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Nova Launcher

Thursday 12th of July 2012 /
If you are like me you probably felt pretty disappointed with the ICS update we had been waiting so long to get. It was basically an app update and a nifty task manager after Sammy's touchwiz got a hold of it.However, all is not lost! By updating to ICS we are now compatible with the Nova Launcher from Google Play. I've tried Go Launcher and all kinds of different themes: simply put, Nova Launcher blows them all away. Before you dismiss Nova as just another buggy, half-assed launcher overlay, you need to realize it is so professionally done it is basically Stock ICS with a few more customization options. If you don't believe me just read the reviews and see how many Galaxy Nexus users give Nova 5 stars! I will never go back to touchwiz. And now that I know Nova is available I won't ever regret going with the Note over the Nexus again (really stock ICS was the only advantage there). Find it here: sult#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd

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Nova Launcher allowing Touchwiz launcher to appear upon backing out of apps

Tuesday 30th of April 2013 /
I have Nova Launcher Prime - just set it up on my new S4. It seems that the default with the home button is working fine...but when I leave an app by using the BACK button rather than the home button, it dumps me out to Touchwiz and I have to hit the home button again to get back to Nova. Anyone else able to reproduce? Thanks

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Home Button/Nova Launcher

Saturday 27th of October 2012 /
Hi, I'm kind of new with the Android world since I would always buy the cheapest flip phones on the market. Now that I've talked a little bit about myself here's my problem... I've recently downloaded the Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (it's not a discussion of who's better Apex or Nova), I love it! The one thing I don't like and I know there's a solution: when I hit the home button, it keeps asking me if I want Nova or Touchwiz, but really what I want is to go at my home page... I went to the Nova Settings and clicked on Default Page for my Home button but it keeps asking which Launcher I want... Does anyone have the same problem? If yes, do you know the solution of this problem I'm having? Thanks for your time! JC

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Nova Launcher and "Active applications" widget inconsistency

Wednesday 03rd of July 2013 /
Anyone running the nova launcher with the active apps widget that came with the phone? I like to keep this widget on my home screen just so I can quickly see if I have any apps that I need to "end". Problem is, the widget mostly says that I have 0 apps running when I know that's incorrect. I'll then choose the widget and it sure enough takes me to the task manager and I'll in fact have a couple of apps running. It's been inconsistent with it's display ever since I downloaded nova yesterday. Works fine with touchwiz, but so far it's been inconsistent with nova launcher. Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?

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Nova launcher S4

Thursday 25th of July 2013 /
Hi guys just got an s4 after having an s2 it's amazing and loving it so far, but have read in some places about Nova launcher and how it's better than touchwiz and after playing with it for an afternoon I agree, I just have a few questions about it though, do I loose anything by using nova over touchwiz and secondly does it stress my phone more and if it does is it safe to force stop touchwiz, sorry for such a long post. Posted via Android Central App

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Nova Launcher and TouchWiz

Thursday 01st of August 2013 /
Help me out here - Will the TouchWiz features still work if I install the Nova Launcher? I like air gestures and voice commands, and would like them around if I changed launchers from stock. Know this is a simple question, but I wasn't really sure I knew the answer .

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Default Application Issue - Nova Launcher

Sunday 27th of April 2014 /
Has anyone had any issues using the Nova Launcher as the default application on their S5? My phone is repeatedly asking 'Complete action using' Nova Launcher of TouchWiz over and over for the same apps, every time, despite clicking 'Always' whenever prompted.

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Does Nova Launcher slow down the Samsung Galaxy S3

Saturday 30th of August 2014 /
So recently, I got Nova Launcher for my S3. However, several weeks later, my phone started to become horrendously slower and laggier even though I haven't downloaded any apps after getting Nova. I asked my friend about this and he told me that TouchWiz is making it slower. I have heard many negative reviews about TouchWiz and was thinking if Touchwiz is really necessary to have on my phone as this friend told me that nothing good comes out of Touchwiz. I really like Nova and want to keep it so can you guys tell me if Nova is in fact ruining my phone's performance or is it from Touchwiz? If it is from Touchwiz, was can I do about it? Please don't say rooting! I appreciate all the help and advice!

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Nova launcher sped up my phone?

Saturday 06th of September 2014 /
Phone is a samsung s3 on boost mobile. I'm not rooted and am on the latest kitkat version. I recently have been having issues with laggyness and some slight split second freezing with stuff be it settings or apps, just in general NOT what this phone is spose to be or can be. So recently I decided to factory reset the phone. After the reset with no apps except the base stuff the phone again seemed to go back to the same state it was before I reset and this was just after a recent reset to. I hadn't used nova launcher in some time now because it had some weird issues I didn't like. So I decided to install it and give it a try again and to my very pleasant surprise things look like they got reworked and it's better now than I've ever seen it before. I decided to disable (not get rid of) the touchwiz launcher. So now all I am using is nova launcher and it's like my phone came back to life again..... everything is SO freeking snappy and fast it's like a new phone again. I also noticed it seems my battery life had also improved a very noticeable amount to, it doesn't seem to drain near as

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Rooted my Sprint Note 4, uninstalled Touchwiz Home launcher and restored it, keeps crashing.

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 /
Hey guys, so I rooted my Note 4 a couple of days ago and got Titanium. Before doing all of this I downloaded Nova Prime and made that my default launcher and I made sure I Backed up TouchWiz Home and TouchWiz easy home. Then I went ahead and uninstalled them with Titanium. Nothing was wrong with the phone after doing that so I went ahead and I restored them both back using Titanium, the only problem now is that Touchwiz easy home seems to work but whenever I try to use Touchwiz Home launcher I get the message "Unfortunately, Touchwiz Home has stopped" This is my first Android device too by the way. Is this a big deal? How would I go about fixing this to stop this error from popping up? I tried going into application manager and clearing data and the cache for Touchwiz Home and restarted the phone but the problem still persists. Should I just uninstall the Touchwiz Home launcher again to just stop this once and for all since I am using Nova Prime as my main launcher now? Thanks so much in advance

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