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I'm usually not a whiner, but

Wednesday 02nd of May 2012 /
...this is the worst phone I've ever owned. I paid a lot of money for this phone, and I shouldn't have to spend my valuable time pouring through forums to figure out why my phone:1) Randomly reboots several times a day2) Won't take pictures or open the camera app sometimes3) Deletes playlists4) Randomly changes ringtones5) Has unreliable connectivity to GPS6) Go from 4 bars 3G to no bars 1x and back and forth and back and forth WITHOUT MOVING AN INCH7) Connects to my wireless network but will not be connected to the internet8) Has the speech recognition capability equivalent to Helen Keller feeling my lips and guessing what's coming out9) Can suck a battery dry in a few hours without the phone being used at all10) Won't charge on the media dock or car dock sometimes11) Randomly tells me I have no SD cardI am a tech guy, and I can LIVE with a few glitches here and there, but this phone is a piece of crap. I know there are opinions from folks on here whether its hardware or software related, but I'm not sure it's not BOTH. Motorola's crappy version of Android and a shoddy piece of hard

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Droid X randomly changes from Vibrate to Ring

Monday 14th of February 2011 /
I have a Droid X running Android 2.2.1. I have a problem where the phone will ring audibly when I have specifically set it to vibrate mode. It happens randomly and can even happen minutes after I manually set the phone to vibrate, can be looking at the screen and it says it's on vibrate and then all of a sudden - RING!!! Another symptom is that I have my ringtone set to be a custom sound file and half the time the phone just plays the default ring and not the sound file (although this is not as annoying as the phone going off in meetings repeatedly right after I set it to vibrate) I have a feeling that there may be some app that is messing with the sound but I am not sure how to narrow it down. Is there a log file that I could enable or look at that would show when the setting for being vibrate or ring was changed and by what process? That would be ideal. What can I do to help troubleshoot this? I am loathe to initially wipe the phone since if it is an app problem it may just happen again as I being reinstalling. Thanks.

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phone changes ringtones by itself randomly

Tuesday 06th of December 2011 /
well this is obnoxious and REALLY annoying. i think it started after i installed zedge? well anyway i uninstalled zedge and still my phone will use random ringtones. i dont have any apps doing this or anything, it just kinda started happening. i change the ringtone to something and within a day it will just use a random obnoxious ringtone and embarass me in public anyone else get this problem? also randomizes notification ringtone. well its not random every time, but it changes it TO a random one and keeps it on that random one. ill go into settings->sound-> and change my tones but it has NO effect. wtf???

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Droid 3 Changes ringtone/notifications randomly.

Tuesday 03rd of January 2012 /
Okay, I am not sure if this has been discussed before, I tried to search the forum but not impressed with the search function on forum.So here is my problem, I assign ringtone/notifications to e-mail accounts, text messages, different contacts etc. Then the phone randomly changes the assigments to different tones etc. Sometimes it is after a reboot other times it is just disconnected from my computer.2 questions1. Anybody else have this problem and how did you solve it?2. Is there way to save the profile so if it is lost again I can just load it and not have to reassign it every time?Phone is Droid 3, 2 months old, stock loader and everything else non-rooted.Any help would be great this is making me crazy.

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Two factor authentication for GMail anyone?

Tuesday 07th of June 2011 /
I've seen a few posts on here where people have mentioned their GMail accounts got hacked. I wanted to post and encourage everyone to turn on two factor authentication in GMail. It does take about 15-20 mins to set up, but it makes your account ultra-secure. I'm sure you've all heard the old security adage about "something you have and something you know" in order to log in. That's what two factor authentication is. It's similar to what you might see at a bank or a doctor's office where the person carries around a keyfob that randomly generates a number that changes every 60-90 seconds or so. In order to log in, someone must have their user name/password (which can be guessed/hacked) and that random 6-7 digit number (which is virtually impossible to guess). GMail does this with an app on your phone that randomly generates a number. When you log on to a computer you've never logged into before it asks for your user name/password and that number. You can have it cache your credentials on that computer for 30 days so you don't have to do this every time you log on to your home

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Woke up today and phone is randomly stuck in Bootloader

Wednesday 03rd of July 2013 /
Hey guys, this is my first post here. Sorry if this is common knowledge, I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything.I woke up today and my phone is randomly stuck in some type of bootload screen. At the top it says***Locked***GOLFU PVT SHIP S-ON RLHBOOT-1.28.0000RADIO- are two options to choose from with subsections, they are:HBOOT:FastbootRecoveryFactory ResetSimlockandFASTBOOT:BootloaderRebootReboot BootloaderPower DownI've tried all combinations of the above, as well as removing the battery/sim. Nothing changes, it starts back on the same screen. The model is PL01130I'm on the fido network and nothing has changed in that respect, so no idea what's happening. Fido has been really unhelpful and I don't really have the time to go in and get it fixed. I got this phone around 6 months ago and haven't done anything to it, so I have no idea what's going on. It's never even been plugged into a computer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Phone time randomly changes.

Thursday 25th of July 2013 /
Has anyone delt with this problem? Currently it's 7:33 am here, my time was reading correctly and then changed to 2:33am. Can't figure out why it changed but it's really annoying. Sent from my HTCONE using AC Forums mobile app

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phone randomly does its own thing

Thursday 14th of November 2013 /
Had this sucker since June. Samsung Victory, running Android 4.1.2.My phone has always had a mind of its own and I don't like it :/. In particular, it's always had a problem leaving WiFi off. I unplug it at night and am quite frustrated when I wake up and find that despite the fact that I'd turned WiFi off before going to bed, it had turned it back on independently and used more battery than it needed to otherwise. It seems to do this every 15 minutes or so when I check it during the day.It also changes my text ringtone to the system default quite randomly- I never really know which of the two sounds I'll get. It also annoys me that when I have headphones in and the text message notification goes off, it doesn't just play it through the headphones. I like to know I have a text message and a vibration isn't enough when I'm in the gym, but I'd prefer the whole world not to hear.The biggest issue is that it has started removing songs from playlists. The first time I removed the SD card, I noticed it cleared the songs from all my playlists, so I stopped doing that. I also don't clear dat

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My S2 randomly changes time overnight

Friday 29th of November 2013 /
Hi,First I have to clear out that I've installed Cyanogenmod 11/Android 4.4 on my S2 and ever since, my time changes overnight. I have the time set automatically to my time zone (central time), but at some point in the morning my time goes forward 6 hours, so when I wake up at 8am, the phone says 2pm.Is there a way to correct this in this version with this phone?Thanks.

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Help Time changing randomly

Wednesday 09th of April 2014 /
Ive had a note 3 now for around 2 weeks, one thing that is really annoying me is the fact that my clock (both screen widgets and system clock) keep changing randomly by itself. It can jump 6 hours or 1 hour it doesnt seem to be the same every time. I have tried multiple factory resets through the setting option and also through the phones recovery menu. I have cleared cache on the clock app and the phones cache from the recovery menu, still no avail. I have been looking and seen there are others that have experienced this problem but i cannot for the life of me find a fix that doesnt involve rooting my phone. I use alot of apps that will not be compatible with a rooted device. I have tried auto time and manual time, When its wrong if i go into airplane mode and back out it normally corrects itself for a few hours but then changes again. Sometimes i need to reboot the phone to correct the time. Can anybody help me out??

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