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Phone Super Laggy...

Monday 18th of June 2012 /
I have a Samsung galaxy precedent running on froyo 2.2 and my phone is really slow. I've tried everything can think of but it doesn't seem to matter. Does anyone have any suggestions I would really appreciate it thank youSent from my SCH-M828C using

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Android startup folder location?

Monday 23rd of November 2009 /
or something similar. When i reboot my phone and go into task killer, there are about 20 applications open and the phone is really slow to respond. Where do I control which apps run at startup?

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Some issues that need to be fixed please by the ANDROID COMPANY

Wednesday 13th of July 2011 /
I really like the phone, but please can you make an upgrade that will fix these issues I am finding in my Incredible 2 phone. -First, the notification light wont flash when I receive a message. Most the time it does but recently a few times it doesn't flash even when I received a message. -Second, A few times I noticed that when I click on a sms message it will pop up ANOTHER sms message from a different contact, and I didn't even click that contacts sms. Then, sometimes I am texting the wrong person because it will pop up a different contacts message, when I didn't click that message. -Third, My phone is really slow sometimes, I'll have to restart it a few times so it wont lag, I havn't installed many apps, and recently had Dimond Wireless Verizon check it out and restart the phone, yet it still is the same. That's a disappointment. Please find an upgrade to fix these issues. I am not complaining, only telling you the truth to fix these dysfunctions. ESPECIALLY the notification light you need to fix plse.

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FASTEST Android phone is...?

Sunday 20th of December 2009 /
So I looked to see if there was a thread where you could compare Android vs Android and couldn't find one, so I posted here. I'm going out to buy an Android phone tomorrow, and am wondering which one I should buy. I am coming from a Palm Pre, which is HELLA slow, so speed is really a concern for me with this phone. I would like minimal lag when opening apps and switching tasks, etc. I have done some preliminary research and found that the Droid and the Moment are probably the two fastest Android phones. Can anyone compare and tell me which one runs most smoothly? I am ambivalent about carriers since I priced my plan on all 3, and it was about the same. Open to any and all suggestions!

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New phone after HTC Hero

Thursday 07th of July 2011 /
Hi all,I'm coming to the end of my term with my HTC Hero. It was my first Android phone and I've loved a ton of things about it. I also really liked the HTC overlay that allowed for more screens.Some things I did NOT like about this phone: I miss my physical keyboard for texting. I've gotten used to a virtual keyboard, but I'm still not nearly as fast as I was with my old LG enV (loved that keyboard!!)This phone is so slow sometimes. If I get too many apps it says I have low memory and I have to delete some. There are some game apps that I couldn't even download because they were too big. There was often very long lags and sometimes the phone would start to overheat.I'm staying with Sprint and so i was looking for recommendations on a new Android phone. Basically I'm looking for something with a lot more power and storage space. I'd also really like a keyboard, but that's not necessarily a dealbreaker.Right now, the phones I'm considering are:EVO ShiftEVO 4GEVO 3DNexus SSamsung EpicI'm also open to other suggestions. thanks for your help!

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Perfect android phone for me (150-250 pounds)

Sunday 06th of November 2011 /
I have HTC Wildfire and it's time for change. I'm looking for perfect for me android phone within 150-250 pounds (I can look into used one within that price range on UK ebay, or new one).Now what I mean perfect for me:Ebooks - that's what I mostly use on my WIldfire unfortunately it's too slow to read PDF-s quick without annoyance so I had to stick to ePUB which narrowed my choice of books, this time I would like something that will operate PDFs ebooks really smooth. Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz - those on wildfire are terrible, I do international calls quite often and it is convenient to use those even within UK as it is cheaper but WIldfire was again too slow a specially with Skype and that impacts sound quality, this is a must for meRoot - as I use cyanogenmod I want it to be rootableGPS - I use lots of GPS trackers to log my cycling performance so it's a must be,also I find using GPS very useful very often so good GPS is importantFacebook, Dolphin, Google talk - yes I use those a lot, but I'm guessing that any modern device works perfect with those so I'm guessing that it's not an issue

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my phone is too slow

Monday 07th of October 2013 /
i have samsung galaxy s3 mini Model number GT-I8190,Android version 4.2.2 and internal storage of 16GB but it is very slow and it keeps on telling me that my storage is getting low and i have only installed like 5 apps.... it is really acting weirdly and the camera doesn't look to be of 5MP, the flash ligth is like useless because in the night i can't take any good picture no matter what yet other phone with flash lights take nice photos in the night.... please help me..

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is really slow sometimes

Saturday 23rd of November 2013 /
I have recently bought a samsung galaxy ace 2, as it was a really cheap smart phone.My girlfriend has had this phone as well. Her's was android version 2.3.The one that I bought had new firmware, android 4.1.2.Sometimes my phone is really slow, it takes ages to respond, and sometimes it even restarts by itself. These things happen more frequently when I am on youtube, chrome browser and other programs like these.The only services that I have installed are:1) Facebook2) Navigator (a GPS navigation program - don't know why it needs a service though)3) ViberThe other services were already installed, and they are not many.And this is the really strange thing:My girlfriend has never had any kind of these problems on her 2.3 Ace 2. But when she upgraded to 4.1 as well, she told me that she feels her phone is a lot slower! This means the phone is not slow because its hardware is bad, but something is wrong with the software.Is there generally something wrong with this firmware (4.1) on this phone? What can I do to fix it?Would installing a custom firmware improve this situation?

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slow internet and download

Friday 03rd of January 2014 /
im new to the android world. i just got my first android phone. a optimus dynamic by strighttalk. it was kinda slow so i rooted it in a attempt to make it faster by overclock and sdboost, worked really good at first, almost like i had a wifi connection. but after a couple days it got slow REALLY SLOW! tryed a factory reset and it didnt help. scan for virus and nothing shows up. is it possible that i may have deleted a important file or something? phone speed is fine its just my 3g connection is crazy slow now.

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Android 4.2.2 update making my phone slow

Saturday 01st of March 2014 /
Hi all,New to the forum here, I just did an update to the new 4.2.2 via Kia software. Now my phone is so slow, sending text messages takes forever, won't download images via text, pressing buttons takes a lot longer to activate the apps or screens. I'm on an unlimited StraightTalk plan using a Galaxy Note, I already have the SD card unmounted but still no fix to the issues. I've called StraightTalk and they say that their service works with 4.2.2 I've tried setting a new APN but this still has no effect on the speed of the phone. I really don't want to down grade, I like the new OS but I can't handle the slowness from my phone. Any suggestions?

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