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Can't Make Calls on Nexus 4 Only

Thursday 25th of April 2013 /
I suddenly developed this problem where I can't make an outgoing call only on my Nexus 4 with one sim. I can place that sim in an iPhone and calls go through. I place another sim with a different phone number in the Nexus 4 and can make a outgoing call. A minute gets deducted from my account each wasted time I try to call but I get the message that the call can't be completed now. Internet works on that sim and so does incoming calls and tests, just no outgoing calls. Any one have any ideas? I have never seen this happen before. Thanks

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Verizon and Google Voice disaster - all incoming calls disconnect

Sunday 31st of October 2010 /
I think I made a mistake and used the Market (App Brain actually) to upgrade my Google Voice app on my Droid X (Froyo) to the latest version doing that ANY incoming calls to my Google Voice number disconnect as I try to pick up. Outgoing calls, no problem. Ingoing and outgoing to my cell number, no problem. Just incoming to my GV number.Thinking that the problem was that I am no longer using the older version that came with the Droid X, I did a factory reset. Unfortunately the older version of GV was not on my phone, only the newer one. So despite the factory reset, the same problem persists - and calls to my Google Voice number end the moment I try to answer.I've been keeping tabs on the forum here, searching for Google Voice, and no one else seems to have this problem.Two Questions -1) Does anyone know where I can find older versions of Google apps? And does Verizon keep an online repository of their 'altered' versions of Goggle's apps?2) Once I find the older version (an .apk file, I think) how do I go about replacing the app on the phone manually? I have only install

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Motorola Droid 3 - no sound when making calls (silent calls)

Tuesday 17th of July 2012 /
I have a very annoying problem with my Motorola Droid 3 (Android 2.3.4, Build number 5.5.1_84_D3G-55, Kernel version making outgoing calls, I cannot hear any sound in the phone speaker.Even when connection is initiated (second party answers the call), we cannot hear each other.I did some research and most people blame the headset jack for this problem.Apparently, installing a Headset Blocker app should fix the problem, but it only worked initially for me...After a while, the Headset Blocker stopped working & I could not make phone calls...The alternative solution, which I found online was that, I had to clear the jack slot with some thin stick...This also worked but only temporarily...At the moment, none of the above works and I'm frustrated as I cannot make phone calls...What's worse, the issue seem occur on outgoing calls only. E.g. when somebody calls me, then we can hear each other.At the same time, the issue seem to occur when dialling some numbers only. E.g. when I call some numbers, the problem does not exists, but it does occurwhen I call other numb

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Hi,I am having a problem with my Galaxy S2, my outgoing calls

Tuesday 13th of March 2012 /
Hi,I am having a problem with my Galaxy S2, my outgoing calls disconnect as soon as recipient answers. I have swapped sims and it is definitely my phone.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.ThanksSteveAlready Tried: Swapped sim cards, closed all open applications, turned phone off and on.

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Outgoing Calls Problem

Saturday 02nd of April 2011 /
Hi folks So I got ATRIX from Bestbuy USA and unlocked it to work on TMOBILE. Worked fine, but when I went back to my country EGYPT, I noticed that the phone has an issue with outgoing calls. Whenever I try to make any, the phone just freezes. It keeps trying to call and then after a while it restarts. I also know that whoever I'm trying to call is actually receiving the call, but for some reason it doesn't show on my ATRIX. If I try to drop the call, I can't. I have to restart manually or wait for it to do so. I have no issues with incoming calls and my device is updated. Restoring factory settings didn't help. Motorola support was useless....Please help!!!

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can't make outgoing calls, only can receive calls

Sunday 16th of June 2013 /
Hello, friends, my phone is new bought from China with Android OS, and I just inserted my sim(fido/rogers), but, unfortunately I can't make outgoing calls except for emergency 911. Whenever I make a call, always shows me the msg "search all available network", then hanged up right away. I can receive incoming calls no any problem, I am in Canada. Do I need to set my phone for the Canadian networks, and how? Someone knows how to set my new phone please?

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Receiving Calls and text message problem

Thursday 04th of July 2013 /
Hey guys I recently got the HTC One and it has been problem free for the first few weeks. However ever since yesterday I noticed that my phone does not receive any calls or text message when I am at home. All my other family members' phone works perfectly fine when they are home, although none of them have the HTC One. I have tried turning wifi on and off and it doesn't make a difference. I did notice that I am able to make outgoing calls and after I make an outgoing call I am able to receive calls and messages for around 5 minute before the phone will no longer be able to receive calls and messages again. I have also tried doing a factory reset and it worked through the day, but then after a day it reverted back to not being able to receive calls and text messages. I just returned from my uncle's house and the phone was working perfectly throughout the time I was there, but once I got home it stopped working again. I am wondering if anyone has ever had this problem before. Thanks!

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Outgoing calls taking 25 seconds to connect on Nex 5..

Thursday 05th of December 2013 /
My Nexus 5 on Sprint is very often taking 20 to 25 seconds to connect for outgoing calls. Is anyone else having this problem? I have Gvoice enabled and got a suggestion from another thread to disable Gvoice to fix but wanted if see anybody else had this problem, first - and if you found a solution. Many thanks!

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GEL installed on Tmobile S3 not allow outgoing calls

Thursday 19th of December 2013 /
Hello everyone. I have a Tmobile Samsung Galaxy s3. I recently installed the GEL from Android Police. It installed great. The only problem I began to have was that my phone would make 3-4 outgoing calls and then it would not be able to make anymore unless I restarted the phone. I finally though that maybe it was GEL. I uninstalled it so now I have the stock Touch Wiz and it appears to have solved the problem. Has anyone heard of this with the new GEL? I would love to have it for the always hot google search.Thanks guys!

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galaxy s3 4.4.2 kikat no outgoing calls!! help

Monday 20th of January 2014 /
hello, I got samsung galaxy s3 version 4.1.2 and i have updated it to version 4.4.2 as said here the update succeeded and its great, the only problem is that i can no longer make an outgoing calls, when i dial it immediately say "call ended", what surprising is that the signal are fine, i can receive calls send/receive sms, 3g works fine. i was hoping somebody would help me through this, i've searched everywhere nothing worked! if u need more info ask me.

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