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Got my A81g today....problems already.

Wednesday 16th of February 2011 /
I received my tablet today. I charged it for 4 hours and left it alone. I then started exploring the device and checking out the features. After about 30 minutes of use, it went back to the Android Screen, booted up, then back to the Android screen and then boot up. Then the screen went black and nothing since. I unplugged it and removed the battery for 30 minutes. Put the battery back in and turned it on. I got the load screen with the 2 leaves then, endless black screen. I'm not sure what else to try. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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my android optimus slider is having touch screen problems.

Tuesday 02nd of October 2012 /
my android optimus slider is having touch screen problems. ill be playing a game and it will start opening up the voice dialer and then go to the call log and call random people, or while texting it will press random buttons, or when i go to unlock the pattern it won't let me finish it and cut me short. i've tried factory reset and it didn't help. if i take the battery out or turn it off and turn it back on it'll stop for about 20mins and then start doing it again...what do i do?Optional Information: What have you tried so far?: factory reset, didn't work. taking the battery or turning the phone on and off works for about 20mins

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My s7 screen problems.. Please help!

Monday 14th of March 2011 /
I dont know if anyone else has had this same problm but the left side of my screen has started flickering with a couple of shaded spots at the bottom, but th only occurs on the left side as the entire right side is fine. Just looking for a little feedback in regards to whether other peope have had this problm or how to look into warranty help. Thanks in advanceSent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App

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Touch screen problems?

Monday 12th of August 2013 /
I've read am article on the web that says something about the first few batches having problems with the touch screen hardware. I think I may be affected my this, because sometimes when touching the screen somewhere on my nexus it will not respond at all. Geese the first bunch of nexus tablets really had a handful of problems, GPS failing, Wi-Fi disconnection, and now hardware touch screen problems. I think for next year's model of the nexus 7, in going to wait a month or 2 before I buy. Last year's model has the flickering screen.Here's the article. do you think I should do, contact Google, or wait to see if this problem continues?

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My touch screen isn't working!

Thursday 30th of January 2014 /
When I turned my Android 41.1 on this morning the touch screen feature refused to work. It's as if it's a dead screen. I attached keyboard and the keyboard is working fine and I can maneuver around. I used this tablet last night with no problems with the touch screen. Help? I can't play my games!

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touch screen problems

Sunday 29th of June 2014 /
Hi I've had touch screen problems with my moto g at times when sliding for agsample when I'm on the multitask screen when I try to slide an app away it just sort of nuges it I'm coming from a 4 inch screen so do I need to swipe further for the app to go away or does my moto g have a problem or does the moto g just not have much of a sencitive screen compared to other phones Posted via Android Central App

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android 4 problems

Friday 01st of August 2014 /
my android 4 started shutting its self down and Verizon said do a soft boot and it quit working all together the screen is locked , will charge and shut off and on and can call emergency # only what the heck is wrong with it

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Problems Mirroring my Nexus 5 phone to my Android projector

Tuesday 02nd of September 2014 /
Hello guys,I am having an issue with mirroring my Nexus 5 phone with my Android powered projector that I recently purchased. Both units appear to be able to see one another via the screen share option on the Nexus phone as well as the WiFi Display application that is built in to the projector. Both units are under the same WiFi connection and they quickly recognize one another and link up but then I am unable to proceed to mirroring the projector from there. Is there a step that I missed to getting my phone to mirror onto the projector. I don't think I missed anything. I made a video to make it easier for you guys to follow what issue I am having: If you guys could give me tips or advice on what else to try out, please let me know! I appreciate all the help that I can get. I can easily get this phone to work with the projector via an MHL cable but I like the idea of having wireless mirroring to work to be cordless!

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Why my android is showing reverse display?

Saturday 08th of November 2014 /
My android ice cream sandwich tab is showing reversed display.All of the fonts been reversed like a mirror.It is happening since I last turned it on.Its screen also became reversely workable.I am having mass problems to use it this way. This is about my device. Model Number:AC 770Android Version:4.0.4Baseband Version: 1.5_131218Kernel Version: 3.0.8+ (sorry for my bad English) Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

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Problems with my Android Tablet model V703. How to fix this? - Android Tablets - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Saturday 06th of June 2015 /
Good Afternoon, my username is IAPD3000 and I am new here on your forum. I am having problem with my Android tablet.It's a DQV model V703 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The problem is it won'tgo back to the home screen, it keeps stuck in the first Android logo screen with the green logo thing. It's been months since nothing had changed.I had call and email the company and they told me that I should get an upgrade or install another drive. What shall i do?This logo: model V703:

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