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Phone keeps changing my ringtones?

Saturday 24th of March 2012 /
Anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure if it's the phone or an app. Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums

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Droid Incredible - Keeps changing my preset ringtones

Thursday 26th of August 2010 /
I see a lot of threads regarding ringtones. My issue is that my phone keeps changing the ringtones that I have setup.I have to go back and reset everything to my liking. I have not downloaded any special apps or anything. Just using the phone's system to apply ringtones to contacts. Today for instance it had picked up one of my mp3 songs!Any ideas ? ?

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Email notification ringtone won't save after 2.2 update

Wednesday 18th of August 2010 /
I updated to 2.2 this morning. I had to go through and reset my specific notification tones for email, corporate email, messaging, talk, etc. I also had to update my ringtones for specific contacts.But as I received emails from my exchange account, the notification ringtone is not what I set it to. It is changing itself to "Default Ringtone" and that ringtone is not the actual default ring that I have set for my calls. It is a ringtone I set for a specific contact.I have turned the phone off and on again, but the notification tone for the email keeps changing itself back. I have also turned it off and taken the battery out for a minute, put it back in and turned it back on, and received the same results.It's not a huge deal, I am just puzzled as to why just that particular notification ringtone will not work correctly and where it is pulling this "Default Ringtone" from. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Resetting/Ringtones changing/Freezing

Saturday 04th of June 2011 /
I am on my second Droid 2 and am having basically the same problems. I did a reset in February and got a new (refurbished) Droid 2 in March, but now I am having the same problems as before plus a couple of new ones. Here are my main problems:1) My phone keeps resetting itself. It does so at random times after doing random things, so it is never the same problem.2) After locking my phone (or it going to sleep) the phone will freeze on a black screen and won't unlock. After multiple presses of the lock button, nothing changes. Occasionally this will work, but usually I have to take out the battery and restart the phone.3) Lately when people try to call me, I can't answer the phone because the green slide button to answer the call won't slide. It does it with different people and so I have to restart the phone in order to make it work.4) I have the "Droid" ringtone set for text messages and the "Facebook Pop" ringtone set for emails, but my emails notification keeps getting reset to "Droid" without me changing anything. I know this is not a significant prob

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default ringtone changing-please help

Sunday 24th of October 2010 /
I desperately need help, this is a maddening issue, seriously ready to give up and go back to bb just because of this issue. I keep having to change my default ringtone to my choice, for some unknown reason, it keeps getting changed back to default. I have rings extended and have changed most of my contacts ringtones and they have stayed, but whenever I go to settings and change it and then either shut my phone off, plug it in, whatever, it causes it to go back to default.....*deep breath*......I have tried ringdroid and that seems to only work as a ringtone maker, it will not show up in the menu to change tones like Rings Extended does. I also moved my ringtones to an appropriate folder for access. I also have adw launcher now (previously Launcherpro plus-which made no difference) If anyone has had this issue and had it resolved, please help me.

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Ringtones Keep Switching After New SD Card

Thursday 12th of July 2012 /
I've had my G2 a little over a year with few problems. Last month I copied the contents of my 8g SD card to a 32g card then swapped them. Since then, I have had continual problems with custom ringtones. I have a handful of .mp3's I put in the Ringtones folder on the card and assigned to various contacts. Since swapping cards, the phone keeps changing my ringtones to a random .mp3 from anywhere on the sd card--usually from the Music folder, but it has also used a voicemail that I had downloaded from Gmail. When I look at an individual contact, it lists the new .mp3 that it has chosen, and I can change back to the one I have. This has happened twice that I have noticed, once immediately after changing the card. I changed my most frequent contacts back to the ringtones I wanted, and all was good for at least a couple weeks. A few days ago I added a bunch of music. After that, my custom ringtones changed again. Any way to fix or prevent this?

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Default Notification Sounds keep changing

Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 /
I have a stock Thunderbolt and use Ringo Lite to manage ringtones/notification tones since I like having different ones for different contacts. To use Ringo Lite, I need my default notification sound set to "Silent" (otherwise it'll try to play both at the same time) - which I do, but it keeps constantly resetting to other tones on my phone after a while. This usually happens if I reboot it or change the battery (which reboots it), but has at least once happened overnight (I suppose it could have reset like it occasionally does while I was asleep). It always seems to change it to one of 4 other ringtones and not in any set pattern that I can discern. Anyone know how to get it to STAY with the default tone of "Silent" for notifications?

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Changing text vibration pattern

Monday 10th of March 2014 /
I have looked everywhere for a thread that addresses my issue so if I am missing it, feel free to send me in the right direction.I have just switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have changed the vibration pattern (under sound/ringtones and notifications), but it seems to only affect my notification for phone calls, not texts. I want the vibration to be longer than the two short bursts. I do not want to to download a 3rd party app for these reasons: if I download (for example) goSMS, the app does not give me the number of unread messages. Then I have to download a notification app and, slowly, the number of apps I need to correct something missing keeps growing. Is there any way to change the default vibration for text messages with out downloading any additional apps?

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