services from growing in size

Saturday 14th of February 2015 /
I am using Micromax A80, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. My phone has very less internal memory. From last one month Google Play services's data is taking too much memory, so much that once in every hour my phone shows Memory Full error. ( I have to clear data every hour.) I have 16GB SD card, but Google Play Services cant be moved to SD Card. This problem first started when i tried to update Whatsapp. Any solutions to my problem ? How can I prevent Google Play Services from occupying all the phone memory.

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android is is using way too much data.

Sunday 03rd of May 2015 /
I'm not that technologically inclined. Does anyone know how to stop android os from using so much background data? I'm on a nexus 5 and it's using way more data than anything on my phone. Posted via the Android Central App

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