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Help! My phone wont charge

Sunday 11th of November 2012 /
Flashed Bobzhome's iho cm 7.2 rom on my LG optumus v and it wont charge at all, I reflashed and it still wont charge, can someone help?

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[HELP] My charger wont charge my phone

Saturday 01st of September 2012 /
For some reason my phone charger will not charge my phone the charger have not gotten wet or broken I don't know why it will not charge please HELP

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Wednesday 01st of May 2013 /
so my problem is my phone wont charge or turn on, i was sleeping one night and i tipped over my cup; i went to bed thinking my carpet would just dry. i woke up to my phone in a small puddle of water on my nightstand. My phone (a galaxy s3) worked the rest of the day but the battery was depleting faster than normal, i charged my phone periodically throughout the day but eventually it died. And now it wont charge or turn on. ive tried rice but it doesnt seem to work. i made the mistake of turning it on and charging it but i fiigured since it was working id be ok. The water damage indicator has stayed white but i cant check the internal one because i dont have a philllips screwdriver, any ideas would be appreciated

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Tried to root, Battery wont charge, No service

Monday 09th of August 2010 /
I think i may have screwed up big time guys. I followed a youtube video to the T on how to root my droid. I used rsd lite and sprecovery, waited til it rebooted 100% and now my battery has a slash through it, my phone wont charge, and i have no signal. What can I do to fix the problem? I feel like a real idiot and if i can somehow fix the problem i dont think i'l ever try this again. Please Help Me, I would be so appreciative of your time and suggestions.

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My phone wont charge? Help.

Sunday 23rd of January 2011 /
Ok so when I plug my phone into the charger it turns on show the white M then it turns off ive tried like 4 or 5 different chargers. Im not rooted or anything.

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HTC Rezound Wont Charge! Help!

Sunday 23rd of June 2013 /
My HTC Rezound has always been a little iffy on the battery side. No matter what i did, the battery would usually day 3 quarters of the way through the day. I learned to accept this. My problem now is that the phone died after being run down to 0% and when i try to charge it back up, all i get is a blinking orange light and the phone will not start up. I have tried removing the battery. I even left it charging for 3 days and it still wont charge up enough to boot up the phone. Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how I can fix it?

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android phone wont charge after it died

Monday 02nd of December 2013 /
my phone won't charge after it died. the screen is cracked but not severely. i tried master rebooting it. it worked the first time but it wont work again. please help

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Phone wont charge and wont open

Saturday 26th of July 2014 /
MY PHONE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 gt i9300 was off because the battery was run out and when i charge it ,,it wont i use to try to use another phone to charge on it to let know if the charger have the problem...and yes it running,,but why my samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300 wont charge on it??? please help me

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my phone wont turn on or charge

Saturday 27th of September 2014 /
i have a g flex phone and even putting my sim card in another phone shows nothing. my brother was playing a game that hes been playing on it for a while and the screen turned blue and then just turned off. and now it wont charge or turn on. nothing. my husbands phone did the exact same thing a month ago. i lost EVERYTHING. HELP?

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 wont charge help please

Friday 08th of May 2015 /
Okay so My S4 won't charge. The only time it will charge is unless i power it off, but it barely charges then. First the red LED light doesn't show up indicating that its charging it vibrates then shows up the battery and the loading sign then turns back off and then vibrates again a repeats the process. When it is turned on it wont charge at all. I got a new battery figuring maybe its a battery problem but that didn't work also i tried many different charges i don't and this isn't the first time this has happened the first time it didn't charge at all turned on or off but i got a new charger and then it started charging but this is not the same problem. i hope you can help unless i have to just buy another phone..

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