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cpu wont recognize my phone after i plugged it into another

Sunday 05th of February 2012 /
my wife and my infuse both were working perfectly fine than i installed pdanet and easy tether on both phones so either one of us could usb tether our cpu if needed. Everything worked good and than one day the same day all the sudden our cpu would not recognize our phones at all and this is on WIN 7 X64 bit. So after installing and uninstalling new drivers back and forth numerous times I got frusterated and decided to do a factory reset on my wifes phone and that still did not work, than a few days later I hooked it up to my laptop and it worked. Than I went to hook it back up to my main cpu and it registered and started downloading the drivers and my cpu said the drivers would not install correctly and than BOOM here I am again. No cpu will recognize it all it charges and givves the option to disk drive, media player, firmware but nothing, so i factory reset again and nothing. POS is driving me nuts has this happened to anyone and does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Droid WIFI hotspot(kinda)...without root

Monday 04th of January 2010 /
ok so earlier today i figured out quite possibly the easiest way to do root on the moto droid...its pretty idiot proof but sadly, there are a few requirements that you need but if you meet them, most of you will, then here is the quickest and easiest way to do it...1)laptop (could do it with a desktop idk y though)with a wireless card or something of the sort... RUNNING WIN 7 ONLY!!!!!(wont work otherwise although you can still tether through usb)2)droid (duhh) with pdanet installed3)usb cables (again..duh)4)2 files: 1st)PDA net (download the version that applies for you from PdaNet -- USB Tether/Bluetooth DUN for Android im using vista 32 bit and it works fine not sure about xp or 64 bit, comments appreciated on this ) ALSO DOWNLOAD THE APP FROM THE ANDROID MARKET ON YOUR PHONE!!!!! 2nd) this is the reason you need windows 7 its only for win 7 sadly (i suppose its possible that they could release an earlier version later on idk) the program is called Connectify and you can download it from here: Connectify - Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot - Download it asks you for y

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Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Tethering issues

Sunday 30th of September 2012 /
Hi all, Trying to tether this phone to a W7 laptop (in fact I tried 3 different W7 laptops & an XP machine just to make sure). Network is 3 UK Laptop sees the phone's AP. The phone can browse the internet by itself quite happily with 3 mobile network but wont allow internet to pass through for tethering. USB tethering does not work either. The Samsung KIES (sp?) software downloaded and installed, and quite happily syncs phone with laptop, but as far as I can see this software wont allow internet pass through? AP in settings is ticked and to enable troubleshooting, I've left the security to OPEN, but this is pointless as the laptop can happily see the Samsung. The phone is running Android 2.2.1, with a baseband ID of S5830NEKA3 and version of Froyo XWKAB (is this version of Android actually allowing wireless/wired tethering?) 3 have been useless, passing me on to tech support, then laptop support, then phone support. They even suggested contacting Samsung UK! Every 3 support staff I talked to didn't have a clue, and I'm getting pretty fed up with the whole thing. I used to own a H

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phone wont tether to laptop

Thursday 26th of July 2012 /
my phones rooted is rooted and i have tried every lg adb driver on there support page but my laptop doesnt seem to want to take them even though they say its installed. ive tried clockworkmods tether, easy tether, and some klink one too. so my problem has to be with my laptop, when i was in clockworks mod tether it kept giving me this "Starting Tether...C:Program Files (x86)ClockworkModTether ode-tuntapopening tun device: nulladb binary path: ..win32adb.exeChecking phone status...Waiting for interface to get ready... (waiting 5 seconds)STATUS: Phone could not be detected. See log for details.Phone not detected by adb!Connect your phone to your computer and make sure "USB Debugging" is enabled.You may need to set your phone to be in "Charge Only Mode".You may need to install a driver for your phone to allow the computer to connect to it.Consult the menu above to install the "adb drivers" for your phone.If your manufacturer is not listed, please search Google for "adb drivers my-manufacturer name".{}Tun/tap device IP: t

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Anyone knows if it's possible to share phone's internet connection with Vizio Tablet? - Page 2

Monday 10th of October 2011 /
Hello all, new guy here, I have the original MOTO Droid 1 and its rooted and I have the Barnacle WiFi tether app, works great with my laptop but my VTAB wont detect it, how can I get it to work?

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Wifi Tethering wont Connect to my PS3???

Tuesday 03rd of April 2012 /
Well guys, the only reason I went with all that trouble to root my phone is to be able to tether my phone. Well Once I did it I was able to Connect to my laptop,I touch but the only thing that I really want to connect to was my PS3... I cant find my WIFI when I scan for networks.... GUYS ANY HELP HERE??????

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