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Firmware messed up my phone :(

Saturday 22nd of October 2011 /
I have a Samsun Galaxy S2 which I bought in July this year. The phone has been great and i have had no problems.Yesterday I decided to update my phone via Kies to the latest firmware as it told me I didn't have the latest. After this my Samsung was showing that the firmware was 2,3,3 and up to date. Afer this update my phone started freezing and becoing unresponsive. The phone itself keeps turning itself off so someone suggested I do a factory reset which I did. After the factory reset the freezing seems to have stopped however now my battery seems to be messed up and my wifi.My wifi now says I have an error and it cannot load the driver. My battery seems to be constantly warm and before I was charging it and my whole phone goes hot, the back and the screen. I was charging it for a few hours and 15 mins later it says the battery needed charging.I heard that the update 2.3.4 fixes the WiFi error but Kies says my phone is up to date with 2.3.3 :/ Do I need to send it to get it fixed?

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help! reload apps from after factory reset

Monday 18th of July 2011 /
I need freezing badddd....did do I get my apps back from gmail/google?

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Factory Reset - Google account has no apps!

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011 /
Hi everyone,After downloading an app which led to the phone freezing and not able to restart any further than the htc logo then a black screen, I performed a factory reset.The phone is now fine but upon relinking it with my google account it seems to have lost any recognition of the paid and free apps I had previously downloaded! Everything I reads suggest they should be in my apps I would greatly appreciate your help!

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RAZR freezing after ICS

Thursday 05th of July 2012 /
hello, i apologize if this is a 2nd post but i have looked through your forums for hours now trying to find my answer with no luck. i got the ICS download yesterday and ever since then, my Razr will not go more then 5 mins with out rebooting or freezing. if i try to do anything it freezes then the whole phone will restart. if it does not restart i have to do a soft reboot. my phone is completely useless now as i cant do anything. i have even tried to call tech support over ten times but it shuts off and reboots before i can get to a technician. i have done a factory reset already and nothing has changed at all. can somebody PLEASE help me ?!? (PS. sry i didn't do an actual introduction, i will soon )thank in advance !! Tim

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Help Un-rooting and Factory Reset LG Esteem

Tuesday 28th of February 2012 /
Hi, I'm having a lot of issues with my LG esteem (unresponsive, won't finish scanning media files, unable to load status bar, malfunctioning stock Messaging App and Handcent and constant freezing). This happened after I rooted my phone (the only thing I've done with root is removing the Metro start up sound.) To potentially fix this, I wanted to Factory reset my phone and start from scratch again. However, I did hear that you can destroy your phone by not successfully un-rooting your phone first hand. I've read a few forums on how to do so, but to be honest I'm not tech-savvy so I was hoping to get a very general break down of how or what I should be doing to get my phone back to working smoothly. If there are suggestions for how to do this other than having to un-root and factory reset, I'm down to hear them! Thanks!

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My solution for fixing 4.1.2 Freeze

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
Hi! I've been reading posts here about this freeze. My phone started freezing a few days after latest fw upgrade. After factory reset, it was freezing after few minutes. I reset several times and same same.Friday I learned to roll back fw using Odin. Rolled back to past 4.1.2 and same freezes. Last night I rolled back to 4.1.1 and same freezes there. Then I downloaded fw in phone. It froze while downloading, but about ten force restarts, I got the full download, and started firmware upgrading inphone. The upgrade went okay until the phone tried to start and something like "optimize apps".It didnt help to force restart. Then I used Odin to install 4.1.2 again. Not the latest 4.1.2 but the first xxell4.Started up the phone, and its totally fine!I have installed all apps and put back sms, contacts, connected my Samsung and Google accounts. Everything is okay now. No freeze at all. A bit strange procedure, but wanted to give you guys this method. I don't think I'll install the newest fw for a while Excuse me for some bad English btw.

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Several problems since factory reset.

Monday 09th of September 2013 /
Hello! A few days ago I was playing with the pattern lock, and I locked the phone so it had to be unlocked with a google account. Then I found out that this ain't possible due to some bug, which doesn't accept the password even though it's correct.Then I was somehow forced to do a factory reset (Volume up + On/Off button). At first the phone seemed the same as when I bought it, it was only much laggier and prone to freezing. Then I noticed that the phone can no longer be normaly shutdown or rebooted. If I press shutdown, the phone freezes on the shutdown animation, always at the same situation, and doesn't respond (I left it through the night, and it was still at the same frame), so it has to be reset with the battery removal. A simmilar thing happens if I press reboot, the phone shuts down but doesn't boot up again, but if I press the On/Off button, the three keys light up for a second and then turn off, besides that nothing happens, so I have to remove the battery again to be able to turn on the phone.But always after these freezes, after the battery removal, when the phone does fi

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Phone freezing after factory reset

Thursday 03rd of October 2013 /
Hello, For the past day or so my phone has been rather slow, and unable to download, no Google Play etc., I didn't pay any mind to it and continued to use as normal, a few hours ago my phone started to give me the "unfortunately the process has stopped" message, again, very ignorantly I ignored it. Then it eventually froze so I did a soft reset, it rebooted and within seconds I was greeted with the Gapps message, so I turned to the internet. Found out the best thing to do is make sure Download Manager was enabled (it wasn't) and empty your caches for the Google apps, I tried to do that for a good hour or two and failed as every time I turned it on there was only a few seconds to do it before it froze. Eventually, while I was trying once more to do that my home menu went crazy, no apps, stock background, etc. and I got error messages for almost every basic app (Google, Messaging, and even Setting and Home) and then got a "unfortunately the process has stopped" message. At that point I decided I needed to do a factory rese

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unlocked DInc2 won't connect to Page Plus Cellular after factory reset

Wednesday 12th of March 2014 /
Help, please!My unlocked Verizon DInc2 was working just fine on Page Plus Cellular until yesterday when it froze. I pulled out and replaced the battery but then it began looping in start up (white HTC screen, white HTC w/quietly brilliant, red eye screen, black screen...repeat).I only have a few months' use on the phone, so I figured a reboot wouldn't be that bad. I opened the safe mode menu (by pressing down Volume + Power button), chose Recovery - let it run - and when the red exclamation point came up I went into the second menu (both Volume buttons + Power button). I Wiped the Cache, followed it with the Factory Reset, and then Rebooted.Now I have two problems:1) The phone still freezes randomly or it won't wake from a black screen.2) When I do get the home screen functional, I can't reconnect with Page Plus Cellular (dialed #22890 and also tried #22891); I keep getting Verizon. I've read that a factory reset shouldn't remove an unlock code, but who knows...?Anyone have experience with either the continued freezing or how to reconnect with Page Plus?

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Problem after Problem with S3

Monday 20th of October 2014 /
HiThe battery on my phone started playing up a couple of months ago, then screen started flickering white and would freeze. Sometimes even if battery had just been charged and was showing a high percentage it would freeze and when I rebooted it would now be 3%. After this I would put back on charge and battery life would show 40 or 50%I phoned EE (where I purchased phone) and they suggested a factory reset. After trying to avoid I relented this weekend and backed up data using Kies before performing the hard key reset. It seemed much better so I restored by backup, only for it to start freezing again. I then did another reset and only put back on what I thought was necessary (contacts, calendar, messages) and kept off photos, apps etc.Now I permanently have a message on my homescreen which is black box with yellow writing - first line says PDA:I9300XXUGMK6Plus on turning phone on I briefly get a message to say phone is in factory mode - but it doesn't stay on long enough to read the full thing.Worst of all it says there is no network available and I can't use phone or texts. I tried

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