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androidsecurityfree annoying pop up

Monday 10th of June 2013 /
I keep getting a pop up every so often that says "scan for virus & spyware" with a download link. How do I make this stop?

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Possible Malware pop-up on tablet

Wednesday 28th of August 2013 /
My question: are there virus' or Malware that can put pop ups on your home screen? My story: I was using my tablet and suddenly a pop up came up on my home screen. It said that there was a virus on my "generic android device" and it suggested I go to a website and perform a scan to get rid of it. The pop up not only used the word "generic" but it didn't have any name on it. The headline was just "anti virus protection". It looked a lot like the virus/Malware pop ups I would get on my computers and once you click on it or go to the website, it starts messing with your computer. So I didn't touch it, I just pressed the home button. The pop up disappeared but my chrome browser opened and took me to a plain website that told me I have the virus "tapsnake". Which I have never downloaded nor heard of until after I googled it. And to "protect my generic android device". I closed the browser and tried to do some research on this but couldn't find any. The details: I am using a non rooted, up to date, 32g Asus nexus 7 tablet. Not sure if that

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Trojan:MobileOS/Tapsnake pop up?

Saturday 14th of September 2013 /
Recently when i was on Google and a pop message saying android virus Trojan:MobileOS/Tapsnake press okay to remove this threat. I pressed okay but every time i go on Google now this pop appears most of the time. I downloaded lookout, norton, and avast anti-viruses programs and they say my phone is clean from threats. What can i do to remove this pop up and is there really a virus on my phone?

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Strange Pop-Up. Virus?

Sunday 03rd of November 2013 /
A few days ago I was on the internet on my Samsung Galaxy S2, when I all of a sudden got a bunch of Pop-Up messages from "" and "" telling me: "WARNING!!! You must upgrade App-Store immediately!" or something like that. There was only an "OK" option. I pressed it. I know I probably shouldn't have done that. Anyway it came up like ten times before it stopped. I wasn't on any shady sites. Only Skyrim forums, YouTube, Skyrim Wiki. Thats it. I didn't press any link either before the popups. It happened in the web browser. I was afraid it was a virus, so I did a factory reset on my phone. But AVG didn't pick anything up. So I was wondering if anyone knows what this is and how to, if possible avoid it/protect myself from it if it is a virus? Don't want to have to do a factory reset next time. Oh and I had not downloaded any app for the last 9 months or so, and the few apps I had came from Play Store.

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Sunday 12th of January 2014 /
I noticed recently that when visiting a pop up comes up claiming that the device I'm using has a virus. I first noticed this on my 2012 Nexus 7, I then factory reset my tablet only to go back to and find the pop up still popping up. It does the same thing on my nexus 4 and my mom's Samsung Galaxy S3. (All through chrome) I loaded the site on the dolphin browser and there was no pop up. So to me it seems as this is a chrome based issue on ign's side. Can anyone verify this? It seems to only occur if your viewing the site in a non-mobile version. Should I be worried? Posted via Android Central App

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Galaxy S4 "Check for Malware pop-up!"

Tuesday 21st of January 2014 /
Hello all, Recently I have seen these pop ups on two sites while on Google Chrome and a pop up "Check your ANDROID for VIRUS NOW!" Of course one of those anti-virus viruses used to scare me into giving my money. With options Cancel and OK, once or twice I hit cancle, it goes away and nothing downloaded. Once I was curious and hit ok and it pretended to scan my device and said I had a trojan and should download there app. Didn't of course, if you look to similar threads it will show a image of it, large page gives an Act now time limit. Anyways non of my three anti virus apps found anything. But it still shows up every now and again (I just exit the browser or press the back button for it to dissappear) and now shows up as an advertisement On cleanmaster. I'm moreover looking for insight and peace of mind on my androids security and any others with similar issues. Thank you

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Pop-up from ''?

Sunday 09th of March 2014 /
It told me, "Your Android has been infected with a virus. Press OK to remove now." I didn't click it. I got this pop-up while on Yahoo's mobile site. Should I be concern? Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

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full screen pop up ads

Thursday 03rd of April 2014 /
for last few weeks i have started getting full screen pop ads. ads are random. not directed on specific products. each time they turn to be endorsing some other product.i need not be working on any app. most of the time ads pop up when i m on home screen. i hold and long press to know the add source, but it says nothing (i did this after Air Push Detector advised me to do so.)I ran Ad Network Detector and Avast anti virus. both came up with no results.its getting annoying, although the ads do not pop up often . may be twice or thrice in a day or so. but i would love to have it detected and taken care off. i have attached two image, when i press the left bottom option in first, all i get is tiny lill pop up in second image. Thank you guys.

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My browser diverts to a porn site or a 'virus detected' pop up when I browse the internet on Chrome

Tuesday 04th of November 2014 /
I have a Nexus 5 running Kit Kat 4.4.4. Whenever I'm browsing on Chrome, I will get redirected to a porn site or a pop up will 'pop up' which says I have a virus and the only only button I can press is "OKAY" which redirects me to a site that says is scanning my phone... I decided to reset to factory settings and changed all my account passwords, but the redirecting in Chrome remains. All apps I have downloaded from the Play Store. The problem started when I downloaded the GrooveShark app. I have since deleted that app and reset factory settings and still I get the same problem. I have run multiple anti virus apps and none of them report a virus. Please help?

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Samsung tab 2 consistent pop up requesting diagnostic scan

Saturday 10th of January 2015 /
Hi! Some my tab 2 has recently started coming up with a pop up "android warning- your android might have been infected by a virus. Please run the latest diagnostic scan now" I have tried everything I can think if to get it to stop! Any ideas??

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