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Can I install Java app in my phone?

Saturday 14th of April 2012 /
HiMy phone is samsungGTI5500 (samsung galaxy 5) , Can I install Java app on it?My android version is 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod 7.1.0)Thanks in advance

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Google Translate app updated with offline support

Wednesday 27th of March 2013 /
An update to the Google Translate app for Android is going out today, adding support for offline translations for fifty languages. It's a big upgrade for Google Translate, which until now has required an internet connection. (We all know how expensive international roaming can be.)The new version supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, and languages can be downloaded from the new "Offline languages" menu. A word of warning -- downloading an entire language to your phone takes just as much space as you'd imagine. With only English and German installed, we'd already taken up a hefty280MB of internal storage.There are also some limitations to offline mode -- it's currently text-only, so voice translation and image translation don't work offline.If you've already got Google Translate installed, hit the Play Store to get the latest update. If not, you can use the handy Google Play link above.Source: Google

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Hulu Plus App Hacked To Support More Devices [Download]

Tuesday 17th of January 2012 /
If you’re currently a Hulu Plus subscriber but found that your device wasn’t officially supported by the official Android app, you may want to listen up. A developer named Vgeezy over on XDA has succesfully hacked the Hulu Plus app to support “any” Android device and while we wish we could report this was 100% true, we did find that there are still a few odd devices (like the Logitech Revue) that are having trouble running the app.Before you ask — NO, this modified version of the Hulu Plus app will not give you free access to paid content. A paid subscription is still very much required if you want to watch your favorite shows and movies. Download links for the portrait and landscape version have been supplied below.Download ModHuluPlus AppDownload Landscape ModHuluPlus AppSince there’s not quite a confirmed lists of unsupported devices, feel free to leave a comment if you were having trouble getting the app up and running on your device. Good luck![XDA Developers][Via KnowYourCell | AndroidCommunity]

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Downloading Music from Dat Piff App

Saturday 05th of May 2012 /
first time I tried downloading a mixtape from the dat piff app my droid razr downloaded the tracks but will not play when selected in the stock music player on my razr? what to do from here is it the stock player?

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Nike: We’re Not Working on a Nike Fuelband Android App (Updated) – Droid Life

Monday 11th of February 2013 /
According to Nike’s official and verified Twitter Support account, they are no longer working on an Android app that can be paired with the Nike Fuelband and are instead putting their focus on iOS and the web. To call this news “disappointing” would be a gross understatement. Back in March of 2012, we reached out to Nike who confirmed at the time that we would be seeing a Fuelband app for Android towards the Summer of 2012. As the summer approached and we pinged them every so often for a status update, it was clear that this deadline would not be met. Once summer was gone, and we saw no app, the future looked grim. The last response I got when mentioning the Android app through some snarky comment was met with “We’ll pass along your interest.”Then today’s Tweets went out to a number of users:For those not familiar, the Fuelband app would allow Android users to sync their Nike Fuel while on-the-go, over Bluetooth, rather than having to plug-in the device to a computer. There is and has been for quite some time, an app on iOS that does this wo

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[App][Free] Euro 2012 Guide

Thursday 23rd of February 2012 /
Hi everyone. If you like football check this out: 2012 Guide is a free application created for all football fans out there. Get the vibe of the 14th UEFA European Championship with this amazing app.Find out about the 16 teams which will clash for the European title, learn about the stadiums, get the rosters of the teams, group information and standings. Find out about interesting facts & figures from past competitions and get the latest RSS sports news!!The Euro 2012 Guide data can be easily synchronized, so you can get the latest standings during the competition. The application can be stored on an SD card as well.If you want to know how many days are left until the kick-off you can download the Euro2012 Countdown widget application for free here: ideas on improving the app and comments, please email us! We will be glad to get back to you.If you like the app please rate. Your support is valuable.Check more apps of QuintoStdio Inc. in this li

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Internet Explorer app?

Wednesday 18th of May 2011 /
Hey guys,I just got the Motorola Xoom with Android OS and my work requires the use of a website that was made specifically for use with internet explorer and when I try to access it through other browsers (ex. firefox, opera, dolphin, etc), it tells me that the site was "specifically designed for Internet Explorer versions 6.0 or greater. Your browser version is not supported. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, visit the Internet Explorer Downloads Web site."Of course, one cannot just simply download internet explorer to an android tablet, so I was wondering if there is any workaround - some browser that can trick the site into thinking that it *is* IE, or maybe an IE app of some kind...Any help would be appreciated!

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New Smart WiFi App from Kineto Wirelss Enables UMA on Android Phones

Thursday 23rd of September 2010 /
While I’m sure many Android users might not be completely aware of the benefits of UMA, those that have relied on it in the past can attest to it being a real life-saver. The folks at Kineto Wirelss agree and have wrapped UMA functionality into the latest version of their Smart WiFi app for Android 2.2 phones. With Smart WiFi, UMA allows your phone to use any regular old WiFi router as an extension of your cellular network. For instance, if you live in that one house in the neighborhood that happens to be a dead zone for your network, as long as you have a wireless internet connection set up you can place and receive calls and text messages without interruption.Smart WiFi even manages the seamless switching between using your cellular network’s towers and your WiFi router as an access point. Kineto’s statement on the matter:“Smartphones have highlighted the coverage and capacity challenges of mobile networks, especially in indoor locations. Operators have started to look to Wi-Fi, already installed in many homes and offices, to address these issues… we h

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Trivia Bar Games Come to Android in NTN Buzztime App

Wednesday 26th of January 2011 /
NTN Buzztime, Inc., the guys behind all those trivia games you see folks playing at the bar and restaurant, have announced an official Android application today.  Effective immediately, trivia buffs can download the free application from the Android Market. That means everyone at your table can get their game on without waiting for the clunky, outdated (Playmakers) boxes.  I had a chance to play with this a little over a week ago and was seriously impressed with how easy it worked.  As soon as you open the app, it lets you sign in or create an account and then finds local establishments with games.  Tapping the appropriate bar, you’re thrown right into the mix against everyone else using those goofy looking blue boxes.  The app is clutter free, essentially only showing answer buttons.  Why not questions?  Well, that’s so you actually go into the bar and buy drinks and food, silly.Fun Fact: Buzztime engages more than 1,500,000 players every year across  3,900 bars and restaurants.  There are roughly 50,000,000 bar trivia, cards and sports games each year on their

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NTN app

Friday 12th of February 2010 /
Since I love playing NTN trivia at the bars, I just noticed an iphone app for NTN. Wonder if a Android app will follow?Mobile Playmaker

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