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music - First time with Android, need help with adding media

Thursday 20th of December 2012 /
For Christmas this year I am getting a 16GB (really 10.6 GB) Galaxy Note II, which will be my first Android device after having a slew of iDevices. I have ~12 GB of music in iTunes and Google Music, and am looking for a way to sync it to my SD card (it doesn't fit in internal memory).So far what I've looked at:-dragging folders from my mac's Finder into the phone's raw file systemThis would work, but when I get new songs it seems cumbersome to have to go back into the filesystem to sync them-Google MusicThis is what I was planning on using, until I found out that it only can save to internal memory (there's bad coverage where I live, so I can't rely on streaming)-DoubleTwistFrom what I've seen, DoubleTwist is an iTunes replacement, and doesn't sync from the iTunes application (so if I get new songs I would have to add them to iTunes then DoubleTwist)Is there some amazing solution that I'm missing, or do I have to make do with one of these (and if so, which one would you recommend)?

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Need Help With My Music

Thursday 27th of December 2012 /
Hey Android Forums,I'm using a Kyocera Hydro (Android 4.0.4) and I recently changed SD cards from an 8GB card to a 32GB card (maximum my phone can use). After putting skill of the data in the old card in the new one, my apps all work fine except my music players (Google Play Music or btunes depending on my mood). They work fine, but my music doesn't show up in my libraries. How can I import it or make these apps show what music I have without just using a file manager to access each individual file?

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Google Drive and Google Music - Nexus 7

Wednesday 04th of July 2012 /
With the Nexus 7 coming out, and the lack of additional physical storage lets talk about the cloud options. What is anyone's experience with Google Music or Drive? I am currently uploading music to my Google Music account. When I am within Wifi I know I can stream the music but if I need to travel can I download and album or two from my account and head out the door? Also with Google Drive I have uploaded all my work files which include .PSD files from Photoshop. Even though the device itself doesn't support .PSD can I download them and send them in emails if the need arises? Thanks in advance for any help Also post your own questions about either service. ps I signed up to pay $5 a month to get 100 gb of storage on Google Drive.

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Need help with Google music

Sunday 10th of July 2011 /
I have google music on my laptop, Iconia and my EVO. The problem I am having is that my laptop can't seem to "find" my music on my EVO or my Iconia. I have been using music junk for my music, but the "library" on the EVO and the Iconia are different. My laptop only shows 10 songs. But I have around 450 songs on my EVO. I can't seem to find a way to "sync" everything. I also can't get my EVO to show up in my list of authorized devices on my google music page on my laptop. Thanks

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Need help with Google Play music downloads.

Tuesday 11th of December 2012 /
I downloaded my first couple of songs from Google Play the other day and wanted to listen to it via the default Samsung music player (which I really like). When I opened the app, I couldn't find either song anywhere. I then decided to open the Google music app (which I don't like) and sure enough the tunes are in there. So my question is, how in the world can I get tunes I download to show up in the Samsung music player? I looked at all kinds of settings and can't find out how to get the downloaded music to download to my SD card so I can listen to the music via any music app of my choice. Any thoughts on how to get this working??

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Need help with google music

Tuesday 07th of August 2012 /
So I got a Galaxy Nexus not too long ago, and recently made the switch from keeping my music with Amazon to making the move to Google Music. But now I notice I can't delete stuff straight from the app like I can with the Amazon mp3 app, and I can't seem to find the music on the device to delete either. When I go into the amazon app it doesn't list all the music I have on my device that I'm playing with Google music. I downloaded Es file explorer and did some researching online, and basically everywhere where they say the music should be, it isn't. I did download the android file transfer to try and do it from the computer, and after going through many folders I still can't find the music. Any idea where it is? Also, when going through setting and storage, it says I have 4.4gbs free, but when I go through apps it says I only have 3.2gbs left. Any idea whats going on there? Thanks!

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need help with ringback tone

Friday 26th of July 2013 /
hello all, I am new to the forum and I would like to see if someone can help me figure out and little issue that has come up? Today I called Verizon to see if I can change the ring back tone that a caller will hear when they called my phone. They told me that I could go to the Google Play Store and download an app that will allow me to change my ringback tone. However what I would like to do is install ringback tone from a list of songs or audio clips that I have in my phone opposed to only having to use the choices that they offer. Basically what I'm looking to do is make an audio recording that says this call may be recorded. Then use that with some music immediately after the message as my ringback tone. Does anyone know how I can actually accomplish this? most if not all the apps that I looked at either had really bad reviews or were set up so that I could listen to music instead of hearing the normal ringing when I made a call. I am looking for this to be something that someone else hears when they call me. Can anyone help??

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Need help organizing Google Music app on android.

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013 /
I switched from Spotify to Google Music streaming service when it was announced earlier in year. It's about on par I would say, all thing considered. I do have a few specific beefs with the mobile app and would love it if anyone knew any fixes.1) When I am in my Playlists page, the top of page is cluttered with "Recent Playlists" and "Auto Playlists". This is redundant. Can I ditch those headings and just have all my Playlists appear instead?2) There doesn't seem to be any way to organized track listing within playlists. It seems to default to the order tracks were added... but for the life of me I can't get it to organize alphabetically by artist. Huge pain in the butt playing needle-in-a-haystack trying to find the song I want to listen to, based on what day I may or may not have added it.3) Is there a way to get music to Cache or Pin or whatever term they prefer to use to the External SD card, instead of internal? My internal is worthless - less than a GB - but my External is over 30 GB just sitting there.thx

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Help with a music app

Thursday 21st of November 2013 /
Hi,I need help finding the right app for listening to MP3s on my device (not streaming). I have a Galaxy SIII. The built in music player on my old Evo 4G was perfect, but it seems the app has been updated in my new Galaxy S3 and doesn't work right anymore.I want an app where my songs are listed in alphabetical order, I can easily get back to the list of songs/artists, and it works with the controls on my bluetooth headset.I've tried a few apps, here's my complaints so far...1. Google Play Music (the built in app)The songs under each artist are not in alphabetical order. They are seperated by album (which I don't want) but then they don't even seem to be ordered inside each album. It's not alphabetical, and it's not by the Track # either.There's no easy way to get back to my list of music from the app. The best I can do is hit the music squares button, then click artists, and then I'm back at the top of the list. I liked my old Evo where I could hit the back button once to get back to the songs, and back again to get back to the artists.2. WinAmpNo matter what I do, my bluetooth contr

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Just switched from iPhone 5C to Nexus 5(AT&T) need help with Google Music

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
Hey guys, I just made the switch and while it's a little hard to get use to, I love it. I got a gmail account and switched everything over to it. It's amazing how much more integrated Google is than Apple. Well, I have all Mac computers and downloaded "Music Manager" on my main iTunes computer. I had about 9,000 songs and they are just about done uploading (98% as I'm typing this). Well, it looks like everything is there except my playlists didn't upload but all my songs did. Looks like it just didn't create the playlists. I made sure to have it checked on the Music Manager app. Is there a way to fix this or will they "pop" up once every song is done uploading? Kinda confused by this procedure so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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