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Onda V701 will not allow play store or sign in to gmail or browse google apps

Friday 02nd of November 2012 /
Hi,Purchased my new Onda V701 2 weeks ago and just now, thanks to this forum, now have an English manual to get started. It seems I can do all things with this tablet, EXCEPT the main thing ... download and install Apps. This is really strange because it's as if the tablet has a brain of it's own (maybe a virus from the seller) because even though it has the Play Store icon, it will not allow any use of it. And even stranger is... I can use the browser without any error, but it will not allow me to browse to any google website or let me log into Gmail. It's as if it has a security stop in place to prevent anything to do with Google which is ironic considering the OS is google. This is what I have done so far.Attempted fixes....Set up 2 gmail accounts (the second just to see if it would help with this tablet)Cleared cache and forced stop many many times.Reset tablet via settings.Deleted accounts and re-made them.A few other things I forget Wont let me....Log into play store (dont even get a prompt for user and password) and get "timed out message"Log into my Gmail account vi

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Please help..A13 box chip 7" 4.0 Ics

Tuesday 01st of January 2013 /
hello I am new to the forum..have been learning to flash my phone..ordered my husband a tablet pc for christmas and it is a google play..he cant download any apps or games or anything..tried the z4 root was researching and someone said it may be placing it in the wrong place..any how the z4 says the tablet is already rooted..soooo I was thinking may if I flashed the rom I may be able to get it to work the way when I reset it..It was in Chinese it in english but still wont let me download anything..can download and install but when I open it it play has stopped unexpectedly ...same with anything I try to put in it............please help

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BBC iPlayer on ZT280-C91 - has anyone had success? - Page 2

Friday 30th of March 2012 /
if no one has got a solution i have one that worked for me. signed up to the forum just to let everyone know.i got my table. uninstalled flash player that came with tablet [i did this cause android market told me so as it wont let me update]. installed v11.didnt install anything else. installed iplayer from market... didnt work as per usual. so i deleted it. got the first iplayer V1.0 from google somewhere. i think it was...BBC iPlayer v1.0 for Android.apk - - online file sharing and storage - download -then put it on USB [or even SD card] installed it... and didnt work... so changed the setting in browser [in advanced section] to android browser mode.back to iplayer, and all is well.i was close to installing gingerbread, but then it would defeat my purpose of having an ICS tablet. doh!good luck everyone!

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what is wrong with my tablet?

Saturday 20th of July 2013 /
I used to be able to download apps from the android market now I can't. Every time I try it automatically says download unsuccessful.I have good internet connection (obviously or els i wouldnt be on here) and it says i have a lot of room in my internal storage also i only have one thing on my sd card.why wont it let me download anything? What do i need to do to so i can start downloading stuff again? I am young and am not really smart with this stuff. P.S. I have a d2 tablet and the android market and amazon appstore were pre installed when I got this so that is what I download my apps from. can anyone help me please? If I can get an answer asap that would be great.

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How do I get rid of the app/download called phonebooster?

Wednesday 10th of June 2015 /
It has a red android symbol as its icon. When you go to the Settings and click Apps then find PhoneBooster and click on it it wont let you Uninstall the app. Plus (don't know if the app is the cause) my tablet keeps installing apps without permission and (as I have been typing this) random web pages are opening without me typing or clicking anything. So can someone PLEASE HELP me?

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