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Dont Tether With PDAnet for long periods

Friday 16th of April 2010 /
DO NOT tether with PDAnet for long periods of time, or when using it for a constant data feed. To put it in simpler terms. Dont do what i described above unless you want a brand new back flip. I used if for skype and i blew the danm thing up. Just looking out.

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Having connection problems with my android tablet, it cant

Wednesday 21st of December 2011 /
Having connection problems with my android tablet, it can't seem to load the google home page or anything else. I got a new router sent out and am still having the same problem.Already Tried: Tried a new router.

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Wi-Fi connection speed

Sunday 19th of December 2010 /
I have a quick question about the wi-fi connection speed. When I connect to my home network, it's only showing 65mbps. But since the X has wireless N, it should be connecting at 300mbps.My router is the Netgear WNDR3700.Also, does the X wi-fi a 2.4ghz or 5.0ghz channel?Thanks,Steve

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Netflix connection speed with pdanet

Wednesday 08th of June 2011 /
I was just wondering if anyone was having an issue watching netflix on their pc via pdanet? It's saying the connection is too slow to stream movies even though before the new pdanet upgrade, I could watch no problem.ThanksSent from my ADR6300 using DroidForums

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Dropped-connection problems with Google Play Store

Tuesday 30th of October 2012 /
I've rooted my T699 based on the instructions here and other posts in that thread: 556It mostly works great, but I'm getting frequent dropped-connection problems with the Google Play Store. I often have to go into Settings->Application manager and clear data and cache for the Play Store in order to get it to work again.Is anyone else seeing this on their rooted T699? If so, does anyone know of a fix that's more permanent than periodically clearing data and cache for the Google Play Store app?Thanks in advance..

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Any way to increase speed of PDAnet?

Thursday 28th of January 2010 /
I've been tethering my N1 with PDAnet and have been very unimpressed with the speed. I haven't done a speed test yet but it is noticeably slower than when I used to tether my Sprint BB Tour. BTW, it shows 3G and all four bars of reception. Anyone have any tips or tricks to increase the speed?Thanks!

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Data connection problem with my galaxy s3

Wednesday 16th of January 2013 /
Hi I have a peculiar data connection problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3.Cellular connections work fine at first however when the mobile loses signal and then reconnects after sometime, the data connection doesn't start again automatically (even though mobile data is enabled in settings)The only way I can turn data back on is by toggling airplane mode.This doesnot happen everytime the mobile loses signal, perhaps one in three times.Has anyone experienced this and are there any fixes?

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Netflix and words with friends

Thursday 07th of July 2011 /
Many more apps, my update went smooth, and we finally have Netflix and words with friends, I love this tablet!!! Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum

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Can't VPN with droids with PDANet or built on.

Sunday 17th of April 2011 /
I have several models of droids on AT+T and Verizon and none of them appear to be able to connect to our Windows 2003 server (RRAS) over PPTP with either their built on VPN client or using PDANet tethering via USB (No blue tooth to check). None of the Windows Mobile phones are having an issue with either, nor are the iPhones or any laptop using Windows VPN. This server has been unchanged for years.If I try to connect using the built on VPN by doing the following: SettingsWireless + NetworksVPN SettingsAdd VPNAdd PPTP VPNName = MyWorkServer = vpn.mydomain.comEnable Encryption = CheckedDNS Search domains = Tried blank, IP of DNS server, domain name, etc.The connection appears to connect, however I cannot ping anything from the phone using one of the NetStats apps. The NetStats apps show me connected with what appears to be a correct IP address from my RRAS Server. Just no traffic goes through.This is similar with PDANet as well. PDANet worked great on all the WM and BBs so we got it for the droids however none are working. The laptops connect to PDANet and fire up the Windows DUN built

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Connection problem with Netflix

Sunday 19th of January 2014 /
I am using Android v 2.2.1 and have installed the latest Netflix (3.1.2 build 1142) to the sdcard. When it starts, I get the following message:"Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. (-4)"...and then it crashes.No amount of googling will find me any good results since there are a myriad of error codes and potential problems. I have tried with the wifi and the 3G, and I've tried rebooting the phone. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas? There is no cache to clear and no data to clear. The Netflix site just says to enter an activation code, but the app does not get to that point; it crashes almost immediately with the above error message.My phone is not modified aside from changing the default install location since the internal memory on this phone is pitifully small and there was not enough space to download and install to the internal memory.

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