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New Nexus 7 powering on issue...

Wednesday 31st of October 2012 /
Earlier today I had an issue trying to power up my Nexus 7....Here's a little background info leading up to this..... I rooted my device this past Sunday without any apparent issues, everything seemed to go just fine. I backed up all my apps and data that same night using Titanium Backup, again no apparent problems. A handful of apps have been downloaded since that b/u, all from the Google play store. During the past few days, my device has been powered down a few times and restarted just fine. Fast forward to today. I was using an app that I have used before a number of times and it stopped responding so I did a force close. Tried to restart the app a 2nd time and a stopped responding again so I decided to power cycle my device. Here comes the issue....... I tried pressing the power button at least six times and the device was not restarting. It finally did after the 6th or 7th press. Is there some kind of time delay to restart the device?? Has anyone ever experienced this issue before?? Is my device doomed and dying?? By the way it only a few weeks old. I don't want to freak out

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Galaxy Nexus immediately powers off upon boot up

Friday 23rd of August 2013 /
Verizon Galaxy Nexus with new battery and new charging board - as soon as it powers up and goes through the startup color animations, it displays a "Powering Off" message. An old time and date appear, and the display only stays on for a few seconds, but I was able to see that the battery icon was red, as if it thinks the battery is discharged completely.The phone is currently not activated at Verizon. (I pulled my old Motorola Droid out of the closet until I can fix this one). When powered off with the charger plugged in, it displays a battery with a lightning bolt icon followed by a battery-filling-up animation. On occasion, I have been able to get it to fully boot to the full menu screen. I was then able to go into the battery settings menu and found that the battery was discharging even with the power cord plugged in. I then ordered and replaced the charging board. But since then I have not been able to get it to fully boot.I expect the issue to be that the phone is not sensing sufficient battery voltage, though the battery has 3.7 Volts. The battery is fully charged (in

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wallpaper issue

Thursday 19th of December 2013 /
Received the new update on my Nexus 7 (first generation) and seem to have an issue with wallpaper changing after powering down.....when repower up wallpaper there a setting that needs to be reset to keep the wallpaper that I have selected and not change everytime power on and off ? Thanks

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