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Apps won't connect to the internet- Please Help!

Wednesday 30th of May 2012 /
HiNone of the apps on my phone (facebook, market etc) will connect to the internet when I am using mobile internet, however I can connect on the browser. I am using android version 2.1 and am on talkmobile. I used to be able to connect but now it won't, and I don't know why, as I haven't changed anything. Please Help!

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Extremely frustrated with my S3 - Cant connect to Kies or windows XP

Saturday 15th of September 2012 /
I have had several smart phones, this is the first ever phone that wont just show up as a removable drive in "my computer". I decided to play ball, install Kies and try to connect it that way, all I get is a "connecting" screen on Kies, and on my phone it says "there is no software detected on your PC you have to have windows media player 10 or higher etc". I installed windows 11, did all of the windows updates, and have tried jumping through hoops to get this to work for almost a month now. I get so frustrated with it I just dont even try after about 15 mins of no results. I have resorted to uploading pics directly to image shack, then having to save them onto my PC. Its pathetic. What kind of company could be this stupid?*AFTER A MONTH OF FRUSTRATION, IT WAS DUE TO WIFI BEING ENABLED WHILE TRYING TO CONNECT TO KIES*

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nexus 7 wont connect to public wifi... please help?!

Monday 14th of January 2013 /
Hello, i am pretty new to all this stuff but i have searched and searched for an answer to try and sort my problem and had no luck.So im hoping someone here may be able to shed some light! I had a Nexus 7 for christmas, and for some reason unknown to me it isnt connecting to any public wifi, primarily i got it so i can use it at school and in my studio, but at both of these places it wont let me connect, and the passwords have been entered correctly. Several times! Ive tried disconnecting, restarting my tablet, forgetting and re putting in the passwords and it still comes up with Authentication Problem after a long try at connecting and authenticating... Am i doing something wrong or is it a fault with the tablet? All the answers and forums i have found have all referred to router setup and restarts, but i cannot adjust any of this as it is public. Any help would be so very appreciated! Also i have a samsung s2 which connects instantly to all these places with no problem, and the only place i can pick up wifi with my N7 is at home, which after many resets and rebooting my router it

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my pc can't connect to easy tether please help

Thursday 03rd of February 2011 /
when i plug my phone to my pc it says new hardware wizard and it say put an cd but i dont have one how can i download that software plz help

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Setting up VPN to connect to home computer? Please help.

Sunday 10th of January 2010 /
Hey guys, right now I'm trying to decide between my droid and Blackberry Tour. I prefer the Tour's keyboard, but I just found out that the DROID can connect remotely through VPN to a computer. I wanted to try it out, and I am trying to set up a VPN on my home computer so that I can connect to it on my droid. I was wondering what software I should use to set up the server side vpn, etc. Are there any instructions I can follow anywhere? Setting it up on the droid seems easy enough. Thanks in advance! ~Scott

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MetroPCS LG-MS770 Can't connect to write Programming. Please help!

Monday 09th of September 2013 /
Hi, i have this MetroPCS Lg Motion 4G that i was able to flash ROM to CM10 with JB 4.1.2, everything was working fine but i dont know how to fix this problem. It happens in all programing software (QPST, DFS, CDMA Workshop). If i do the #06 to get IMEI, it shows blank. I already tried different USB ports and get the same problem. I get "No Phone" connection and then after a sec cycles to "AO-8960" and then a few secs and "unknown no ESN". Here's a video. Please help. a lot!

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Can't connect to Wifi connection. Please help!

Sunday 19th of January 2014 /
I am currently in Denmark, using the GN3.I connected my phone to the wifi connection where I am living (in Denmark) and it was working fine for a day or two. Plenty of scanned connections on the list.Then all of a sudden, all the scanned connections were gone, I can only get like two now. Those aren't important, but just thought I should mention it. Anyway, the connection I am using is saved on my phone, but it says that it is not in range. I made the phone forget that connection, thinking that I could just find it again and reconnect, but no. The phone doesn't even register the connection. My room is next to the room that was the router and the walls are paper thin. I restarted the phone, I restarted the router and it kept saying the connection wasn't in range. SO, I turned the router and the phone off for a few minutes then turned them on and it worked. I was away for the weekend, got home, and now it won't connect again. Says it isn't in range.This problem is getting really annoying. Please help me out.

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Samsumg S4 mini wont't connect to WI-FI...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Sunday 06th of April 2014 /
I've had my Samsumg S4 mini for four months now and everything was perfectly fine.I've been able to connect to the WI-FI at home but now it just keeps saying 'authentication error'. I restarted my phone several times, 'forgotten' the WI-FI and re-entered the password but it still does not connect to the WI-FI. I have no idea what to do now, can somebody please help!!!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 won't connect to bluetooth speakers. Please help!

Saturday 27th of December 2014 /
I bought a Life N Soul iE100 speaker that is supposed to play music from my phone via Bluetooth. I turned on the speaker (which automatically puts the speaker in pairing mode) and turned on the Bluetooth on my phone. I found the speaker and began pairing it to my phone but an error message popped up saying "Unable to pair. Incorrect PIN or password", however, I am never prompted to enter a PIN. I have called technical support and received no solution. Please help.

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why is my phone cant connect to my playstore

Tuesday 31st of March 2015 /
if i try to connect my phone to my playstore,they always say "check your connection and try again.

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