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Home screen keeps re- loading

Saturday 05th of November 2011 /
Everytime I hit the home button or back button to the home screen my phone keeps reloading. It takes about 15 seconds each time, groin the white HTC screen and then reloading all my home screen apps. What's going on? This is really frustrating! I'm stock and have Gingerbread. Sent from my TBolt

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G2 Screen Goes Blank

Tuesday 03rd of April 2012 /
I need some help. I have a HTC G2 and my screen keeps going black, but the lights comes on the home, menu, and keyboard. I seen its a glitch that the G2 have a black screen of doom. So i called HTC and the gave me a crazy price to fix it and recommended i go and fix it myself. So I did and changed out the LCD screen. It was working for awhile (4 days) and now the problem is back again. what can i do to fix this black screen foolishness, cause i really dont have the money to go and buy a new phone or wait til my upgrade

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Screen is freaking out all of a sudden.

Thursday 16th of December 2010 /
Okay, here's the deal. Lately, the screen on my D1 has been going haywire, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Sometimes it works fine, but now more often than not it won't recognize taps, swipes, or so on correctly. To make matters worse, anytime it stops recognizing my taps, the screen goes unresponsive for about 10 seconds, then flips out and starts acting like there are a bunch of phantom swipes. If I'm on the home screen, it will slide back and forth across the screens, if I'm in the App Drawer or any kind of menu, it just keeps scrolling all the way to the bottom. If I try to scroll back up, it goes immediately back down. Angry Birds is pretty much unplayable now [ ] as it just shoots back and forth across the screen and flings my birds all higgledy piggledy. Seems to have the same issue in every app/menu. I've tried every method I know to restart the phone (rebooting, shutting down, pulling the battery), none of which works. Even answering the phone calls or unlocking the device have become a handful, as it only registers my swipe about 50% of the time for these act

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There's a question mark in the battery and ....

Monday 09th of May 2011 /
Ok I am new to verizon wireless got my first phone in January of this year. Got a Droid 2 didn't really use it at first because i had another phone already. but when i started using it it kept cutting off and cutting back on by itself so i yook it to the store they reset it and put task manager on but that didn't fix the problem. Got a new phone and the old battery kept showing a ? instead of battery level so they gave me a new battery new battery worked fine charged it and then the next day when i plugged it in the wall to charge the light by the battery would light up but the screen wouldn't come on so another trip to the verizon store tested the battery in other phones said it was fine tested charger said it was fine. so now i got another new battery when they plug it in at the store it has bars soon as i get back home it goes back to the ? don't know what's going on has any1 esle had problems like this. biggest problem is it keeps cutting off by itself sometimes it cuts back on other times it doesn't now also when it has a ? in the battery it will not let me charge. it will have

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my phone keeps turning off by itself !!!

Sunday 27th of March 2011 /
HELP !! i got my droid two days ago and the first day it turned off by itself then it turned on and it worked fine now today I'm in the car and it starts acting funny so i turned it off and when i turn it back on it goes to my home screen and turns back off and turns on by itself about three times and wont turn on no more i take out the battery and SD card and the same thing happens and when its working fine it says that the SD card may have encounter same errors or its damaged .. I'm going crazy i try doing everything and still nothing ... any suggestions? and other thing my phone is on loud when some one calls or texts my phone only vibrates please someone HELP!!!

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My phone keeps going back (to the home screen)

Thursday 09th of September 2010 /
Something weird happens to my phone. At times when I am browsing through my apps in the applications window, the phone suddenly goes back to the home screen after about 10-15 secs of inactivity. It vibrates a little bit as if the back button is being pressed. I am 100% sure I am not pressing the back button.Other times, when I start up an app (gmail, facebook, internet, music player, etc) it goes back after about 10 secs of inactivity. It seems to always want to go back to the home screen and it will keep going back till it arrives at the home screen. I just got my phone two days ago and haven't done anything much on the phone yet.

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wifi issues

Thursday 06th of June 2013 /
My phone won't stay on my home network. It keeps going back to 4g. It says connected but shows 4g on my screen. I removed the battery & reinstalled it but it does the same thing. Samsung says do a factory reset. My wife has the same phone but no issues.

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Phone is Acting Really Weird

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
I have the Sprint HTC One, rooted, stock ROM. A few days ago I flashed the ViperBoy rom for my phone and since then my phone keeps doing weird things. I restored to stock rom but it keeps happening. At first it was getting locked in landscape mode and wouldn't flip to portrait no matter what I tried, turned of rotation and it still didn't work, then the Car dashboard app kept turning on and going back to the home screen repeatedly, lastly and most annoyingly whenever I connect a usb, whether its to an ac outlet, car outlet, or computer, it will charge for a few minutes then stop and say that the usb host cable is plugged in unable to charge the device, I don't have any idea what a host cable is or why it keeps popping up. Is anybody able to help, many thanks in advanced.

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HTC One not staying in daydream mode

Wednesday 22nd of January 2014 /
I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem, because I've tried just about everything. I want to use the daydream feature now that I've purchased a doc for my phone. When I turn the daydream feature on, it will go into daydream mode after the phone timeout period, but only stay in daydream for 2 or 3 seconds, then "wakeup" back to the home screen, or whatever screen I was on last. I've tried disabling wi-fi, data usage, lock screen, etc. Nothing worked. It's almost as if there's some process going on in the background the keeps making the phone "wake up" from daydream mode. I've tried disabling a few apps, but I didn't want to go through and disable every app I have, although I feel like that might be my only option at this point. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, I'd really appreciate it!!!!

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Galaxy S3 Screen Keeps Going Black

Sunday 07th of September 2014 /
Today when I went to pick up my phone, I found that the screen wouldn't turn on. I was pressing the home key and the two buttons were lighting up but nothing else worked. I just figured it was frozen so I took the battery out and turned it back on. This time the notification light was changing colors (as it normally does when you turn it on) but nothing was working on the screen. I waited a moment and I tried swiping the screen when I thought my lock screen had came up (the screen is still black at this point) and it vibrated like it normally does when i unlock the screen. I've tried several times taking the battery out and replacing it and after about the 6th try my phone booted up normally but after about 15 minutes the screen goes black again I'd like to add that I'm not usually a person to drop my phone often ( maybe once a month) but it was dropped in the toilet about 2 months ago, but i bought a treatment kit for it and its worked fine until now. I always have my phone in my back pocket also (I don't know if any of these could've contributed to this, I just want to know what's

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